Selling Photos on Etsy: Here’s How to Make the Most of Your Online Store

Selling Photos on Etsy

Making money by selling photos on Etsy is now easier than ever.

Just like any other talent, photography is a skill to make cash and make it now.

As the saying goes, “If you’re good at something, never do it for free.”

Similarly, the aesthetic photos you take to bless your Instagram feed are your sole property. Therefore, you can easily make money by selling them on Etsy!

Etsy is a great platform to sell arts and crafts. People already sell shirts, wood signs, stickers and much more. Why cant you sell photos?

With the advancing technology, everyone can take a good photo on their phones. This is why most people nowadays are reluctant to spend on photography services. No wonder, photography today lacks lucrative opportunities and making a living from your craft can be difficult. As a result, the need for digital market places is crucial.

Moreover, in the digital era of today, creative freelancing is highly encouraged. People work from the comfort of their homes and make enough money to cover their expenses.

Selling photos on Etsy is a great opportunity for everyone as it is the perfect place to showcase your creativity! It’s an easy way to get your work in front of thousands without spending much. In this article , we will give you our take on why selling photos on Etsy is easy money for all the photographers out there.

Sign up on Etsy to sell your photos and make some easy money

Just Make an Account

All you have to do is make an account!

Photographers are often reluctant to sell their photos on Etsy because they believe that it’s a long and overwhelming process. However, in reality, that’s not the case at all. Etsy gives you the perfect platform to sell your artwork by simply registering on it and creating an account.

Steps to create an account on Etsy

It has never been this easy to put your work in front of thousands of potential customers and photography enthusiasts. Additionally, you should complete your registration process by giving your shop a banner and icon. This will give it a more professional look and attract more people.

By being on Etsy, you will get access to the exposure you otherwise wouldn’t. Your artwork will be displayed to thousands of people around the world. Therefore, make sure you don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to showcase your artwork.

Your Etsy shop's name should be unique and stand out to attract more people

Catch Their Eye with a Catchy Name

Secondly, come up with a catchy name! As a result of the easy registration process, the competition on Etsy is intense. There are so many aspiring artists trying to sell their artwork. Your name is what builds your brand.

So, in order to catch the attention of buyers, your shop name must be enticing. It must have an element of surprise and spike immediate interest. Therefore, a smart tactic to catch the attention of a buyer is to have a creative name.

Photography equipment is essential for taking high quality pictures for Etsy

Invest in the Right Equipment

As you may already know, quality is everything and in order to take high-quality sellable photos, you need the right equipment. The right camera and lenses can enhance the features of your photos. Furthermore, they give you the power to zoom in on the minor details and make your photos far more appealing.

Your camera can sense even the slightest motion of your hands and this can make your pictures blurry. If you plan on making money from photography, it is imperative that you invest in a tripod.  No matter how steady your hands are, tripods will still do magic for your photos!

These tools are a long term investment and will change your game like nothing else. This aspect of your business is what predominantly determines your success. Thus, combining your creative eye with a professional camera and tools is the perfect recipe to kick-start your career in photography. 

Photography courses can add to your knowledge for Etsy store photos

Get Training

Some people are just naturally talented while others may have to develop their skills. If you are looking to polish your photography skills and make some money from them, get some training. There are plenty of online courses available. These can offer some basic guidance about lighting and angles which may help you perk up the essence of your photos.   

No matter how good you think you are at photography, a little training will do you no harm. Professional training and hard work always pay off.  So don’t be afraid to spend some time educating yourself about the basics of photography.

Upload more photos for more sales in Etsy

Upload Photos Regularly

It is also important to be consistent! You must put your stuff out there regularly. The more often you post pictures, the higher the chances of someone liking them. Hence, if you do not upload photos often, people who regularly follow your shop will lose interest and stop visiting your shop.

Sometimes, being really choosy and self-critical about your artwork can prove to be a hindrance in your own growth. It is important to realize that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Therefore, work sincerely and don’t be afraid to showcase it. Let others choose for themselves.

It is really easy and effortless to upload your photos on Etsy. There are many options on how to sell your photos. You can opt for a traditional print out of your photo or also offer customized t-shirts or mugs. This is entirely up to you and the customer’s request.

Once you have stocked your shop, all you have to do is set up a payment and billing system and you’re ready to go! You can finally start making money from your art.

Planning is key to the success of a business in Etsy

Plan Ahead of Time

Planning is an element of every business and is, in fact, the most essential step. Before starting the operations of your shop, you must brainstorm about how you will deliver the artwork. You have to decide whether you are going to simply send digital files to your customers or send physical printed photos.

By being on Etsy, you are taking full responsibility for the distribution and logistics of your artwork. If you choose to sell already-printed physical photos, it is entirely your job to deliver your artwork to the customer.

Timely deliveries help you win customer loyalty and create a good reputation for your brand. Therefore, it is necessary you have your logistics figured out before you start taking orders online. You may start to receive an overwhelming amount of orders suddenly. Consequently, you must have your packaging ready to ensure your clients a prompt delivery.

You must build a unique selling point to beat your competition in Etsy

Build a Unique Selling Point

Due to the ease of entrance on platforms like Etsy, you have to be ahead of the game. There are so many promising photographers and in order to stand out, you must offer something unique. Keep in mind that your potential customers can browse through hundreds of photos, so you must offer them something exceptional. 

Whether it is a creatively different photography style or a unique theme, your photography must be different. It can be your signature editing style or even just a personal touch but something must set your photos apart to truly capture customers.  

Editing photos can enhance their aesthetic appeal and help you sell your photos in Etsy

Take Time to Edit Your Pictures

Different editing styles can magnify the effect of your pictures and help you in selling photos on Etsy. Editing dramatizes a picture and ensures you leave a memorable impression on its viewer. By changing the different editing settings, you can surely increase the aesthetic appeal of a picture to help you capture more customers. A distinctive editing style can even become your unique selling point.

Promote Your Photos

Tag lines and slogans help capture a customer. Similarly, product descriptions and thumbnails are how you advertise your pictures online. Keep in mind that promoting your artwork is primarily your duty. Etsy is only a platform that can provide you access to a large audience.

Etsy's Seller Protection Policy

As an artist, it is crucial to develop a strong voice to attract customers and to convey the message of your art. Such small details, when overlooked, can result in your loss. You need to be able to market your art correctly to attract clients.

Building meaningful relationships with customers results in increased customer loyalty in Etsy

Build Relationships with Clients

Lastly, building a strong meaningful relationship is the key to having loyal customers for selling photos on Etsy. After delighting a customer by surpassing their expectations, make sure to keep in touch with them. You will be at the top of their mind when they’re searching for another piece.

Furthermore, by offering unique photos with your excellent service, you will surely turn them into a brand Advocate. They will be recommending you to all their friends and family. 

In conclusion, following the steps discussed above can slowly but surely help you sell more photos on Etsy. Building a brand is a time-consuming process but it is worth the effort. If you’re passionate about photography, don’t let little hurdles get in the way of doing what you love for a living!