11 Ways You Can Stand up for What You Believe In

Stand Up For What You Believe In

Stand up for what you believe in.

But is it really that easy?

We have to make dozens of choices each day. Most of these choices include going against what we believe in. We let go of the things we believe in just because we are looking to avoid a potential conflict.

But, do you know that letting people walk over you just increases your anxiety and stress. It also adds to your insecurities and hurts your self-confidence. If you want to avoid all this, you need to learn how to stand up for yourself and the things that you believe in.

Anxious that others might not like or agree with your views and beliefs?

Don’t worry.

As long as your beliefs are actually right, there is no need to worry about anything else.

11 Ways You Can Stand up for What You Believe Infographic

This article will teach you how to stand up for yourself and what you believe in.

Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.

Winston Churchill

How to Stand Up for What You Believe in

Standing up for what you believe in can be difficult. However, you can learn it with time and these simple, yet effective tips mentioned below.

1. Be Authentic and Transparent

We understand that it can be difficult at times. But once you start expressing yourself honestly and openly, you will feel like a burden has been lifted off your shoulders. There is no need to hide behind a nod or a smile when you don’t agree with something happening in front of you.

It is going to take a lot of practice, but expressing yourself will give you a sense of accomplishment. You don’t have to be overly accommodating to everything and everyone. Don’t be defensive. Learn to express yourself and you’ll start feeling better yourself.

Baby Steps is All You Need to Start standing up for yourself

2. Take Baby Steps

So, you believe in something but are not able to tell it to anyone if a situation arises. It is okay to struggle with assertiveness. However, don’t give in. Take small steps in the right direction and things will become better.

Confidence is the key here. You will come off as more confident even if you keep your shoulders back and head high. This will tell others that you are not going to take any nonsense. Channel that inner confidence when you deal with others. Apply this attitude to any scenario.

Did someone just cut in front of you at McDonald’s? Politely tell them that they are in your spot and they need to move back.

Is someone at the workplace being impolite and affecting your work? Tell them to be professional and handle things professionally.

Did one of your service providers overcharge you? Call them and file a dispute.

It is important to stand up for your beliefs; otherwise, the world will just crush you.

3. Let Go of Your Fears

You will never be able to stand up for yourself and your beliefs if you are afraid of what people think about you. Letting go of your fear of what people think is tough, but it’s not impossible. You will learn it slowly once you start practising.

Remember, you have a certain set of beliefs that you follow. While you don’t have to impose your beliefs on others, you need to stand up for them, as and when needed.

Stand up for what you believe in even if it causes waves

Kathryn Budug

4. Wait Them Out if They Attack

Remember, there will always be people who want to override you. The personality of some people is set to attack mode. They are always looking for something that can help them override others.

Remain calm if you face any such people. However, be assertive if they are being a bully. Remind yourself that you are confident and ready to stand up for your beliefs. Don’t react with low blows and don’t get frazzled. Stand your ground but walk the high road.

It may sound difficult to follow, but trust us that standing up for what you believe in is the best thing to do.

Walk the Talk and Believe in Your Thoughts

5. Walk the Talk

Another great tip to stand up for your beliefs is to not just talk the talk but also walk the walk. They say, practice what you preach, and you need to do exactly that. If you really care about something, don’t just argue about it with everyone. Instead, try to do something about it.

When people see that you are really firm in your beliefs, they will most likely be impressed by you. This will give you a confidence boost as well. It will also help you understand if your belief really means something to you.

6. Don’t Criticize People, Criticize Actions

We are all human and we all make mistakes. No one is perfect. If you believe in something and someone else doesn’t, it doesn’t make them bad. Everyone has the capacity to change, and you can set an example for these people by standing up for your beliefs.

Remember, you don’t have to criticize the person; you have to criticize their actions. Don’t try to force your opinion on them but offer them subtle advice. Tell them about your beliefs politely and why you think they are great. You don’t know how many people may change just by this.

Don’t Stay Quiet Today Just to Regret It Tomorrow

7. Don’t Stay Quiet Today Just to Regret It Tomorrow

You will come across many instances in life where you will not be sure if you should speak up or not. In such situations, make your decisions by the ‘regret rule’. Is it something that you’ll regret tomorrow? If yes, then you should do something about it today.

You may have to face a stressful situation today, but believe us, it will be better tomorrow. You will not have to regret your decisions later on if you stand up for what you believe in today. Things get much simpler when you are following this simple rule.

To me, bravery is to stand up for what you believe in

Sophie Turner

8. Don’t Let Anyone Invalidate You

You need to understand that you are responsible for your feelings and actions. Take ownership and don’t let anyone invalidate your opinions and beliefs. Your beliefs belong to you and you don’t have to change them because of someone else.

However, just like you take ownership of your beliefs, others also have a specific point of view. Don’t sabotage other’s opinion, but also make sure that no one is sabotaging yours.

9. Fake It Until You Make It

As mentioned before, you’re not going to learn how to stand up for your beliefs in a day. You have to keep practicing, for as long as you want. It is not going to happen overnight. It will take time for you to be assertive and be comfortable with your beliefs.

You are in the learning stage until things start falling into place. Until then, try to act like an assertive person in these situations. Practice as much as you can. Imagine you are an assertive person in a specific situation. How are they going to handle it? Fake it till you make it.

10. Clarify First

You may be tempted to take a self-righteous stand when you’re sure that you’re right. You think you are just defending yourself against someone who is entirely in the wrong. But, try not to react with emotions.

The best course of action in such situations is to calmly explain your point of view and perspective to them. Don’t use accusatory words or combative tones. Listen to their point of view calmly as well. Doing so will result in a healthy discussion.

Don’t Doubt Yourself when Believing in Yourself

11. Don’t Doubt Yourself

Don’t doubt yourself and your beliefs even if people try to change your mind or force their beliefs on you. Remember your beliefs and stick up for them. Of course, don’t run away from listening to others’ point of view. But don’t let them change your opinion about anything.

You need to strengthen your beliefs if you don’t want to get overpowered by others. This will take time and practice. Continue doing it until you master standing up for your beliefs.

Don’t let others change who you are or overpower you. You have your own opinion and you need to take a stand for it. Following these 11 steps is how to stand up for what you believe in.