Which Paid Survey Sites are Legitimate [51 Paid Survey Sites to Try]

Which Paid Survey Sites are Legitimate

Have you been trying to figure out which paid survey sites are legitimate?

With so many options on the internet, it can get truly confusing! It’s difficult to tell which sites are fraudulent and which are legit. Well, worry no more, we are here to save the day!

In the current digital landscape, more and more companies are shifting towards gathering consumer insights through surveys. Brands want to invest in research to know their customers better. As a customer, you should know that your opinions are valued and should be vocalized.

Making money from online surveys is a convenient way to earn some extra cash on the side. The earning obviously won’t be enough to run your household but a little extra cash never hurt anyone. If you have some idle time on your hands and struggle to use it productively, then this is your chance.

That being said, of course, you must be careful. You have to be selective about which sites you take surveys on. You don’t want to be filling out a lengthy survey, only to find out later that it was a scam. Your time is precious and you should surely be compensated for it.

This is where we step in. You don’t have to stress about wasting your time on the wrong websites anymore! We have made the perfect list of the top 51 paid survey sites which are 100% legit. You can use this as a guiding light to step into the path of making easy money from the comfort of your home.

How to use these Survey Sites?

Using these survey sites is fairly simple. All you have to do is register for them and fill out details about yourself. It will ask you simple questions about your demographics and match you with surveys accordingly. Later on, you will get invitations to certain surveys according to the information you initially provided.

1. One Opinion

This site lets you share your opinion. All you have to do is be vocal about your opinion and you will get paid for it. You earn some money for each survey you fill out and once you reach $20, you can cash out. When wondering which paid survey sites are legitimate, this can be your first choice!

One Opinion makes it easy to earn money in response for  your opinion

2. PaidVerts 

PaidVerts is a legit site that will pay you cash for taking their surveys. The money will be transferred to you through PayPal, Western Union, or Bank Wire. The minimum limit to reach for cashing out differs according to the mode of payment you choose.

PaidVerts pays money through PayPal, Western Union, or Bank Wire for filling out surveys

3. Fusion Cash

Don’t be afraid to fill surveys on this site. This company is real and will pay you real money to complete their surveys. The minimum cash out is $15 and it will be given to you through PayPal or direct deposits.

Fusion Cash gives you the chance to choose between PayPal or cash deposits straight to your bank in return for filling out surveys

4. Focus Forward

Focus Forward is credible. You can earn money by filling out their surveys. Once you have been rewarded 20,000 points, you can cash them out for $20. It’s an easy reliable place to do paid surveys.

5. SurveySavvy

SurveySavvy is a trustworthy site that will pay you real money for filling out surveys. You can ask to receive the money through a check once you have been rewarded more than $1.

Survey Savvy gives users the chance to opt for check-based payments after they have earned a certain amount of money

6. Treasure Trooper

The added bonus on Treasure Trooper is they reward you $1 for just signing up! From then on, you get paid to answer each survey. This site is reliable.

Treasure Trooper even gives users money for signing up!

7. HCD Surveys 

HCD Surveys has a point system where 1,000 points are equated to $10 in cash. The points are easily redeemable.

HCD Surveys allows users to fill out surveys for a number of industries

8. My Soap Box

My Soap Box is legit and also works on a points basis. You are allowed to cash out the points once you have been awarded 2,500 points.  

My Soap Box has a number of attractive rewards that are given to users who fill out surveys

9. OpinionSite

Opinionsite is another legit paid survey site.  You get paid to fill out each survey and once you reach $10 you can request a payout.

OpinionSite is perfect for anyone who wants to make a little extra money by sharing their opinions

10. Panel Polls

Panel Polls is a legit website where you can answer polls with your kids! It has surveys which are created for parents and children and once you earn $10 you can cash out.

Panel Polls is one of the best survey sites that you can use to fill out surveys and earn money - even with your kids!

11. Socratic Forum 

Socratic Forum is a site that pays you real money to answer surveys. The good thing about this site is they have a really low limit of $5 to cash out.

Socratic Forum features web-based surveys which can be filled out to earn money

12. My Survey

On this site, you simply answer surveys to earn points which are later converted into cash. It’s an easy to use legit site that pays for answering surveys.

My Survey has been involved in research for over a decade

13. MindsPay

MindsPay pays generously but has a higher payout limit as well. You get $3 for just signing up! Then for every survey you take, you can get paid $1-$3. The catch is you can only cash out once you accumulate up to $50. So be ready to invest your time if you want to make real money from MindsPay.

Mindspay allows users to sign up for free to fill out surveys and earn money

14. QuickRewards Network

QuickRewards Network is one of the most credible and highest paying survey companies. You can earn up to $10 for every survey you answer which is significantly greater than the average of the industry. If you are confused about which paid survey sites are legitimate, this should be one of your first options.

Quick Rewards allows users to redeem rewards in over 50 different ways

15. SpringBoardAmerica

This is also a well-reputed website that is legit and pays you to do surveys online. You can receive the money only once you reach $50.

Springboard America has an interactive website featuring data and statistics to invite users to share their responses

16. Viewsbank.com

This is a genuine site that will pay its users to take their surveys online. They make payments through PayPal.

Viewsbank gives users the chance to be part of an online community and earn money by answering questions

17. VIP Voice

VIP Voice is another credible site that pays for filling out surveys. You can earn cash as you do on every other paid survey site, but along with that, you can also win various prizes here.

VIP Voice gives users the chance to make a difference by being vocal about their opinions

18. Mindfield

You can earn real money for completing each survey on this site. This site permits its users to cash out when they reach as low as $5.

19. CashCrate

This site is actually much more than a paid survey site. However, you can make money on it by completing surveys daily. Their payments are generally made through PayPal, Payza, Bank deposits, or checks.

Cashcrate invites people to earn cash or win rewards in return for their responses to certain questions

20. SurveySpot

Wondering which paid survey sites are legitimate? Then you are in the right place! This site is known to be credible for paying you to complete their surveys. They pay you cash through PayPal. Furthermore, you can also choose to get rewarded in terms of Amazon Gift Cards, iTunes Gift Cards or Airline miles.  How exciting is that!

21. OnePoll

OnePoll is a site that is legitimate. Users can earn cash and receive PayPal payments by completing surveys on this site.  

OnePoll pays users who fill out surveys through PayPal

22. Branded Surveys

Complete surveys on Branded Surveys to earn some extra cash. You will be paid via PayPal or into your Dwolla account. Moreover, to make things exciting you can redeem your points into Gift cards from popular stores and restaurants!

Branded Surveys is used by thousands of people interested in making money by answering surveys every week

23. Hiving

This site is genuine and works on a point basis as well. 4,000 points are converted to $4 which is the minimum amount you need in order to cash out.

24. MindSwarms

MindSwarms pays well as it requires more effort! The surveys on this site are done on video calls. So users need a webcam to be part of it. As a result, you are paid $50 for each survey you answer on a video call. This is a quick way to make more money by answering surveys if you are a person that is comfortable with being recorded.

MindSwarms leverages video calling to get comprehensive feedback from users

25. Vindale Research

This site encourages you to sign up with a bonus of $2. You can earn money by answering each survey and cash out conveniently.

26. Swagbucks

This site offers a variety of ways to earn some extra cash. It is also a paid survey site. You can redeem the points you’re awarded in terms of cash or as gift cards from many popular retailers like Amazon and Walmart.

27. Toluna

This is a credible and one of the largest sites that pay for you to fill out their surveys. It has a great variety of surveys and follows a point system in which 6,000 points equal to $20.

Toluna has an interactive interface which is used to attract users to fill out surveys and voice their opinions

28. Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is another site that pays you real money for answering the questions in their surveys. It has a point system where 10 points are equal to $1. These points are easily redeemable and can be paid once you reach $2.5.

29. Survey Junkie

This is a site that is available to people in Canada, US, and Australia. Teenagers who are older than 13 years of age can fill out surveys on this site to make some extra cash.

30. Paid Viewpoint

As the name suggests, Paid Viewpoint pays you to get your viewpoint. All you have to do is fill out surveys. The payment is made through PayPal and you can cash out once you reach $15.

Paid Viewpoint gives users the chance to earn through PayPal by filling out surveys

31. iPoll

iPoll will give you $5 for just signing up! It’s simple and easy to use. You can make easy money by filling out their surveys. It permits you to cash out once you have earned $25.

iPoll allows users to provide their feedback on daily life products and services

32. Inbox Dollars 

Inbox Dollars is legit and pays you for taking surveys online. You get paid through checks once you have earned at least $30.

Inbox Dollars allows users to take surveys and get paid through checks after they have made $30 in earnings

33. Pinecone Research

This site is really convenient! It gives you the option to get paid every time you complete a survey. For every survey you finish, you earn $3 which is a good deal. So if you’re looking for some site that will pay you instantly, this is the one for you!

Pinecone Research is a product research platform that gives users the chance to voice their opinions

34. American Consumer Opinion 

American Consumer Opinion aims to know the opinions of customers. You simply fill out a survey to earn some money. Once you have made $10, you can opt for a payout.

American Consumer Opinion gives users the chance to earn money by filling out surveys

35. GlobalTestMarket

This is a huge survey site with various surveys and hundreds of users online. You earn points by answering their surveys. 1,000 points are redeemed for $50.

With Global Test Market, you can $50 for each 1000 points you get by completing surveys

36. Brand Institute

This site is quite generous! They mostly pay you around $5 for each survey you complete.

Brand Institute pays as much as $5 for each survey that is completed

37. Parent Speak

This survey site is especially for parents.  It is for a targeted audience hence the surveys usually revolve around products which parents buy for their children. This mainly includes food, entertainment, clothes, electronic devices, etc.

The company behind it is a Chicago-based research marketing company. It is actually more than just a paid survey site. It provides a platform for parents to connect with each other and help combat the difficulties of parenthood.

This site pays parents $1 per survey and this rate is fairly constant.

38. KidzEyes

This survey site is specifically for kids with an age of 6 to 12 years.  As their main target audience is kids, the questionnaires are also about products such as toys, games, TV shows, and music. Sometimes, the parents are also asked to participate in the survey with their kids.

This is, once again, the same marketing research company which invented Parent Speak. It helps manufacturers get feedback about their products in order to improve them. The feedback is taken from kids mainly to incorporate their ideas and to satisfy them better as customers.

39.  TeensEyes

The same Chicago-based marketing research company has also come up with something for teens. The age bracket for this site is 13 to 18 years. It focuses on products which teenagers are keen about such as music, snacks, video games, movies, and clothing.

Teenseyes is a survey platform designed to gather feedback from teenagers

40. MySurvey

This site is designed and run by LightSpeedResearch. This is a famous market research company that works for some of the world’s leading brands. They have reportedly paid $32 million to their uses in the year 2014.

Furthermore, they also pay you to test out products. You get free products and complete surveys about them. This way you earn points which can be converted to cash or gift cards.

Lastly, the best part about MySurvey is that they are punctual with their payments. They will not leave you hanging waiting for the money you earned.

41. Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions is one of the top survey panels online. Their surveys are about a wide range of topics like food, clothing, movies or TV shows. You answer their surveys and as soon as you hit $20 in your earnings, you can send them an email to request your gift card. It can be a gift card for Amazon, Macy’s or Target.

42. Microsoft Playtest

This one is for the gamers! This is a panel which is created for trying and testing new unreleased games. People addicted to gaming will get a variety of new games to play and at the same time get paid to try them!

Furthermore, this site gives the developers a customer base to test market their games before releasing them. So the developers can improve their games before releasing them to the mass market. It’s truly a win-win situation for all.

43. Ipsos I-say

This is another site that pays you instantly after you complete a survey on it. The points usually depend on the length of the survey. As soon as you are done, your account gets credited with the deserving points so you don’t have to wait at all!

Ipsos I say values and rewards the opinion of users

44. Harris Poll Online

This site is credible as it has the Seal of Integrity from CASRO (Council of American Research Survey Organizations). Completing one survey on this site can get you between 75 to 200 points which can be received once you have earned 1250 points. 1250 points are worth $10.

Harris Poll Online offers points for each survey completed

You can redeem the points as e-gifts for electronic devices. The “HIpoints” are instantly emailed to you so there is no waiting period.  

45. NiceQuest

This site has many surveys for teens and Hispanics. It pays really well, therefore, is quite popular. Once you earn enough points, there is a massive variety of prizes and gifts to choose from. From toys to electronic devices and movie theatre gift cards, this site offers a lot as prizes. The only downside is you need an invite to get on it.

46. Institute for Online Consumer Studies

This is a company that mainly researches shopping behavior. Their surveys ask questions about how we evaluate products or make buying decisions. The payments are then made through PayPal.

47. Datatelligence Online

This is another site that pays you to answer their surveys. It has surveys which usually take up to 10 minutes to answer. The only drawback is it has limited surveys so you can only answer 1-2 surveys in a month which doesn’t add up to much cash if you’re looking to make money quickly.

Datatelligence Online is ideal for anyone interested in making some quick cash

48. Engage Studies Consumer Panel

Engage Studies Consumer Panel is one of the highest paying survey sites. They pay from $50 to $250 per survey. They don’t have many surveys to fill throughout the year. However, when there is one available, make sure you fill it to make some easy money!

Engage Studies offers up to $250 per survey

49. Engage Studies Healthcare Panel

This site focuses on healthcare and in order to join it, you must be a member of the medical community. They mainly pay via checks and the minimum amount to cash out is $50.

This healthcare-based survey site pays checks to medical professionals who answer questions

50. Consumer Village

This survey site pays through gift cards. What sets Consumer Village apart is that along with the usual surveys that have questions to answer, this site also offers moderated surveys. This site also has moderated discussions which allow users to discuss the topic in detail.

Consumer Village offers gift cards to users for answering surveys

51. Directive Analytics Panel

When deciding which Paid Survey Sites are Legitimate, Directive Analytics Panel is a good choice. You earn Direct points by answering surveys. 100 Direct points are equal to $1. The minimum amount for a cash out is as low as $1 and you will be paid via a check. In order to redeem your points, you must first email them asking to check your request.

Directive Analytics gives users the chance to earn points which can be redeemed for cash by answering surveys


As explained above, there are many sites which offer to pay you for filling out their surveys online. They mostly work through a points system and all have a minimum earning you must reach before you can cash out.

The reason why huge companies pay research companies for consumer insights is simple. It is far more time-consuming and costly to do the research yourself! Research companies are experts in collecting data and analyzing it to find trends and insights which can be strategically used for gaining multiple advantages in any business.

The length of the survey and the products the survey is about will help you determine how much you get paid for answering them. That is why there is a great variance in how much you get paid per survey. You can get paid as low as $0.5 to as high as $200; depending on the nature of surveys you answer.

As a rule of thumb, when trying to figure out which paid survey sites are legitimate, you should read up. It is best to read policies and instructions about a survey site before you sign up on it. This way you will know what to expect and how much you will be paid per survey. It can be far easier to decide which paid survey sites are legitimate once you carry out basic research about them.

By going through the list above, you can easily decide which paid survey sites are legitimate and which will work best for you. So make an informed decision and always read up about a survey site before working for them.