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We have heard many people say, “You’re stronger than you think – Don’t ever give up,” especially during difficult times. Life often gets overwhelming, leaving us no choice but to give up.

But, is it really the end? 

Is there nothing that you can do to make it better?

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Remember, it is not the end. In fact, it is the beginning of something magnificent. Giving up is not a choice.

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It’s funny that we have a tendency to exaggerate our struggles, challenges and problems and it’s sad that we have the habit of selling ourselves short. Whether it is courage, strength or competence, we always underestimate ourselves.

This habit is usually the main thing that stops us from growing. A self-defeating behavior always weighs us down and prevents us from reaching anywhere in life.

But, we are stronger than we think. We have the power to change things around us. All we need is a little courage, determination and the willpower to not give up no matter what.

You’re Stronger Than You Think!!

Don’t Give Up on Yourself

1. Don’t Give Up on Yourself

While we tell you that you shouldn’t give up, your mind will come up with a hundred reasons why you should. However, only you can stop yourself from buying into these limiting beliefs.

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Do you even know your strengths?

Do you know what powers you possess?

Most people look for an easy way out of their problems and they fail to achieve their dreams and goals.

Don’t fall into this trap.

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You are better than this.

As humans, we have a natural tendency to choose the easier path and seek out shortcuts. We are wired in a way that we wish to avoid pain and seek out pleasure. However, one needs to understand that success is not easy. It is not a walk in the park. You will have to struggle and face failures along the path.

You’re Stronger Than You Think – Don’t Ever Give Up [9 Must-Knows] Infographic

2. Dabbling Will Not Get You Anywhere

Hardship, focus, efforts and determination is essential to create value in life. Changing yourself is not an easy task, but all the effort that you put in will be worth it when you reap the rewards. You will have to become a new version of yourself and will discover a lot of things about yourself along the way.

It will not be easy, but you have to keep following the mantra that “tough times only make you stronger and better”. They aren’t meant to destroy you. Now it is up to you to determine how you emerge out of these situations. So, rise up and use all your powers to get the best out of the situation that you’re facing.

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3. Greatness Resides in All of Us

Yes, you read that right. Determination and greatness are not just gifts for special people. In fact, it is something that is present in all of us. All you need to do is find a way to explore these things and you will find new determination to not give up.

You need to invest in yourself. Do all that it takes to be your stronger self. Giving up may be the easiest choice considering the situation you’re facing, but it is definitely not the best one. Tell yourself that you are better than this.

You’re stronger than you think – Don’t ever give up. Keep trying and things will get better sooner or later.

Failure is a Part of Life. Everyday is a Second Chance

4. Failure is a Part of Life

Failing may not be the most pleasant experience in life, but you need to understand that experiencing failure is crucial to achieving success.

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We understand that you’ve invested your money, time, effort, faith, energy and belief into something. And it can take a toll on you when it doesn’t work out. It is easy to feel defeated. But is defeat actually bad?

No, it’s not. But the main issue is that our society views failure as something that needs to be avoided at all costs. Defeat is frowned upon, which puts more pressure on all of us. This needs to change now.

It is important to understand that failure is a part of life. While you can do all in your power to avoid it, you cannot run away from it. What truly matters is how you transform your failures into opportunities.

Consider your failures as stepping stones that will just take you near success. You need to risk everything and don’t even think about giving up, because failures are a normal part of life and should only be treated as such. Transform your failures into opportunities, and you will feel better and confident each passing day.

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“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.”

Michael Jordon

5. Success is Closer Than You Think

Most of us give up when we are very close to achieving success. Like everyone else, you may be thinking about quitting one moment but have a breakthrough a few moments later. Losing your enthusiasm is easy, especially when things aren’t working out for you. But, hold your horses a little longer and you may be successful.

Maybe, all you need is just a few more weeks of believing in yourself. Why not just put in some more effort before giving up on everything? You’re stronger than you think, and you should not give up at any cost, even when the future seems dark.

You need to be patient and willing to put in all your effort. Don’t give up on yourself when you’ve come so far. Just give it a little push and you will feel motivated once again. All you need to do is believe in yourself, regardless of what everyone around you might be saying.

Hold onto your efforts and don’t give up.

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6. You Have a Gift That the World Needs

Everyone is born with gifts. All they need to do is explore themselves and believe in their abilities and strengths.

Do you know that you have gifts too?

These gifts may be lying inside you, dormant for now. You need to put in the hard work to discover your gifts and let the world know. Giving up is not an option anymore when you know that you have so much to offer to the world.

If you can’t figure out your purpose of life yet, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have any. Don’t stop looking. It might take longer than other people, but that is completely OK. Don’t expect success to come to you overnight. Cut yourself some slack. Take it easy and don’t give up!

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Nothing’s Impossible. Take it easy and do not give up

7. Nothing’s Impossible

You must have heard about stories of successful people. Most of them started out with nothing, but, they were still able to achieve success.


Just because they were never willing to give up. The road to success might be easy for some, but most of us have to struggle. Failures complement success and they should never hold you back. Remember, nothing is impossible in the world.

You create your own limits and boundaries. Tell your mind that nothing is impossible, and you will start believing in it. Just erase the word ‘limitations’ from your life, and you will notice that you will not be willing to give up, no matter how tough the going gets.

You need to create your own reality. You need to prepare yourself for taking risks. Believe in yourself and that you can achieve anything you want. Cut yourself loose from all kinds of restrictions and limitations.

Nothing’s impossible is the mantra you need to follow.

8. You Are Stronger Than You Think

You have struggled hard to be where you are today. Will you give up now and ruin all the hard work that you’ve put in until today?

You shouldn’t!!

You are strong. That is why you have reached where you are today. Giving up now means invalidating all that you’ve done until now. Celebrate yourself and your accomplishments instead of being your worst critic. Look for reasons to lift yourself up. We’re sure you’ll have plenty of them.

You need to learn to approach and face challenges positively. Consider them as something that you have to undergo in order to reach the next step. You will be able to overcome anything and everything once you find out that you are stronger than you think.

Is life holding you down?

Don’t give up because the best is yet to come. Believe in yourself and your abilities. You are more than 100% capable of achieving the impossible. All you need is a little determination and the idea of never giving up.

9. Regrets Will Keep Haunting You Forever

Are you taking actions that will bring you closer to your goals?

Are you doing everything that you need to do to succeed in life?

If not, then it is time to make this positive change in life before it is too late. If you don’t make these changes today, you will end up regretting it later when everything will be out of your control. Thus, spare yourself from later regrets by not giving up today.

Trying out something and failing at it is better than not trying it at all. You will still have a lesson to learn than nothing at all. Maybe this is the lesson that can make all the difference in your life. What if you are letting go of the biggest breakthrough of your life by giving up?

If you wish to succeed, you need to take responsibility for yourself. Don’t give up on your dreams. Don’t live with regret. Stop making excuses and find out what you can do to make things better. Don’t dwell on the past and think about the future.

Final Word. I can change the World

Final Word

Embracing failures might be difficult, but it can really help you succeed in life. Don’t be afraid to take risks. In the worst-case scenario, you will fail, but in reality, you will be a winner because you refused to give up. Remember, when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

You need to remind yourself about your purpose and goal in life. If you feel like giving up, think of reasons why you shouldn’t. Achieving dreams is not a simple task. Even getting through each day might seem like an impossible task some days. But you need to encourage yourself and life will become better for you.

Remember, giving up is not a choice.

The most successful people in the world are the ones who never gave up no matter what the situation was like. You need to learn from these people.

There is nothing that can stop you. All you got to do is decide that you are not going to give up. You need to be willing to taste defeat if you want to experience success. Success and failure will always coexist and you will have to make peace with both of them.

Don’t lose faith in yourself. Pick yourself up when you fall down and keep telling yourself that you are stronger than you think. Tell yourself that giving up is not a choice. Believe in yourself and own everything that has happened until now.

Self-doubt is not going to take you anywhere. Let go of it and only focus on positive thoughts. Anything is possible, only if you try and not give in.

You’re stronger than you think – Don’t ever give up!!

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