23 Self-Esteem Activities for Teens

Self Esteem Activities For Teens

Discover the best self-esteem activities for teens that will transform their lives and boost their confidence.

Teenage years are not easy. Because of new social changes and changes in the body, teenagers are riddled with low self-worth and are full of self-doubt. This makes them seek approval from both adults and peers. Lack of self-esteem leads to their under performing in social situations and that has a lasting effect on their future life.

It is important to boost your teen’s confidence and self-esteem to ensure that they are confident enough to make their own decisions. It also teaches them to choose what’s best for them without worrying about what others might think.

There are some simple yet effective self-esteem activities for teens that can boost their confidence and self-esteem. It helps them cope better with life challenges and become more emotionally resilient to stress.

These self-esteem activities can be used by parents and educators in a fun and engaging way to change the lives of teenagers.

23 Self-Esteem Activities for Teens Infographic

1. Three Compliments Journal

Give your teenager a journal. Ask them to wake up each morning and write three things that they like about themselves. KidsHealth.org recommends this activity as it helps your teen love themselves.

This also helps teens gain confidence and like themselves without the need to seek approval of others. This boosts their confidence in themselves.

2. Self-Esteem Collage

Give your teen a large poster board. Ask them to find pictures from magazines, the internet or any other place that they think represents them. It can be any picture representing hopes, talents and aspirations. Hang this poster in a prominent place so that it reminds them of their worth.

This will also remind them of their abilities, hopes, dreams and aspirations. In addition, it will also tell them that they have an individual personality that they should be proud of.

3. A Self-Esteem Bucket

Suggested by GoodCharacter.com, it is a metaphor to show what opinions and comments of others can do to the self-esteem of a teen. You need a plastic bucket and some nails. Hammer nails to the bucket. Fill the bucket with water and tell your child that water in the bucket represents self-esteem.

Now, as they remove each nail, ask them to mention a hurtful comment that can affect the self-esteem of a teenager. The water will start pouring out. Ask the teen to think of ways that they can contain self-esteem. It can be anything like family, good friends, exercises, etc.

4. Self-Esteem Calendar

Give your teenage kid a blank calendar. Ask them to write down an activity for each day that helps them enjoy life and hone their talents. These activities will differ from child to child. Tell them to enjoy each day of their life to the fullest without worrying about anything that anyone says.

Let them know that they don’t have to worry about what others might think. They should cultivate their talent and live a life full of self-worth.

Positive Focus Group is a group activity for teens to boost their self-esteem

5. Positive Focus Group

Positive focus group is a group activity for teens. It lets each teenager in the group know that others appreciate the traits that they have.

The activity is simple. All you have to do is gather around a group of teenagers and break them into groups or pairs. Focusing on one teen at a time, give them a time limit and ask them to describe the things that they like the most in that person.

Do this for every teen in the group. This will boost their confidence and will let them know that they are appreciated and loved. This boosts their self-esteem and gives them the confidence they need to carry on with life.

About Me: Sentence Completion helps boost self-esteem among teenagers

6. About Me: Sentence Completion

The About Me self-esteem worksheet allows teenagers to identify their positive characteristics and traits. It also helps them recognize their accomplishments and dreams. There are 6 sentence prompts that need to be completed by the child. The prompts include:

  1. I was really happy when_________
  2. I’m proud of___________
  3. My friends like this about me________
  4. I’m good at this in school ________
  5. What makes me unique is ___________

This activity helps build authentic self-esteem and builds a foundation for their future personality.

7. Types of Beauty Worksheet

If you have a young teenage girl, then this activity can help you boost her self-esteem. The worksheet has 5 pointers that they can fill with the thing that they find beautiful about themselves. While it’s okay to write something like “my hair” or “my eyes”, you must tell them about what inner beauty is and why it’s more important than outer beauty.

Ask them to write at least two inner beauty traits they think they have.

8. Toot Your Horn

This is another worksheet activity for teens that can help them explore what makes them likable. This activity can boost their self-esteem and self-confidence. There are 20 sentence completion prompts in this sheet that the teen should complete.

Don’t worry if there are some prompts that they cannot fill at the moment. Ask them to fill them when they come across any such thing that fits in these prompts. The prompts are as follows:

  1. I like myself because _______
  2. I feel good about__________
  3. I’m an expert at_________
  4. My favorite place is________
  5. As per my friends, I have a great______
  6. I’m loved by_______
  7. I enjoy _______
  8. I consider myself good at__________
  9. People say that I’ve pretty___________
  10. People say that I am a good_________
  11. I admire this person the most___________
  12. I have a natural talent for __________
  13. My future goals are___________
  14. I will definitely reach my goals because___________
  15. People compliment me about_______
  16. I’ve been successful at_________
  17. I feel good when_________
  18. I laugh when I think about__________
  19. I feel peaceful when ___________
  20. I admire myself the most about ___________
Recipe for Making Friends helps teenagers learn about what makes them good friends

9. Recipe for Making Friends

As the name suggests, this is a worksheet that can help teenagers learn about what makes them good friends. In addition to this, it also helps them identify what they should look for in a friend. It is better if the teenager completes this sheet under the guidance of an adult.

In the sheet, there is space for five traits that the teen thinks are required to make friends. These include traits like good listener, friendly, cooperative, etc. Ask them to also write why they think these traits are important in a friend.

The worksheet is easy to complete. But the children might need some help and guidance. So, you should be there. It allows them to use their imagination and learn how to be a good friend as well as how to make a good friend.

10. Self-Esteem Journal

Self-esteem journal is a great way to help teenagers think about the good things that they experience and do. It helps them look at life positively and become a better person. Simply give your teenager a journal and ask them to write the following for each day:

  1. Something I did well today ____
  2. I felt proud today because ___
  3. I had fun when _______
  4. I accomplished ______
  5. I did something for someone ________
  6. I had a great experience with _______
  7. I found it interesting when _______
  8. I was proud because he/she _______
  9. I saw this positive thing today _______
  10. I did something for someone today _______
  11. Today was interesting because _______

Ask your teenager kids to complete their journal each day before going to bed at night. This will make them optimistic and positive and will allow them to focus on the good things in life instead of the bad things.

11. Affirmation Worksheet

Affirmations are also another effective way to combat low self-esteem issues among teenagers. Paul Ogunkoya developed an affirmation worksheet that can be used to help guide the development of affirmations among teens.

The worksheet provides clear instructions on how to go about this activity. It also teaches teens how to create effective affirmations. Once they have understood the guidelines, they can write some affirmations on their own.

You will also find a schedule to follow in the worksheet. All the steps mentioned in the affirmation worksheet should be done three times a day.

  • After waking up in the morning
  • At lunch
  • Before going to bed

You can help your teens with this activity, but let them take responsibility and ownership of this activity. It will improve their commitment and will also boost their self-esteem when they learn that they can do things themselves.

Self-Confidence Worksheet boosts self-esteem among teens

12. Self-Confidence Worksheet

Self-Confidence Worksheet is also an effective tool to boost self-esteem among teens. It helps build self-confidence in them. The sheet comes with instructions and can be downloaded here. The worksheet is divided into three parts.

This worksheet lets teens explore their feelings of self-confidence and esteem in two different situations and then reflect back on each and come up with a plan to address their low self-esteem. This simple exercise can help them take ownership of their actions and well being, which will help them in the future.

13. List Your Wins

This is a simple activity that can help teens build their self-esteem. As the name suggests, they have to write their accomplishments in life. Divide the worksheet into the following four categories:

  • First phase
  • Second phase
  • Recent phase
  • Future

Assign a specific age to each of these categories. For example, the first phase can be from age 1-10, second from 10-15, and so on. Also define the future category, for instance, the successes they want to achieve in the next 2 years, 5 years, etc.

This worksheet will help them understand that they have achieved a lot in life and will give their self-confidence a boost. In addition, it will also help them plan for the future and find a goal to pursue. You can download the worksheet here.

Family Crest activity helps teens facing self-esteem issues

14. Family Crest

This is another simple activity that can help teenagers who face self-esteem issues. The sheet has a crest divided into four quadrants with a banner underneath. In the quadrants, they can write the traits or characteristics that they hold dear. The banner underneath can contain a summary of the entire thing.

If your child is facing self-esteem issues, they can put “things others like about me” in the banner and then write four such things in the quadrants.

15. My Goals

As the name suggests, this activity involves writing about your goals. For starters, begin with three goals and also write three ways to achieve each of these goals. You can also categorize the goals into time phases, such as the goals I want to achieve this week, the next week, month, years, 5 years, and so on.

This activity will help the teens set their goals and work towards achieving them. Achieving the goals that they have set for themselves will boost their self-esteem.

16. Obstacles and Strategies

In the obstacle and strategies worksheet, teens identify the obstacles that they are facing to reach their goals. They also mention the strategies that can help them achieve these goals and what they can start doing right away to achieve their goals.

In addition to these activities, there are some things that parents can do to enhance self-esteem in teens.

17. Make Them Feel Happy

Surround them with people with whom they feel happy and safe. It can be their friends or someone from the family. It is important to keep them happy, after all, they are only teenagers. If you isolate them from others, it will have a negative impact on their personality.

18. Discuss Their Topics of Interest

Talk to them about the topics that they find interesting. Support and nurture their interests. This will let them know that their interests, likes and dislikes are valued. They will also be encouraged to pursue their passion and dreams, and this will help shape their future personality.

Don’t use harsh words with your teenager

19. Don’t Label Them

Spend time with your teens and tell them that they are special and important. Even if you have to address their behavior, don’t label them. Instead of saying “you are bad”, say “what you did was bad”. The words you use can impact their personality and self-esteem.

20. Make Them Feel Valued

As a parent of a teenager, you must make them feel valued and important. This is basic human need and teens are no different. You need to show them that you value their presence and that you love them, no matter what. This will give them an instant boost of self-esteem and self-confidence that can go a long way in shaping their personality.

21. Make Them Feel Competent

If you wish that your teen is confident, then you must let them be independent. Don’t do everything for them. When they need help, provide them help, but don’t finish things for them. When they start doing their things themselves, only then will they be able to boost their self-confidence.

22. Praise Their Achievements

Did your teenage child score well in a test? Praise their achievement. Even if they don’t score good, encourage them and praise their effort. This will allow them to work hard. They know that you will appreciate their efforts and be with them no matter what. This is what gives them the confidence to keep trying.

Make them independent by giving them responsibilities

23. Give Them Responsibilities

There is no harm in assigning some age-appropriate responsibilities to them. It can be as simple as asking them to pack their lunch or school bag, walk the dog or run some simple errands.

In addition, give them the opportunity to make their own decisions when you find it appropriate. This will make them independent and responsible.

These were some simple yet effective activities and techniques that can help build self-esteem in teens. These activities can also help build their self-confidence, make them independent and shape their personality.