13 Tips for Selling Stickers on Etsy – The Perfect Hacks to Boost Your Sales

Selling Stickers on Etsy

Selling stickers on Etsy is just what you need to look into if you’re interested in making some extra cash while you let your creative juices flow.

If you have a creative bone in you, you can easily turn your artwork into stickers and sell it on Etsy. Etsy is a great platform to sell and market your creativity. People already sell photos, shirts, wood signs and so much more!

In the digital era of today, online platforms and E-commerce are the best market places for everything! You no longer have to invest a fortune in a physical store to make money from anything. Etsy makes it easy to run your business and make money from the comfort of your home.

Why Sell Stickers?

Stickers let your artwork be applied to a variety of objects. Unlike t-shirts or mugs that cater to a specific market, stickers help you widen the horizon. Whether its planners, doors or laptops, stickers can be used to personalize anything!

Since they are multipurpose, stickers sell far more easily than bigger art prints. They make your artwork go viral and let you make money from the same design every time someone buys a sticker. This is not only done by sharing the design source, but you can also sell physical stickers.

Another factor to consider is that stickers are an easy buy for most people as they are highly affordable.  Bigger artworks are more expensive; therefore, people often become reluctant about spending that much money. On the other hand, due to their low-cost, nobody thinks twice before ordering stickers online!

Stickers are portable and easily noticeable. As they are usually stuck onto portable things like laptops and notebooks, there are higher chances of other people noticing them. This leads to your brand gaining popularity through word of mouth, which is the most effective tool for marketing today. In fact, it is one of the most effective and credible ways to reach your target market.

Now that we know stickers are an effective way to make money from your artwork, here’s a list of some surefire tips that can help you sell stickers on Etsy.

In order to stand out, you must come up with unique designs for your stickers on Etsy

1. Use a Unique Design to Stand Out in this Sticky Business

The first and foremost step to selling your stickers on Etsy is to design something unique. With such an easy and effortless registration process, Etsy has unlimited artists selling stickers. To capture the market in a large pool of offerings, your stickers must be unique. 

Eye-catching sticker designs and stickers with exceptional meanings can help you leave a mark in the market. To be truly different and memorable from the herd, you must have something that sets you apart. It is up to you to decide what will make your stickers unique.

One way to stand out is by being relevant. For instance, you can create stickers about a social cause that is in the global light. You can come up with stickers that are vocal and have a meaning to them. They must represent a thought that resonates with other people.

Furthermore, another creative spin to your stickers could be humor. This is something that appeals to a large market and will help you stand out and cater to people who look for comic stickers.

Above all, designing your stickers creatively and uniquely can play a big role in determining the sales of your stickers. Therefore, you must pay attention to design and not just jump on the bandwagon of selling the same old cliché stickers that every other shop is already selling.

You can outsource Design or Production to manage your sticker business more easily for Etsy

2. Outsource Design or Production

Many people believe it’s wise to outsource design and production as it can be a time-consuming and hectic task. You can do that too! If you’re a newbie in this business, taking on the designing and production can be a bit overwhelming. In the end, it is simply a matter of how much you want to take on your plate.

It is important to know that there are many aspects to managing a business successfully. Being a beginner, you have to spend a lot of time developing your brand and promoting your work. Therefore, the path of developing your artwork and production can be a milestone to achieve later.

In addition to the time saved up from outsourcing design or production to other artists, outsourcing can bring you other benefits as well. Outsourcing production can save you from heavily investing in the equipment. It is possible to produce your ideas in the form of best-quality stickers by experts who know this field. Furthermore, it is much easier to cater to bigger orders when production is outsourced.

Outsourcing design will also widen your scope. It will expand your variety and promote diversity in designs. You will no longer be limited to your creative skills only. This will help you have a versatile collection of stickers.

For these purposes, outsourcing design at the starting phase of your sticker business on Etsy may prove to be beneficial in the long run.

Correct Pricing is key to attracting customers on Etsy

3. Price Your Stickers Appropriately

Correct pricing is a huge aspect of managing your business successfully. It is a good practice to do market research and compare the prices of your competitors. This can give you a benchmark of prices that are currently prevailing in the market.

After this, you must consider the costs you are incurring to create these stickers and develop a pricing plan. Moreover, you should also keep in mind the quality you are offering and the brand image you want to build.

Low-cost leadership may help you penetrate the market but it will also affect how people perceive the quality of your stickers. Pricing decisions tend to have long-term effects on a brand, therefore, careful measures must be taken for determining the correct prices of your products.  

4. Mockup Your Stickers

The next thing to consider for your online stickers shop is a mockup. This is done to give a consistent look to your images so that they look similar. Mockups allow you to place the image of your sticker in an editable photo so that it gives the same lighting and feel.

Mockups can be bought online or you can do this on your own by editing photos to look similar on Photoshop.  It is entirely up to you to decide if mockups are something you want to opt for. In short, they are just a way to make your shop look more uniform.

Your brand is your identity and will help to sell stickers on Etsy

5. Brand Your Shop

Apart from all the physical things you need to sell stickers on Etsy, you also need to build your brand. Your brand is your identity and it greatly influences how well your customers remember you.

Moreover, if you build a brand personality that successfully resonates with your target market then this will help you turn them into customers. Your brand is your shop’s individuality. It helps you by instilling trust in your shop in your target market.

Therefore, your brand personality should be evident through the kind of stickers you sell, the kind of packaging your products have and also the kind of attitude your customer service portrays. All these things must give a clear and consistent feel about your brand. These things need to represent the essence of your brand in order to have a strong perception in the minds of your potential customers.

Policies must be formulated to run a business smoothly on Etsy

6. Be Transparent with Your Customers and Formulate Policies

For your customers to be clear about what they can expect, you must be transparent and keep them well informed.  As a seller, you want to have a good reputation in the market and for this purpose, you must formulate policies to avoid misunderstandings.

Whether it is the number of days it will take for you to make the delivery or days you will take off during the holiday season, your customers must be updated with all the details at all times. This ensures they are in a position to make a sound decision when they choose to order stickers from you and will not expect something that you don’t plan on delivering.

You must promote your stickers to sell them on Etsy

7. Promote Your Work Excessively

Promoting your brand means increasing its visibility and creating awareness for your brand. This can be done in various ways. By having a small logo printed on some part of your stickers you can initiate brand recognition through a symbol. It can be something small yet representative of your brand’s personality.

Furthermore, you can promote your work by sending PR packages to influential bloggers and their positive reviews can surely build up hype for your brand. You can think of multiple other ways to promote your work online.

Neat packaging will help you satisfy customers on Etsy

8. Pay Attention to Packaging

Once you have done all the working to promote your stickers, you need to work out how to pack them when you cater to your orders.  First of all, the packaging you use needs to ensure the safety of your stickers. This can include a cardboard box with tissue paper to prevent the stickers from getting scratches.

Moreover, your packaging is what your customers witness before anything else. You must be choosy in order for it to be impressive and in line with your brand. It has to give the right feel and fit with your brand personality.

9. Be Consistent to Deliver the Promise of Your Brand

It is easy to ignite sales through heavy promotions and impressive packaging at first but it is difficult to maintain them. In order to maintain sales and keep them coming at a steady rate, you must continuously deliver products of high quality.  

Brand consistency is one of the most important elements in boosting sales on Etsy

A brand is a promise to deliver the same quality over long periods of time and only through doing this, it can make a name for itself in the market. Most brands lose sight of the bigger picture after achieving initial fame and success. This results in overconfidence and, eventually, the decline of their quality which ultimately leads to their downfall.

10. Network and See Results

You should be your number one brand advocate! This is the ultimate motto to follow in life. Your business thrives when you make it a point to create awareness through your networking. Your social network can help you tap into other networks and this will eventually expand your customer base.

This doesn’t mean you should walk around blabbering about your stickers all the time. This simply means that people around you should be aware of the work that you do and in their own way acknowledge it. They should know of your commitment towards your brand and speak highly of it.

One way to involve your social network in your favor is to give them your stickers as gifts. Personalized stickers for close friends are a good way to go about it.

You can show how well you know them by incorporating their favorite things and at the same time get their feedback to build your brand. So the next time someone compliments your friend about the stickers on their laptop at work, they aren’t hesitant to bring your brand’s name up.

Another way to network is to stay in touch with your past customers. A simple wish on New Year’s Eve can go a long way and remind them of their exceptional experience with you. Word of mouth is also a powerful tool for marketing, combine it with networking and it can greatly increase your sales.

A giveaway is an extra gift for your customer via Etsy

11. Delight Your Customers with Giveaways

There is a clear difference between satisfying your customers and delighting them with surprises. Know this difference, practice it and master it!

Sending a freebie sticker of your upcoming collection with an order can be a game changer for you. This will not only spike a customer’s interest in your upcoming collection but it will also make them feel special as they will receive more than what they were expecting.

Moreover, it will also give you the opportunity to sell to the same customer again as you are introducing them to a new collection. In short, it’s a pleasant feeling for a customer to receive something extra they didn’t pay for. It shows effort and commitment and results in winning their hearts.

Man working on computer with headphones and providing customer service

12. Excel in Customer Service

To make certain you succeed in selling stickers, you must satisfy your customers. Just like any other business, excellent customer service is of utmost importance. An effective response to customer complaints can save your brand in the era of online reviews. Before ordering from any seller, customers run a background check and read the feedback by recent buyers.

In order to motivate people who have taken interest in your stickers, you must ensure you have positive reviews from your customers. Otherwise, they will be discouraged to order stickers from you despite really loving your collection.

Encourage customers to take surveys to analyze your client service on Etsy

13. Keep up with the Ever-Changing Market

Lastly, remember to stay on top of emerging trends. In an evolving market like stickers, you have to keep yourself updated with the latest trends in popularity. You cannot become stagnant and expect to keep making money from the same kind of stickers for decades.

Just like the culture and styles of apparel change over time in a society, so do the likes and dislikes of what people find aesthetic. Selling Stickers on Etsy can be tricky. To remain an undying brand for stickers, a seller must keep changing it up according to what is in demand from the current market.

In the end, we hope these steps help you make your experience of selling stickers on Etsy more fruitful. Selling stickers on Etsy is a highly emerging business venture so work hard and enjoy the process, success will surely follow!