33 Questions to Ask a Career Coach: Things You Need to Know

Questions To Ask A Career Coach

Hiring a career or business coach isn’t that difficult. Here are questions to ask a career coach that can help you determine if he is the right person for you. Career coaches assess your strengths and weaknesses. This means that in the end, they can help you find the career of your dreams quickly and easily. Below are 33 questions to always ask a career coach.

#1: What type of services can you offer me? You need to find out your coach’s capabilities and skills. Learning how they can help you find what you’re looking for is the first question to ask.

#2: Am I resistant to your coaching efforts? It takes a certain type of personality to get feedback from a career coach.

#3: Have you worked with people in my specific industry? Career coaches work with all types of careers. Make sure, yours has experience working with people in your industry.

#4: Will you push me outside of my comfort zone? Have the coach give you specific examples of how he has done this with other clients. Being successful always requires that you get outside of your comfort zone.

#5: What do you consider success? Everyone’s definition of this word is different, both parties should always be on the same page.

#6: How many different businesses did you help create? The best career coaches helped many businesses get their good start. The more businesses they can attest to, the better they are at their job.

#7: How has being a career coach changed your life? Career coaches revel in the job. Learning how it has changed that person’s life is a great way to start.

#8: How will you handle it if i’m wrong about something? Coaches point you to the right direction if you make an error or start going in the wrong direction. Just how that person does this is important.

#9: Is there something I can do to change? Find out which changes your coach thinks you should make in the beginning, and how those changes should be made.

#10: Am I the right client for you? You and your coach should be comfortable working together. It’s important to determine if the two of you have that connection.

Don’t Stop There

Remember that there is no such thing as “too many questions”. There is always something more you need to find out. Below are a few of those things.

#11: What process do you follow? From beginning to end, find out what your coach uses to get the job done. Discuss the entire process step by step. This way, you can become familiar with how it’s done.

Define Success

#12: Can you define success for me? Every person’s idea of success is different. You should find out what your client thinks would result in your being successful in the end.

#13: Can you give me suggestions for my professional and personal life? Career coaches know that your personal and professional life will meet at some point. He should be determined to help you in both of these areas.

#14: Will you give me references? A successful career coach will never be hesitant about letting you talk to his other clients. This will let you get an expert opinion of how he operates.

#15: Will I be given a new coach if I ask for a new one? This is a good question to ask as some career coaching centers have numerous coaches on hand for assistance.

#16: Do I pay for one session at a time? Some career coaches charge per-session. Others charge a total fee for the entire process. You need to be clear on how you will be paying your coach.

#17: How will you help me pre and post sessions? You have to find out what is included in each session. You need to ask if you need assistance pre and post session.

They Should Have the Right Answers

You should always feel completely comfortable with the answers you’re given. Read on for some additional tips.

#18: What is included in each session? Again, finding out what happens in each and every session is crucial.

#19: How do you connect with your clients? You have to find out what your career coach does and doesn’t do to establish a relationship with his clients.

#20: Will you tell me what to do, or will you help me figure it out myself? A good career coach always helps clients figure out for themselves which options are best for them.

#21: Can you help me with accountability issues? You have to know that you are accountable for your actions and the results. Your coach should be someone who helps motivate you to do this.

#22: What type of training do you have? You need to feel confident in his ability to do his job after you hire him.

Type of Training

#23: How did you get into coaching? You don’t want a coach that isn’t doing something he loves. Make sure this is a career he loves and has wanted to be in from the beginning.

No Question Is Too Personal

Clearly, you should not hesitate to ask a personal questions about his career. There are other good questions to ask as well.

#24: Where do you see your clients? The physical location of your meetings is important. Career coaches should set them up in a private, decent, and quiet place suitable for conversation.

#25: Will you help me clarify my goals? If your goals are not detailed and clear, you won’t know how to achieve them. If you need help doing this, your career coach should be there to help.

#26: What are the specific methods that you use? Career coaches should have a specific plan for helping you achieve your goals.

#27: What is your philosophy on being a good career coach? You can get a feel of what their outlook is by asking them this question.

#28: What will my typical day look like? You have the right to know what your day-to-day activities will look like. You can find this out easily by asking this question.

#29: What is your main goal for each of your clients? This answer may be different for each client, which is not a bad thing. The career coach should have some idea of a major goal he’d like to see accomplished in your case.

#30: How long will the process take? Career coaches give you an idea on how long you will be working with him.

#31: What problems do you consider a possibility? You should know how your career coach will handle things.

#32: How will you measure my progress? This is something your coach should be able to do with ease.

#33: Am I leaving out anything important? Career coaches should be able to fill in the blank so that nothing is forgotten or overlooked. There are numerous benefits in getting a business or career coach, and below are some of them.

Why Work with a Career Coach?

Why Work with a Career Coach?

#1: You become valuable to potential employers. Your knowledge and your skill set will both improve, making you a true value to your next employer.

#2: You can make better decisions regarding your career. More informed decisions can steer you on the right direction with the help of your career coach.

#3:  You learn skills that will help you grow and thrive in your career. These include hands-on skills that are invaluable.

#4: You will have a great resume. A career coach can help you develop a great-looking resume which will automatically allow you to add jobs that make it look even better.

#5: You can better prepare for interviews. The interview process can be tedious and difficult. A good career coach can help you ace it every time.

#6: You can change your career if you want to. If you are planning on an entirely new career, a good career coach can help you achieve it.

#7: Set goals and achieve those goals. Some people are not good at setting goals or going after them. A career coach will teach you everything you need to know to do both.

#8: It can help you for a lifetime. Career coaches don’t just prepare you for the present day; they teach you skills and knowledge that you need and which can help you for the rest of your life.

#9: You can build great connections. Career coaches teach you how to make connections and network. It is important in accomplishing your career goals.

#10: You gain self-confidence. Important to be successful in your career, which a career coach can help you with.

#11: You understand yourself better. Career coaches help you determine your strengths and weaknesses to help you know yourself well enough to move forward.

#12: It helps you move past obstacles or barriers. You can consult with a career coach for help to get past it.

#13: It helps your self-awareness. A career coach’s main job is to prepare you for the business world. They help you increase and develop your self-awareness.

Some Final Thoughts

Career coaches multiply their skills and knowledge base to help people move forward and be successful. They teach you specific, hands-on, very practical skills and help you figure out what you want out of your career. They work with you on a one-on-one basis. Their services are personalized to meet your needs.

Interviewing career coaches doesn’t have to be difficult. Determining what questions to ask isn’t difficult. The answers are imperative to get if you want to get the most out of your sessions. Their services are personalized to each client’s needs. You are guaranteed to get what you need every time.