Personal Development for Moms – 11 Ways to Achieve It

Personal Development For Moms

The importance of personal development for moms cannot be emphasized enough. Self care is an important part of motherhood. Mothers tend to nurture everyone around them but often neglect themselves in the process.

As a mom, do you remember the last time you did something for yourself? Chances are that you probably don’t and even if you do, it’s a good chance that it was a long time ago.

As much as you like to devote your time to your kids and family, you should also take some time out for your personal growth. A well rounded mother will be better equipped for taking care of her home and children.

Stages of Personal Development for Moms

1. Stagnancy

This stage represents absence of growth. The mother is not doing anything to practice self care or invest in self growth. This is just like a hamster running on a wheel. In other words, there’s a continuous movement but without a purpose or direction.

Stagnant moms don’t exercise, often don’t care about what they’re eating, hardly go out anywhere other than for work, and keep wearing the same clothes for more than a day. Consequently, they feel sad or depressed and without a reason.

The first step to getting out of this phase is by taking a moment to really look deep into yourself and your life. You will have to identify your issues and pick up areas where you wish to grow, whether that’s health, hobbies, spirituality, work or finances.

2. Integration

In this stage, you shift from knowing to doing. Therefore, it’s time to roll up sleeves and actually make things happen. As a result, moms now start making effort to move towards their identified goals.

Moving on from stagnancy to motion, doesn’t just require complete awareness about you personal goals, but also consistent effort to meet those goals.

3. Acceleration

The final stage of personal development for moms is that of acceleration. Mothers in this stage are consistently working towards achieving higher goals and moving faster towards everything they want out of their lives.

It’s important to keep in mind that going after your dreams is never selfish, even for a mom. You don’t have to give up on yourself just because you have children. In short, creating a balance is important. Moreover, your kids watch all that you do. You’re likely to inspire them when they see you reaching new heights.

11 Ways to Keep Enriching Yourself and Focus on Your Personal Growth as a Mom

Now that you know why personal development for moms is necessary, let’s look at some of the ways that can help you achieve it.

1. Plan Your Days Ahead

You already know just how much work you need to do every day. The best way to effectively manage it is to get into the habit of planning your days and weeks ahead.

Better time management will not only let you fulfill your responsibilities as a mom more effectively, but also give you time for yourself. Thus, you will gain greater control of your day to day activities rather than going crazy with the overwhelming workload. Furthermore, you will get out of the habit of procrastination.

2. Find Time to Exercise

Regular exercise is crucial for your physical and mental wellbeing as a mother. From picking up children several times a day to feeding them and taking care of the house, a mom’s job is highly demanding in terms of physical strength.

Thus, a daily workout routine even if it’s just walking can help you gain that energy and strength. Additionally, a little bit of workout every day keeps stress, depression and anxiety in check.

Although finding the time and energy for exercise amidst your daily responsibilities can be difficult, a simple 10-15 minutes workout can help you reap a number of health and emotional benefits. Along with that, setting small exercise goals and achieving them also boosts your self confidence.

3.Take Yourself out on a Date

All mothers should take out time to themselves even though their days are full of requests and demands from everyone. Every 10-12 days spend some ‘me time’ at your favorite spa, bookstore or go out for lunch or coffee with your friends.

Keep your social life active no matter how tough it gets. Not having anyone to go to or not talking about anything other than kids and family can lead to severe frustration.

4. Start a Hobby

Hobbies can bring you joy, help you break out of your normal routine and provide comfort in a hectic life. It’s time to remind yourself of a hobby you once loved. Alternatively, you can even start fresh with a new hobby.

It’s easy to lose yourself in the day to day routine of a mother’s life. So make a conscious effort to dedicate a few hours every week in pursuing your hobbies or anything that you enjoy. Reading books is one hobby that can have amazing effects on your personality and overall life. If you’re interested in reading some great personal development books for mothers, you can check this list.

Besides reading, there’s so much else you can do. From taking yoga classes or swimming to playing an instrument, painting, blogging or photography, the options are unlimited and everyone can find a way to enjoy themselves.

5. Learn Something New

No, we aren’t asking you to enroll yourself in a university. You can take smaller steps to get into the learning and improvement mode. Continuous learning forms the basis of personal development and self growth.

You can take an online class on a new skill that you wish to learn such as content writing. Likewise, you can think about something that you always wished to learn but never got a chance for it. It could be a new language, playing an instrument, a dance form or baking.

Learning a new thing is always an invigorating experience.

A good night’s sleep is essential for mothers to maintain their physical and mental health

6. Don’t Give up on Your Sleep

Prioritize your sleep because without a good night’s sleep you will not be able to give your best at anything. For this reason, sleep is important for your complete wellbeing.

Sleep deprivation can result in serious consequences. It can make you more prone to physical and mental diseases. Also, sleep plays a role in learning, memory and cognitive functioning so not getting enough sleep can hamper your daily activities.

Getting at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep will help you maintain good physical and mental health and allow you take better care of your children.

7. Pay Attention to What You Eat

As a mother you try to cram in so much in a day that you forget about little things that can have a huge impact on you. Most moms don’t care about what they’re putting inside their bodies. Sometimes it’s the leftover food from your child’s plate and other times it’s junk food.

Moms need to be as careful about their own diet as they are for their children’s. Your nutritional needs are constantly changing because of changes in your body such as during pregnancy, while breastfeeding etc. Therefore, you need to pay even more attention to what your body needs to stay healthy.

What you’re eating today can have a significant impact on your physical health sooner or later. So, include healthy and nutritious meals in your daily diet.

Include your children when planning for your personal growth activities

8. Blend Your Activities with Your Children

You can work out smarter ways to plan your daily activities by bringing in your children. Get creative with the things you need to accomplish by doing them together with your children.

Learning new skills and building healthy habits can be done as a team as well. You can take your children out in the park while you walk or learn how to play a new instrument with them. This way both of you can enjoy your time together, as well as, add to your individual learning and development.

When you’re choosing activities for your child, think of the ways you can care for yourself in the process.

9. Take a Vacation

Taking regular breaks from your routine is extremely important for you to keep carrying out your responsibilities in an effective manner. Ideally you should plan a kids-free weekend every once in a while. You can go for a short trip while your husband takes care of the kids or you can send your kids off to spend time with their grandparents.

In this way you will be able to devote uninterrupted time to your personal development. Also, you teach your children to be independent and responsible at an early age.

10. Encourage Extracurricular Activities in Children and Utilize the Away Time

It’s much easier to accomplish your personal goals while your children are at school. In the same way, you should encourage them to take part in extra-curricular activities whether it’s swimming classes or joining a drama club so that you have more time to yourself while your kids learn new skills.

11. Keep Your Healthcare in Check

There are too many stories out their where mothers have ignored their body signals while taking care of their homes and children, only to develop life threatening conditions in the end. Don’t be that woman!

Schedule your annual health checkups, medical tests and visit your healthcare provider as and when needed. It’s important to realize that your children don’t need a perfect mom, they need a healthy mom.

Too often the last person a mother makes time for is herself. With this article we hope to make you realize that being present for your children and family matters, but so do you!

As you give time to your personal development and growth, you will have more to offer to your children. Moreover, one day you would want your kids to do the same for themselves so the best thing you can do is to lead by example.