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Most people tend to face difficulties in understanding similar areas or concepts. One such area is personal development vs personality development. The major reason for this is because most people aren’t aware of the differences between the two or where they apply.

The confusion also arises because of the fact that unlike professional development, both of these things apply to us in a very intimate manner. This means that there is more at stake here too because both areas make a huge difference in our sense of self.

So, knowing this fact, should you really be choosing between these two options here?

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When you look at them on the surface, personal development and personality development often get confused for the same things. This also means that people can even mistake personal development activities for personality development ones and vice versa.

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Making it Easier to Understand Personal Development and Personality Development

In layman terms, the difference between personal development and personality development can be explained in this sentence:

One changes the way we act, the other changes the way we are.

So, personality development changes the way we act and personal development changes the way we are.

Explained in this manner, it can still be a bit confusing so we’re going to take a closer look at personal development and personality development before you begin your journey. By taking the time to do this will only give you more insight and allow you to pick one field based on the benefits they offer.  

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What Does Personal Development Have to Offer?

When it comes to personal development, you might face confusion because it is a very broad term. It can also mean different things to different people, especially when it comes to their beliefs, cultural values, and even their own goals.

This means that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all rule book for people to invest in their personal development. Your personal goals can vary from the personal goals of someone else. This, in turn, will mean that your personal development path will be different.

The simplest way to look at personal development is to consider it the stepping stone that one faces towards their career or their other life goals.

Main Components of Personal Development

Another thing to note here is that personal development does not stop at a certain phase in your life, such as if you retire from your job. It’s a lifelong journey that focuses on improving your skill sets and helping you become the best version of yourself.

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Personal development also impacts the following core areas in a person:

  • Empowerment – This helps you know how to take action positively. It also makes us more likely to mentor and help others to achieve their personal goals.
  • Self Motivation – Having the will power or the drive they need in order to face adversity and meet the goal they have in their mind.
  • Meaning Or Purpose Of Life – All people have a purpose, a natural calling. Personal development makes it easier to find this natural call with ease.
  • Positivity In Attitude – With a positive attitude, you’re more likely to see all the opportunities in your life. Personal development allows you to foster this positivity and improve it.

With personal development, you’re going to start learning new things, have new goals to achieve and to work on throughout your life. Plus, the skill sets you learn will make a marked difference in your productivity, what you bring to the table and how you’re able to give back to your society or the community.

Another interesting thing to note here is that personal development is done to improve our own self-image or boost our self-esteem in our eyes. It’s personal. The sole person to benefit the most from your efforts here will be you.

What Does Personality Development Have to Offer?

Personality development is more focused on polishing, defining and refining your attributes. This is also why most people get confused as it is also a personal area. In fact, most personal development programs often encompass personality development.

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Compared to personal development, personality development also has a host of different things to offer to a person

Your personality is an important facet of development and also makes a marked difference in how other people perceive you. We generate a sense of wellness from the acceptance of our peers.

Personality development allows you to not only be accepted but to also stand out. Think back to all the people you have ever met. You might not remember their names but you do someone who was funny, odd or who was a leader in your eyes.

The Main Components of Personality Development

Since personality development focuses on how other people perceive us this means that you have to have qualities which people look for. From first impressions to the impact we make, this area focuses solely on making you more presentable and nice to other people.

Areas that most people focus on personality development include the following:

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  • Body Language Non-verbal communication plays a bigger role in personality development. Almost 55% of communication is related to body language, around 38% is related to your tone of voice and 7% depends upon the words that are spoken.
  • Personal Grooming – As mentioned, first impressions are decided immediately. Personality development can help you make a more reasonable and nicer impression. You can always put your best foot forward here.
  • Intelligence – Your IQ and EQ make a marked difference in how you’re able to communicate and work with others. If you’re not able to pick up on social cues and handle sensitive scenarios, you won’t be able to fit in well with others.
  • Communication Skills – Knowing how to communicate properly and effectively also makes a huge difference. Whether it is verbal communication or written, your communication skills will affect all your relationships.

The Similarities are Easy to See

As you can see, personality development makes a huge impact on our lives but it focuses on different areas. Looking at them comparatively, personal development is very different and distinct from personality development.

Certain activities are multi-faceted and can help you develop your personality and focus on personal development too

This is why you need to make sure that you’re focusing on both instead of picking one over the other. When you look at it as personal development vs personality development, you can end up getting a very myopic view of the whole encounter.

By pitting them against each other, you’re going to end up not only getting confused but also missing out on the crucial benefits that come with personality and personal development.

7 Activities That Can Help with Personal and Personality Development

Now that you know that personal and personality development are interlinked, you might be wondering which activities allow you to experience growth in this area.

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To help you out, the following are a few things that you should try. Even practicing them for a month each will allow you to expand your horizons and experience growth in a new manner:

1. Expanding Your Intelligence

Good for: Personal and personality development

It’s a good idea to start becoming more knowledgeable so that you’re able to communicate with people over a wide array of topics. The trick here is on learning in a shallow and wide manner. You’re going to be a Jack of all Trades, Master of None.

In this case, it means that you should read, get to know the basics of, and get a grasp of different topics. It will also help you to shape your perspective and you will know so much about so many different areas of a business or just life in general.  

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2. Overcoming Your Fear

Good for: Personal and personality development

Try to identify one fear that you have and work to overcome it. To make things easier, try to pick an option which isn’t very difficult for you. Make sure it has low risks so that you are more confident in trying to overcome it.

In this manner, you won’t have the fear of failure holding you back. Overcoming a low-risk fear might not seem like it is worthwhile but it honestly is. It boosts your self-esteem, gives you more confidence and teaches you how to undertake different challenges in your life.

3. Master A Skill

Good for: Personal and personality development

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Have you always envied a certain skill set in someone? It’s time to start mastering it. You’ll also end up training your brain to start mastering a single new quality. This will be extremely useful for you and start to expand your brain’s thinking ability.

Whether you’re just looking to learn knitting, want to start painting or even start yoga or dancing, start to take the classes you need to do. Even if you want to start learning how to become a blogger, you have to take the leap here and start somewhere.

Remember that even the professionals need to start from scratch so you shouldn’t worry about it.

Reading more can help you expand your mental horizons and develop your personality with ease

4. Read More

Good for: Personal and personality development

You might have heard people tell you to read more but this doesn’t mean just read more books in the same genre. There are so many books in so many different genres that you can really explore different areas and thought processes in this manner.

Additionally, you don’t have to just stick to fiction. There are plenty of non-fiction books available which can show you industry insight and show you a whole other world. Additionally, eBooks and audiobooks are also available that make it easier for you to read on the go!

5. Try to Mentor

Good for: Personal and personality development

Personal development doesn’t just focus on you. Remember, that it’s an empowering experience and you can always reach out and help others to accomplish all their goals, just like they helped you out. This can make a marked difference in your journey and also help to teach you leadership skills.

Mentoring programs allow you to connect with others who are also interested in personal development and personality development. It’s a great way to reach out, connect with and also increase your ability to communicate with others.

6. Build Something

Good for: Personal and personality development

This might feel silly but if you feel like you’re stuck in a rut or feel like you’re not moving forward in your life, it’s time to build something. This can be something physical like building a sculpture or something more in line with your goals such as starting a tech project or even making a new addition to your product line up.

Building something from scratch always gives us satisfaction, self-confidence and allows us to feel better about ourselves. When you start to build something, you get to exercise your mind and your body and also understand the small details that come together to create the bigger picture.

7. Reconnect and Be Grateful

Good for: Personal and personality development

At the end of the day, always remember to reconnect with your mentors, your family, and friends and be grateful for all the help and support you have gotten. Being grateful and having an attitude of thankfulness can also put a lot of things into perspective.

It also allows you to see the people who helped you along and to lift them up too as needed. Plus, if you are grateful for what you have, you will always be able to get more.

With the help of these activities, it is easy to see that you shouldn’t focus on personal development vs personality development. Instead, you should look at both of them together for a better understanding of these two areas and yourself as well.

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