Pay Per Lead Affiliate Network: The Platform Offering the Best Programs

Pay Per Lead Affiliate Network

Joining a pay per lead affiliate network is far more profitable than other alternatives for anyone looking to make money online and being successful in the long run.

Why? Well, simply because pay per lead (PPL) affiliate programs usually offer better rates.

Additionally, you can earn a commission (and even recurring commissions) if the lead converts into a sale.

However, the most appealing aspect of Pay Per Lead is the fact that you do not need to generate sales, but simply generate leads, e.g. if someone submits an email address, physical address, phone number etc.

Pay Per Lead Affiliate Marketing

A PPL affiliate program (pay per lead) is a form of advertising known as CPA. This means that instead of getting paid when someone makes a purchase, you get a commission for creating a ‘lead’ for the company.

Creating a lead usually means that your referral signs up for a free trial / newsletter, completes a survey form, downloads a certain file or software, or takes any other similar action that represents their interest in the goods or services being offered.

As of last year, a majority of businesses were paying their affiliates an average of $100 or more for every free lead created.

Awin affiliates alone earned a whopping total of $700+ million in just twelve months. Awin is the global affiliate network that acquired ShareASale.

Although it is not exclusively a pay per lead affiliate network, most of its programs are based on the PPL model. So, if you want to cash in a handsome amount of money through ad placement on your website, look no further than joining this world-renowned advertisement platform.

Here are the best pay per lead affiliate programs at Awin (or ShareASale) that you definitely need to sign up for.

National Debt Relief

National Debt Relief Affiliate Program

Lead Commission: $27.50 – $41 per lead

National Debt Relief is a New York-based debt relief program that will prove to be of immense help for you, as well as your site visitors.

Their team of accredited accountants deals with creditors to reduce high-interest rates and debts for their clients. By promoting their service as an affiliate, you can earn $27.50 or $41, depending on the type of lead generated.

Qualified leads for free debt relief quote (online form) help you earn $27.50, whereas if you encourage your site visitors to get in touch with the company’s representative on call, you can earn almost double the same amount.

American Debt Enders

American Debt Enders Affiliate Program

Lead Commission: $20 per lead

If you manage a website related to law enforcement or run a blog catering to financial matters, this pay per lead affiliate program is a good choice to consider.

American Debt Enders is a well-established firm that provides credit counseling to its customers. It operates in all fifty states and is dedicated to helping clients with a heavy debt burden (at least $5,000).

Generating a qualified lead for this business means that the prospective customer must fill out a registration form on their business website. The programs/services that you can advertise include the Pay Day Loan Relief Program, Non-Profit Debt Management Program, and Federal Student Loan Help.


Turnkey Affiliate Program

Lead Commission: $50 per lead

Turnkey is a vacation rental business that provides accommodation in some of the most desirable locations all across the country. They partner with site owners and tourists looking for luxurious yet affordable accommodations. Known for their exceptional customer service, Turnkey also helps its clients expand their listing visibility along with enabling them to convert inquiries into bookings.

You can promote their vacation rentals on your blog or website to benefit from their pay per lead affiliate program.


FreshBooks Affiliate Program

Lead Commission: $5 – $55 per lead

FreshBooks is a productivity tool designed exclusively for small-scale business owners. It is cloud-based accounting software that makes paperwork involving complex calculations as easy as 1, 2, 3. Used by over 10 million businesses all over the world, FreshBooks can help startup owners take their business to the next level by simplifying finance management for the company.

Join FreshBooks’ pay per lead affiliate program to tap into the golden opportunity of leveraging this product’s increasing popularity in your favor.

Any traffic directed from your website that results in free trial signup will help you earn $5 in lead commission. And if the user becomes a paid subscriber, you will receive $55 more.


MyFICO Affiliate Program

Lead Commission: $5 – $100 per lead

MyFICO is a renowned name in the credit management industry. The company prides itself on providing high-quality services when it comes to the FICO Score and its impact on finances at both the individual and organizational levels.

As a MyFICO affiliate partner, you can earn cash by promoting the company’s credit management solutions. However, to make the most of this affiliate program, you need to have proper knowledge of the related field.

The lead commission differs for different products. MyFICO offers a flat rate of $5, $10, and $100 for creating a user’s interest in buying 1 Bureau product, 3 Bureau products, and an annual 3 Bureau credit report, respectively.  

1st Class Medical

1st Class Medical Affiliate Program

Lead Commission: $20 per lead

1st Class Medical’s affiliate program gives you the opportunity to earn money merely by diverting more engage users to their site.

1st Class Medical is the largest distributor of breathing supplies for the sick and elderly. It specializes in selling portable oxygen concentrators for patients with certain respiratory conditions, such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).


Gusto Affiliate Program

Lead Commission: $25+ per lead

Gusto provides accounting solutions to startup owners in the US. Its payroll software handles this crucial side of the business so that managers can focus on other, more important matters. Gusto’s software is used by more than 60,000 businesses from different niches.

The great thing about this affiliate program is that it offers a generous 120-day cookie tracking length. That’s s considerably more than the average of 30-days offered by most programs in general.

Plus, you will also be entitled to special offers and other incentives by joining this program.


CreativeLive Affiliate Program

Lead Commission: $1 per lead

CreativeLive offers e-courses on a variety of topics related to skill development and mentorship. The courses are usually paid, but the site also offers a free course every week. If your referral signs up for the free course, you earn a dollar in lead generation. And if the person further registers for a paid course, you will earn 25% of the total cost as a sales commission (and 40% through sales from repeat customers).

Note that due to tax laws, this program is not available for affiliates residing in certain states, including Arizona, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, and Vermont.

The lead commission offered by CreativeLive might not be too lucrative. But since the site offers thousands of great courses that are especially useful for small business owners and the like, it’s easy to create numerous leads, and hence, increase the revenue multifold.

End Note

Joining a pay per lead affiliate program can be a great way to earn a lot of money in a relatively short period of time. These are some of the best programs offered by the leading pay per lead affiliate network, ShareASale.

Generating leads for these programs is easy. All you need is the basic knowledge of marketing and understanding the needs of customers in the particular niche that these programs target.

However, if you feel that you have the expertise it takes to earn even higher, then sign up at ShareASale to explore more advanced programs.