101 Must-Read Personal Development Blogs That Can Change Your Life

Personal Development Blogs

Personal development blogs are useful resources for finding and reading inspiring content. They can guide the readers to live a happier and more purposeful life.

Reading positive motivational content could be your first step to transforming yourself. Personal development blogs can help you with this and more.

They make you start questioning yourself leading to greater self-awareness. As a result, you’re directed to discovering your inner strength and passion.

In this article, we’ve listed down the top 101 personal development blogs that have some of the highest online traffic. That is a lot of blogs, despite there being thousands on the subject. If you can keep up with these 101 development blogs, you will be doing well.

If you follow their tips, techniques, methods and more importantly, their mindset, your personal development will soar.

So, without further ado, let’s start with the list.

1. Lifehack

Lifehack is an online platform to promote personal development

Leon Ho, the CEO and founder of Lifehack, started his blog in 2005 to share his personal life hacks that he uses to improve his productivity. It has now grown into a massive platform with millions of readers from all over the world. 

Leon Ho has partnered with global experts and contributors to further add to the value of his website. Lifehack covers a wide range of areas including health, happiness, relationships, motivation, parenting, and so much more.

2. Elite Daily

Elite Daily is a woman-focused blog with categories such as lifestyle, entertainment, and style

Owned by the Bustle Digital Group, Elite Daily is particularly focused on women. About 75% of their visitors are females and a vast majority of them belong to the ages between 18 and 34. Their focus categories include experiences, dating, news, style, and entertainment.

3. Tiny Buddha

Tiny Buddha focuses on spirituality and reflects on simple wisdom in life

As the name suggests, Tiny Buddha delves into spirituality and reflects on simple wisdom in life. It was founded by Lori Deschene to bring people together to share their ideas and techniques to help one another and form a meaningful community.

Mindfulness, happiness, change, and work fulfillment are some of the many topics it covers.

4. Zen Habits

Zen habits is all about simplicity, productivity and living life to the fullest

It’s owned by Leo Babauta who’s all about simplicity, productivity and enjoying life to the fullest. Zen Habits is aimed at helping its readers find mindfulness in the daily chaos of life.

5. Mind Body Green

The blog is founded by Jason Wachob who started it after he suffered from a serious back injury and went on to fully recovering himself only through yoga, meditation, and a wellness-oriented lifestyle.

Mind Body Green encourages readers to look after their personal health, wellness and development

So the idea behind Mind Body Green is that personal wellness and development lies in your mental, physical, spiritual and environmental wellbeing. From food to beauty to fitness, they have it all!

6. Darren Daily

Darren Daily is the go-to blog for entrepreneurs and those who wish to build successful careers

Darren Hardy has been a success mentor to CEOs and High achieving executives for over 25 years now. His blog, Darren Daily, is an excellent resource for entrepreneurs and people working in the corporate sector. It can help you find ways to build successful careers and explore your potential.

7. Greatist

Greatist offers science-backed articles to help you find everything that’s good for you

Founded by Derek Flanzraich, Greatist offers some great reads related to health, fitness, food, beauty, and life in general.

8. Best Kept Self

Best Kept Self is targeted at rejuvenating exhausted and overworked business owners

Founder and editor-in-chief, Shauna is one of the most influential businesswoman of her time. She created Best Kept Self to promote self-care among exhausted, busy and overwhelmed business owners so that they can rejuvenate themselves. It has three main focus areas which are health, look, and mind.

9. Gen Twenty

Gen Twenty can help you discover your true passion and inspire you to be your best

It’s one of those personal development blogs that will help you discover your true passion, your niche and help you tackle adulthood issues. Moreover, Gen twenty can get you connected with career driven and hard-working people in their 20s who will inspire and encourage you to be your best.

10. The Blissful Mind

The Blissful Mind helps to find meaning and balance in life by encouraging self-care and a positive mindset

The Blissful Mind is your go-to blog for developing a positive mindset, encouraging self-care, and enhancing your productivity. Creator, Catherine is dedicated to helping us find balance and meaning in life through her own experiences.

11. Think Simple Now

Think Simple Now provides real-life lessons to help you find inner clarity and fulfillment

Tina Su calls herself the Chief ‘Happiness’ Officer of Think Simple Now. She aims to help you find inner clarity and fulfillment through real-life lessons, as well as, epiphanies. The blog offers a variety of categories including communication, career, calmness, depression, gratitude, mindset, money, relationships to name a few.

12. Scott H. Young’s Blog

Read Scott H. Young’s blog to know how to learn and think better

Scott H. Young started writing this blog even before he reached his 20’s. You can read this blog if you want to learn about his tremendous journey. His blog focuses on career, productivity, habits, and learning.

13. Tim Ferriss’ Blog

Tim Ferris motivates and inspires entrepreneurs through his writings

Tim Ferriss is a renowned name in the entrepreneurial world. He’s got a number of bestselling books to his name such as the 4-Hour Work Week, Tools of Titans, and Tribe of Mentors. His blog is an extension to his books and is ranked number 1 on the Top 150 Management and Leadership Blogs list.

14. Becoming Minimalist

Josh Becker created this blog to highlight the importance of living a simple, minimalistic life. He emphasizes on clearing away the clutter from your life and focus on the more important things. So, if you believe in the idea of ‘less is more’, you should have a look at becoming minimalist.

This blog promotes the idea of minimalism and emphasizes on de-cluttering your life

15. Mark Manson’s Blog

Follow Mark Manson’s blog to get realistic and unconventional life advice

The bestselling author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***, Mark Manson gives unconventional, realistic advice in his self-help blog. It’s based on psychology and his own life experiences. Life choices, culture, relationships, and self-improvement are some of the topics that are covered in the blog.

16. Live Your Legend

When you align your true purpose to what you do, you make a positive impact on everything around you

Live Your Legend is committed to helping you find meaning and fulfillment in everything you do. The creator, Scott Dinsmore, believed that when you take time to figure out yourself, you find the most original version of you. By doing so, you do a huge favor to yourself and to those around you.

17. Impossible

If you want to challenge yourself and build mental toughness, this blog is for you

This personal development blog can encourage you to go out there and do something that you consider impossible. It aims to help people break the status quo and take up some challenges. Focus areas include fitness, adventure, and mindset.

18. Steven Aitchison’s Blog

Having a background in psychology and management, Steven Aitchison writes in his blog about how changing your mindset and thoughts can change your life. He touches on areas of business, health, personal development, lifestyle, psychology, and many more.

19. Nerd Fitness

Steve Kamb started this blog to make even the unhealthiest of people start their fitness journey. Not only that, the blog is also meant to help you build healthy habits, fix your mindset and change your life.

Follow Nerd Fitness to get in shape and live a healthy life today

Moreover, you’ll get to hear stories from normal men and women who followed Nerd Fitness to get in shape and live happier lives.

20. I Will Teach You to Be Rich

Learn ways to manage your personal finances and generate greater income with Ramit Sethi

Founder, Ramit Sethi, shares his findings and experiences with the world through his blog, I Will Teach You to Be Rich. The blog focuses on managing your personal finances in the most effective manner. Along with that, it also has some great advice on career and personal development.

21. The Good Men Project

Manage your finance with Ramit Sethi and get rich.

This blog is for the modern-day men who want to bring a change in their lives. The Good Men Project aims to connect its readers with a community of thinkers who are actively participating in a conversation about how men’s roles are transforming in today’s day and age. It tackles questions and issues that are most relevant to men’s lives.

22. The Positivity Blog

Develop a positive mindset to create a happy, simplified and productive life

This is a great blog if you wish to transform your life through developing positivity. It focuses on creating happiness, simplifying life and increasing your productivity with a positive mindset.

23. Brian Tracy’s Blog

Brain Tracy writes about a number of topics like time management, confidence, goal setting, public speaking, etc.

The CEO and Chairman of Brian Tracy International, Brian has written over 70 books and produced more than 300 audio and video learning programs. All of these focused on achieving your personal and business goals more efficiently. He has created this blog to further extend his personal and professional development works.

24. James Clear’s Blog

Get self-improvement and motivational tips supported by proven research

Through his blog, James Clear aims to motivate people to form good habits and learn how to break the bad ones. His writing is focused on building better habits, making better decisions, and living better lives.

25. Chris Kresser’s Blog

Live a healthy and rewarding life by changing your behaviors and lifestyle

This is a must-read blog for people going through chronic illnesses. Chris Kresser is a functional medicine practitioner who also works as a health coach. He has struggled with chronic illnesses himself. Through some major behavioral and lifestyle changes, he took control of his health to live a rewarding life. Through his blog, he wishes to help others going through the same.

But the blog isn’t limited to just dealing with illnesses. It also encourages people to eliminate unhealthy habits and live a life that’s focused on their physical and mental wellbeing.

26. Michael Hyatt’s Leadership Blog

Michael Hyatt covers categories such as leadership, productivity, tools, and technology

Through his own personal success stories, Michael Hyatt wants to help people win at work, build more confidence and succeed in life. Popular categories on his blog include leadership, productivity, tools and technology.

27. Keep Inspiring Me

Read this blog if you’re looking for continuous self improvement and want to push your limits

This blog is created for people who are looking to improve themselves and expand their boundaries. Keep Inspiring Me covers a broad range of areas such as productivity, relationships, success, and psychology. 

28. Marc and Angel Hack Life

Get inspiring life tips and advice from Marc and Angel as they blog about their stories and experiences

Marc and Angel Chernoff are professional coaches and bestselling authors. Forbes has recognized their blog to be the most popular personal development blog. Marc and Angel Hack Life gives its readers proven strategies to find long lasting happiness, peace and success.

29. Addicted 2 Success

Read this blog to get inspired from life-changing success stories and self-development advice

This blog has some great success advice for people of all ages and backgrounds. Blogger, author, and coach Joel Brown wants to empower and inspire people by sharing life-changing stories and self-development knowledge to the world.  

30. Pick the Brain

 Pick the Brain emphasizes on self education, personal productivity, motivation and health

Pick the Brain is all about growing oneself with a focus on self-education, personal productivity, motivation, and health. There are over 200 bloggers that contribute towards it, making Pick the Brain a strong global voice in the personal development space. It’s read in over 30 countries daily.

31. The Art of Manliness

Brett McKay created this blog to help men reach their potential and do well in every aspect of life

The Art of Manliness is a one-stop self-improvement resource for men created by Brett McKay. It covers aspects such as relationships, career, skills, lifestyle, wellness, etc. The content is focused on actionable advice that can help men grow in mind, body and spirit.

32. PsyBlog

Read PsyBlog if you want to know about how your mind works

Psychologist Jeremy Dean is the author of PsyBlog. His work provides insights about mental health, habit change, how the mind works, happiness, learning, and much more. All the material is backed by scientific research.

33. Chris Guillebeau’s Blog – the Art of Non Conformity

Chris Guillebeau shares his experiences and life lessons as he travels around the world

The author and publisher of this blog, Chris Guillebeau, is a travel enthusiast. He has traveled to more than 125 countries so far and his goal is to see all 192. He shares his experiences, unconventional strategies and life lessons throughout the journey. He wants to reach out to people who are always looking out for more in life.

34. Live Bold and Bloom

Follow this blog if you’re looking to make a measurable difference in your life

Live Bold and Bloom is for people who want to see a real, quantifiable change in their life. It’s not just about reading and hoping, rather it gives you scientifically supported, proven techniques to manage challenges and live a more fulfilling life.

35. Make It Happen

Make It Happen can help you improve all areas of your life to find true happiness

Creator Arvind Devalia wants you to embrace your uniqueness and focus on your remarkable qualities and talents. This blog will make you realize your true value so that you start living the life you dream of.

36. Brain Pickings

Follow Brain Pickings to lead a life of meaning and grow as a person

Through her blog, Maria Popova shares her own journey of self-growth in terms of creativity, intellectualism, and spirituality. Her work covers her diverse interests such as art, design, science, philosophy, and history among others.

37. The Un-Lost

Created by Therese Schwenkler, The Un-Lost is about being confident in yourself, finding a different perspective on your life and learning how to develop. It gives relevant and practical life advice to anyone and everyone who’s in the middle of a struggle. The blog covers the following categories: deal with suckiness, find work you love, love and relationships, and being awesome.

38. Marie Forleo’s Blog

Marie Forleo’s blog is all about learning how to get anything you want and build a life that you love

Marie Forleo is a successful entrepreneur, writer, and also a philanthropist. She has written a book, produced an award-winning TV show, and conducts top-class online programs for personal and professional training. Her blog inspires millions of people to build inner strength, override fears, and excel in every area of life.

39. Gretchen Rubin’s Blog

Read Gretchen’s blog to find out ways to live happier, healthier and more productive lives

Author of bestsellers like The Happiness Project, Better Than Before and Outer Order, Inner Calm, Gretchen Rubin shares insights, strategies and stories in her blog to enable people to understand themselves. She wants her readers to live happier, healthier and more productive lives.

40. The Quintessential Mind

Discover your truth to lead a more interesting life

Creator of The Quintessential Mind, Andrian, is an entrepreneur, self-growth enthusiast, and a blogger. The guy gives valuable and bold advice to improve ourselves. His work focuses on self-development, philosophy, culture, business, and psychology.

41. Dumb Little Man

Get simple and practical tips from Dumb Little Man

It’s a popular online blog that gives simple and practical life tips and hacks in order to help people simplify their lives, create happiness and achieve personal success.

42. Personal Excellence

Celestine Chua started her blog to guide people on how they can live their best lives

Celestine Chua founded Personal Excellence as a platform to guide people on how to become their best selves and live their best lives. She wishes to raise self-consciousness among people so that they can lead more purposeful lives.

She has some great content related to emotional mastery, goal achievement, relationships, productivity and more.

43. Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done can help you conquer your work life and grow as a professional

David Allen, the author of Getting Things Done, is considered a global authority in the areas of organizational and personal productivity. Through his work, he wants to instill confidence and clarity in individuals so as to enable higher performance, capacity, and innovation among them.

44. Develop Good Habits

Learn to embrace healthy habits with "Develop Good Habits."

Steve Scott, the person behind Develop Good Habits, firmly believes that the only way to change yourself is by setting realistic goals and developing daily habits that progress you towards those goals. With his blog, he wants to encourage people to make incremental improvements in their lives to create major life changes.

45. No Meat Athlete

A plant based diet can make you fitter, faster, and happier

If you’re looking to start your journey on becoming a vegetarian, this is the blog for you! No Meat Athlete will provide you everything from why you should be a vegetarian and to what you can do to become one.

You can find plant-based recipes, vegan tips, advice on how to transition and also some inspirational content to help you with your vegan journey.

46. The Start of Happiness

Brendan Baker encourages you to live a life where you can make a difference doing what you love

Brendan Baker’s The Start of Happiness is full of strategies and tools to start living happy and successful lives. You can get to discover your values and find out what’s stopping you from breaking out of your comfort zone.

47. Talent Development Resources

Read well-researched articles on a variety of topics that promote creativity and personal development

Providing inspiration for exploring your personal growth and creativity, Talent Development Resources is a gold mine of well-researched articles about various areas of human potential. There’s a multitude of categories available on the blog. Some of them include achievement, career, depression, creativity, meaning, and positive psychology.

48. Everyday Bright

Everyday Bright is all about designing a career for yourself that gives you happiness and fulfillment

Jennifer Greshem started this blog to help people gain clarity, commitment, and courage to follow their dream life. With this in mind, she gives valuable advice and tips through her blog. She wants her readers to create a fulfilling career for themselves by setting their priorities right. Everyday Bright covers creative thinking, designing your own career, job hunting hacks and defining success.

49. You Have a Calling

Living a life of passion and purpose is essential for reaching success

The founder of You Have a Calling, Joseph Wilner is a licensed therapist and life coach. Through his work, he wants to strengthen people to follow their dreams and do something significant. He can also help you address the challenges that come in the way of chasing your lifelong passions. 

50. Happier Human

Happier Human encourages you to develop positive psychology and live a happier life

Writer, Amit Amin shares details about happiness, its process of development, how you can adopt optimism in life, human behavior and much more on his blog, Happier Human. The blog also features articles from other personal development coaches and writers.

51. Brene Brown’s Blog

Develop the courage and passion to enrich your life both personally and professionally

Brene Brown is the author of a number of bestsellers, including her most recent, Dare to Lead. She is a research professor at the University of Houston.

The blog features articles related to her areas of research including courage, empathy, shame, and vulnerability.

52. Gary Vaynerchuk’s Blog

Gary encourages everyone to follow their passion rather than wasting their lives at 9-5 jobs.

In 2003, Gary Vaynerchuk used e-commerce and online marketing to grow his family’s wine retailing business from $3 million a year to $60 million a year. Today, he is a 5-time NYT bestselling author, digital marketer, angel investor, and an entrepreneur.

In his blog, Gary encourages people to become involved with entrepreneurship and use modern-day digital marketing and social media marketing techniques to increase their business’s revenue.

53. Penelope Trunk’s Blog

Get the best life and career advice with Penelope Trunk

Penelope Trunk gives some excellent tips and advice to advance your career. Her work covers areas such as entrepreneurship, freelancing, interviewing, journalism, networking, productivity, and so much more.

54. Be More with Less

Start your minimalism journey with Courtney Carver’s blog, Be More with Less

After being diagnosed with MS, Courtney Carver started living a minimalist, simple life. Through her blog, Be More with Less, she documents her minimalism journey to help others lead a simple life. She found immense stress relief with removing clutter from her life and wants people to experience the same.

55. Riskology

If you’re an introvert wanting to make a difference, follow Riskology today

Tyler Tervooren undertook a great initiative to help introverts grow into strong leaders. He provides training and writes articles to provide actionable guides for introverts. He wants the world to realize that introverts are a powerful force that can contribute to society in their own unique ways.

56. Purpose Fairy

Turn your wounds into your inner strength and learn to grow from them

Luminita Saviuc, founder and chief blogger at the Purpose Fairy, believes that happiness is a skill that anyone can cultivate. She shares about how she struggled with and overcame her traumatic past to inspire others. No matter what challenges you’re facing in life, PurposeFairy has something to brighten up everyone’s day.

57. Life after College

Live a life of greatness and purpose with Jenny Blake

Founded by author Jenny Blake, Life after College aims to push people to take great leaps and risks and change their life. She wants her readers to become the amazing, self-expressed, talented, and confident individuals they were meant to be!

58. Robin Sharma’s Blog

Learn about leadership and personal mastery with Robin Sharma

His books, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and The Leader Who Had No Title are international bestsellers that are helping people all around the world improve their lives. Robin Sharma continues his efforts with his blog that has a huge readership globally. Topics include creativity, peak productivity, building high-performance teams, growing a successful company and designing a life that makes history.

59. Bold and Determined

Get inspired by Victor Pride as he shares about what it takes to achieve greatness in life

Bold and Determined is a highly inspirational blog created by Victor Pride and the guy knows his work. He emphasizes on success, fulfillment, and victory to be the success ingredients behind every great man.

60. Jack Canfield

Follow Jack Canfield’s blog to maximize your potential and pursue your dreams

Jack Canfield is the originator of the famous Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Through his books, seminars, trainings, and blog he hopes to inspire millions of people all around the world to become high performing, results-oriented individuals. His coaching style and empowering energy have changed the life of many.

61. Steve Pavlina’s Blog

Steve Pavlina encourages you to define personal objectives, gather fresh learning experiences and keep improving

For Steve Pavlina, the ultimate growth driver is intelligence. He reads, researches, explores, and then shares meaningful insights on his blog to support people on the journey of self-improvement. Steve Pavlina is considered to be one of the most influential personal development bloggers in the world.

62. Science of People

Improve your interpersonal communication and leadership with Science of People

If you want to develop and improve your interpersonal skills, start following the Science of People today. Vanessa Van Edwards is the Lead Investigator at Science of People. She trains people to improve interpersonal communication and leadership. With her scientific knowledge about the personalities she explains how you can improve your communication with clients, customers, and colleagues.

63. Asian Efficiency

Anyone who’s interested in improving time management and productivity should start following Asian Efficiency. The website and training programs provide a number of useful tips, tricks, and techniques for getting things done in a smarter way and delivering maximum results within shorter time frames.

64. Success Consciousness

Gain practical information knowledge and tools to improve your lives

With Success Consciousness, Author Remez Sasson aims to provide practical information knowledge and tools to improve people’s lives and grow emotionally, materially, and mentally. The articles are meant for anyone who wants to be an achiever, expand their awareness and learn to develop inner powers. 

65. Project Life Mastery

Optimize all aspects of your life with Project life Mastery

Creator Stefan James is an online entrepreneur and a life and business coach. He wants readers to work on every area of their lives including health, fitness, emotions, mindset, spirituality, relationships, career and finances to take complete control of their lives. He gives honest self-development advice in his blog based on his own learning and experiences.

66. Early to Rise

Early to Rise guides you to live a richer and fuller life

Early to Rise provides science-supported systems and structures to help people become high performers by building both their wealth and their health.  The content available on the blog is well researched and supported with scientific evidence so that your time isn’t wasted.

67. Derek Sivers’ Blog

Read Derek Sivers blog to know about his unique life experiences and lessons

According to Sivers, his life has been optimized for creating and learning. And this is just what he wants for his readers. He wants people to keep learning, creating and growing. Moreover, his website is a testimony to his minimalist approach to life. It’s simple and to the point.

68. Actualized

Tap into your greatest potential and master your life with Actualized

Founder Leo Gura wants his audiences to be committed to self-mastery and self-actualization. His blog provides strategies, techniques, and tools that are great resources to guide you in this journey. They will help you unleash your full potential and find your true calling so you can make lasting improvements in your life.

69. Daring to Live Fully

Marelisa Fabrega teaches how to live your best life

Marelisa Fabrega is an entrepreneur and lawyer who wanted to identify, understand, and implement the elements that make up a great life. She created her blog, Daring to Live Fully as a means to share her findings with others so as to help them be more productive, positive and happier.

70. Brendon Burchard’s Blog

Brendon Burchard wants you to live a life that’s fully charged

Brendon Burchard is considered the world’s most followed personal growth and achievement trainer and leading high-performance coach. He’s the bestselling author of The Motivation Manifesto, The Charge, The Millionaire Messenger, Life’s Golden Ticket and High Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way.

Through his books, shows, training sessions and courses, he wants to help millions of people to feel more alive, fulfilled and productive.

71. Planet of Success

It’s the place to discover unique strategies to live a successful life

Steve Mueller created the Planet of Success as his personal blog back in 2010. At that time, the purpose was just to reflect on his own life. He soon made a mission to guide people in their personal development by providing unique, proven, and effective advice.

72. Robb Wolf’s Blog

Follow Robb Wolf to transform your physical well being and fitness and live a healthy life

If you’re looking for a useful health, diet, and fitness blog, you should start following Robb Wolf. His website has got some excellent tips, techniques, and guides for maintaining a healthy living. Whether you’re looking for advice on Paleolithic diet, weight loss, sleep or other fitness related topics, you’ll get it all in there and that too from experts.

73. Life Optimizer

Donald Latumahina can help you optimize every area of your life

The creator of Life Optimizer, Donald Latumahina, believes that there are aspects in our lives that can be made better and more effective than their current state. That’s the idea behind his blog. He writes to help people optimize every aspect of their lives and reach their full potential. Some of the categories include attitude, health, knowledge management, relationships, and thinking.

74. Adjusting to Adulthood

Get valuable advice that will help you through your journey of embracing adulthood

Owned by Kendra, Adjusting to Adulthood is dedicated to help youths in their 20s who are trying to figure out “adulting”. You can find incredibly inspiring material on personal development, productivity, managing finances, and self-care.

75. Wonder Forest

Learn from female business owners, writers, and creatives from all around the world

Wonder Forest is a creative brand developed by Dana Fox. It’s an online resource for creativity, inspiration and exploration for women all over the world. The best part about it is its diversity. It has collaborated with a number of female writers, entrepreneurs, and creatives who share tips, advice, strategies and much more.

76. Career Girl Daily

Get career inspiration and learn new ways to grow as a professional woman with Career Girl Daily

Career Girl is the perfect place for young women to get career-related advice and tips. It covers a vast variety of topics ranging from things like interview skills and business advice to fashion and beauty.

77. Good Life Zen

Learn creative ways to follow your passion and live the life of your dreams

Good Life Zen is a community created to inspire people to get a new take on life, find innovative ways to pursue your dreams and passion and become what you aspire to be. It covers categories such as happiness, wellness, personal growth, and productivity.

78. Self Leadership International

SLI collaborates with individuals and organizations to creating leading cultures

Self Leadership International’s mission is to create better leaders and team workers. Through their coaching, events, articles and other valuable resources, they aim to help people develop greater self-awareness and self-confidence in order to have a more positive influence. They’re working with several global organizations to enhance leadership competencies and employee engagement.

79. Stephen Guise’s Blog

Learn about measurable personal development strategies and solutions with Stephen Guise

Stephen Guise is all about providing people real, substantive solutions that guarantee results. For him, nothing is more motivating than taking action! He shares some winning personal development strategies in his blog based on his own experiences and supplemented with research. He also writes about his personal successes and failures in life to inspire his readers.

80. Ryan Holiday’s Blog

Ryan Holiday shares tips and tricks to help readers transform their lives

Ryan Holiday is an author, entrepreneur, and blogger. He started his blog as part of his self-education and development journey. His work includes topics such as self-awareness, learning, strategy, self-criticism, and life in general.

81. Skip Prichard’s Blog

Follow Skip Prichard to achieve your goals faster and reach new heights

A business leader and CEO by profession, Skip Prichard created this blog to share ideas, inspiration, and information from his personal experiences and from the people he reads and meets. His favorite topics are leadership, personal development, marketing, health, psychology, and motivation.

82. Motivation Grid

Motivation Grid is full of inspiring articles covering entrepreneurship, success, and productivity

Cris Nikolov, the founder of Motivation Grid wants to spread knowledge and positivity to the rest of the world by providing genuinely useful content. You should follow his blog to get your daily dose of motivation and positivity. The topics covered include entrepreneurship, productivity, success and lifestyle.

83. Everyday Power

Everyday Power aims to guide and encourage audiences to live a self-determined life

Through his blog, Everyday Power, Jeff Moore wants to reach out to millions all around the world to encourage them to go after their dreams, build more confidence and set life goals. His work is extremely motivational and inspires people to take action and start their journey of self-improvement.

84. Growth Guided

Read inspirational content to promote self-growth and get rid of your doubts and fears

Growth Guided was started by Kael Ranschaert. He believes that his life’s greatest achievements came as a result of people helping him through his doubts, fears, and challenges. This is now what he hopes to do for others through his web content.

You can find articles related to topics such as failure, mindset, motivation, health, leadership, and recovery. Additionally, if you’re a book lover, you will also find exciting book reviews here. 

85. The Dream Catcher

Seline Shenoy pushes you to live your dream life and make a difference

Seline Shenoy created The Dream Catcher for people who feel unsupported and unfulfilled. Through her work, she hopes to enable people to advance in their personal and professional lives.

If you feel blocked or unsure about taking steps to bring a significant change into your life, this is the blog for you.

86. The Emotion Machine

The Emotion Machine can help you take control of your mind and emotions

Author, motivation coach, and creator at the Emotion Machine, Steven Handel is dedicated to providing people with information, exercises, and other resources. It aims to help its readers improve their emotional wellbeing and increase their happiness.

The website has over 500 articles covering a wide range of subjects such as cognitive psychology, social psychology, positive psychology, mindfulness and emotional intelligence.

87. Brain Blogger

An award-winning health and science blog to promote mental health awareness

Brain blogger is a highly recognized health and science blog that’s owned by Dr. Shaheen Lakhan and run in collaboration with other healthcare professionals. Together they review the most recent and impactful research made in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, and healthcare. The goal is to help people become more aware of their mental health and wellbeing. 

88. Possibility of Change

Possibility of Change provides stories and inspiration to people who seek to create positive change in their lives

The owner and editor of Possibility of Change, Peter, started this blog to share his personal stories of and experiences of change. Soon he realized that there are so many people out there who have their own stories that need to be told. So he transformed his personal blog into a community of people who learn, share and get inspiration from change stories.

89. Location Rebel

Building a sustainable business that gives you the freedom of doing what you love

Sean Ogle started his blog, Location Rebel, to help people who are fed up with their jobs and wish to work for themselves. Location Rebel will guide you on how to build a small business that allows you to work from anywhere you want and is sustainable enough to keep your economic engine running. There are some really useful articles for people wanting to step into freelancing and making a career out of it.

90.  Finer Minds

Join Finer Minds to get the latest strategies and content on personal growth and improvement

Vishen Lakhiani, the founder of Mind Valley, started Finer Minds in 2007 as his personal blog. It soon grew into a large community with the same mission. That is, to share and absorb personal growth and to commit to continuously improve themselves and the world around them.

91. Success Magazine

Read on to learn ideas and opinions from the industry experts.

Established in 1897, the Success magazine focused on sharing ideas and strategies coming from industry experts and thought leaders to help people excel in every aspect of life. It offers the best business tips and ideas, inspiration from major personalities in business and entertainment, and encouragement to improve their body and mind.

As an extension of the magazine, the Success blog was created to deliver content faster and reach out to a wider audience all over the world.

92. Barking up the Wrong Tree

Get expert insights and science based information on how to be awesome at life

Eric Barker’s Barking up the Wrong Tree is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller. He created his blog with the same name to share science-based knowledge and expert insights on how to be great at everything you do. It has articles on various topics such as happiness, productivity, relationships, success, etc.

93. A Daring Adventure

Get unstuck to find more enjoyment and purpose in your life

Tim Brownson is a certified life coach who started A Daring Adventure to share his detailed personal growth and development experiences. He wants to help his readers who are stuck somewhere to stand up and take back control of their lives.

94. Blisspot

Join Blisspot to read useful personal development content shared by life experts

Blisspot is an online personal development platform that collectively shares ideas, knowledge and products in the space of self-awareness, improvement, and personal growth. Top categories include mindfulness, fitness, happiness, spirituality, emotional well-being, parenting, relationships and more.

95. Your Life Your Way

Inspiration, advice, and tips to enhance your courage and self-confidence

Tia Singh is the owner at Your Life Your Way. She wants her readers to live the life they want – not the life they should! You can explore inspirational content, stories, and interviews on her blog to feel motivated to bring a positive change in your life.

96. Aha! Now

Make your life better and happier with Harleena Singh

Harleena Sigh is a freelance writer and blogger who co-founded Aha!Now with her husband Vinay. Her blog has consistently been among the top personal development blogs every year.

At Aha! Now, you will find solutions to life problems and barriers. Moreover, you will be motivated to carry out some introspection and self-assessment to live a better and happier life.

97. Jodi Chapman’s Blog

Read Jodi Chapman’s blog to start thinking and feeling more positively

Jodi is an award-winning blogger, bestselling author, and a personal development expert. She’s also a certified Law of Attraction Practitioner. She believes that our thoughts eventually become our reality. Through her writing, she wants people to adopt optimism and keep their energies up.

98. Simple Mindfulness

Learn simple steps of using mindfulness to lead a more fulfilling life

Paige Oldham created Simple Mindfulness to guide people on how to become more mindful and improve their lives. She focuses on improving your relationships, taking care of your body, and effectively managing your finances.

99. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer’s Blog

A renowned name in the field of personal growth and self mastery

Affectionately called ‘the father of motivation’, Dr. Wayne Dyer was an internationally renowned author and speaker in the fields of self-development and spiritual growth. His website has a collection of articles written by him related to topics such as personal growth, healing, forgiveness, alignment, inner vision, health and many more.

100. Life Long Learner

Learn about Scott Britton’s inspiring life journey as he motivates you to never give up

Scott Britton discusses business development, fitness, life hacks, psychology and self-development in his blog, Life-Long Learner. He has seen many ups and down in his life and made a comeback like no other.

101. Run to the Finish

Amanda Brooks shares running tips, ideas, motivation, nutrition guide and much more

This is a great resource for runners who are looking for tips, ideas, motivation, expert interviews, recipes and much more. Creator, Amanda Brooks is a certified personal trainer and fitness blogger. She shares the latest research and information related to running and fitness in her blog Run to the Finish.

That was our list of some of the best personal development blogs available. We’ve tried our best to give you a variety of options to choose from.

So which ones are you going to follow? Tell us in the comments below.