WhatRunsWhere vs Adbeat – Settling the Debate for Good

WhatRunsWhere Vs Adbeat

Choosing a winner in the WhatRunsWhere vs Adbeat debate is like choosing between two fully functional Swiss army knives.

Both programs are amazing in their own right, and the choice between them often comes down to preference and your advertising goals.

Some people, however, require an in-depth analysis of the two programs before they’re able to choose between them. So let’s take a closer look at the WhatRunsWhere vs Adbeat comparison to know more about the strengths and weaknesses of each program.

How Do These Platforms Work?

The aim of internet marketing and advertising programs like WhatRunsWhere and Adbeat is to help you, as a business, identify current digital advertising trends so that you can figure out the best platforms on which to place your own ads. Simply put, they give you the opportunity to find out what your competitors are up to and how you can get ahead by building on advertising strategies that appear to be successful and steering clear of those that don’t seem to be working out.


The WhatRunsWhere Homepage

WhatRunsWhere has a huge database that provides information from across 7 countries, collecting data from 20,000 websites, 90,000 advertisers, and 500 advertisement networks. With access to this program, you can figure out exactly where and what to run to expand your reach.

How WhatRunsWhere Works

Through a process known as “data scraping” (extracting data from other programs and presenting it in a human-friendly output), the program is able to keep tabs on the activities of the top digital advertising publishers. Each scraper plays the role of a user, and this individual data is recorded. The accumulated data is then analyzed, and the relevant figures are provided to the program user.

When you log in to WhatRunsWhere, you can customize your search by:

  • Keyword
  • Advertising platform
  • Category
  • Ad network

The results provide you with the relevant details, along with information on a few other categories to help you stay up-to-date. Once you start using the program, you may notice that there isn’t really a set pattern, and different formats (such as short or long ads) work in different scenarios.

This data is coupled with information about landing page traffic and can be used to determine the demographics of your target audience so that you can devise an advertising strategy that appeals to them.

How You Will End up Using This Information

With the help of the relevant information, you (as a business or ad agency) can devise an entire ad campaign along the following trail:

  • Collect data about the niche/s you intend to target
  • Determine whether smartphones or desktops are a better platform for you
  • Run a search based on specific keywords or websites to scope out the competition
  • Use the information gathered to determine the ad type and where to place it to get maximum reach

WhatRunsWhere’s Data Analytics

The list below shows some of the additional information you can obtain through WhatRunsWhere:

  • Which competitors are ranking at the top for specific keyword searches
  • Which keywords aren’t too saturated yet
  • Where your competitors are running their advertisements to help you determine which websites to run your campaign on
  • Data about affiliate programs, to find out where they’re getting their customer traffic from
  • You can filter your search based on different timings to discover changes in patterns and trends. This helps you see what new campaigns your competitors may have launched
  • Find out the top online ads based on their overall ranking among ad networks, traffic sources, etc.
  • Set up a tracking domain so that the intel you have is constantly updated.

WhatRunsWhere’s Pricing Plan

With so many market insights up for grabs, WhatRunsWhere requires a fair bit of investment. The program believes that with their data, you can start saving money instantly by revamping your advertising strategy and getting more consumer traffic.

The smaller packages start at around $299 / month (the Basic Plan), and for $399 / month, you can gain access to their entire database (the Full Coverage plan). The program also has an Enterprise plan that can be accessed case-by-case.

WhatRunsWhere also offers a free trial account, so if you’re unsure about which program to choose, you can run a test drive on WhatRunsWhere and see if you like the way it works and the data it provides.


The Adbeat Homepage

How Adbeat Works

Similar to WhatRunsWhere, Adbeat uses data crawlers (internet bots that browse the internet to retrieve data), and the data on Adbeat is updated on an hourly basis. For every ad part of its program, a price-per-click is involved.

A major difference between WhatRunsWhere and Adbeat is that Adbeat uses significantly fewer crawlers for data collection. However, the final analysis of the competitors and the overall market is presented in the same way on both programs.

Adbeat also offers filters that help you customize your search by way of network, advertiser, keyword, competitor, URL, etc. The pay-per-click feature also allows you to see the cost of each ad along with the range of prices to run ads on different platforms. It sets itself apart by gathering data, not just from stills, but also from widget and HTML5 ads.

Its presentation of information is easy to understand, even for someone who is new to the platform. Ease of use is another reason why many users opt for Adbeat instead of WhatRunsWhere.

Adbeat’s Data Analytics

Below, you can find a quick guide of the type of data that Adbeat lets you access:

  • It provides data from 26 countries (whereas WhatRunsWhere only provides data from 7 countries)
  • It allows you to compare two specific competitors to see which one is outperforming the other to discover the better strategy
  • You can see the number of ads being run by an advertiser in a specific month (you may notice a pattern emerging in the months when advertising is at its peak)
  • Deconstructs ad campaigns based on the different products included in it
  • It allows you to observe how long certain ad campaigns have been running
  • You can also view detailed data about a specific competitor, such as their standardized ads, native ads, videos, and even landing pages
  • You can even get a collective list of all ads on the program, complete with visuals, days the ad has been online, and 7-day trend reports
  • Find out the ROI of ad campaigns – how much your competitors are spending and how much customer traffic they are getting. It also includes insights into how the ad is being received and whether or not the relevant audience is being reached
  • Find out who the top advertisers are and also the ones who are shaking up the industry
  • Look into how much your competitors are spending and which publishers they are putting out their ad campaigns through. You can also get publisher recommendations for yourself
  • You can even get timely notifications and reports to stay updated on the latest market information

Adbeat’s Pricing Plan

Adbeat has a pretty detailed pricing plan. However, much like WhatRunsWhere, Adbeat believes that you can start seeing a larger customer base immediately and has significantly high-priced packages.

The basic plan starts at around $99/month, and quite frankly, the features it allows you access aren’t worth the high cost. The advanced package costs $399/ month, but it still doesn’t provide you with complete access to Adbeat’s entire platform.

In order to get access to the entire database, you’ll need to opt for the Enterprise package. However, it’s only available on a case-to-case basis and ends up being significantly more expensive.

So the Real Question is – Who Wins in the WhatRunsWhere vs. Adbeat Debate?

Both platforms have much to offer; WhatRunsWhere has a magnificent dataset, whereas Adbeat provides more detailed, customized searches and an easy-to-use platform. Despite the expense involved, both platforms are a way to help you make your advertising strategy more effective.

WhatRunsWhere provides more data and better access with even its most basic package and is a good choice. But, if you’re planning on launching global campaigns, Adbeat provides data across way more countries. The final decision boils down to your personal preferences and requirements.

Why It’s Important for You to Up Your Digital Advertising

As of 2019, global digital ad spending reached a whopping $333 billion. And while pop-up ads were viewed negatively, with ads passing filters to reach relevant audiences, they have played a significant role in increasing customer reach.

With the global market growing daily, so are your competitors. It is important for you to know what they’re up to and what you need to do to stand out from the clutter. On your part, you want to make your ad campaigns more efficient to get a better ROI.

There are plenty of platforms that help you gather the digital intel you need for an effective online campaign. And we’ve already given you some detailed insight into two of the top players in the industry. The final step is for you to decide which platform suits you. So, in the WhatRunsWhere vs Adbeat battle, which program are you going to choose?