Personal development tools and techniques

23 Effective Personal Development Tools and Techniques

Personal development tools and techniques are the key to self improvement. They can help you take charge of your life by setting a positive direction.
Personal development for kids

Personal Development for Kids – 13 Tips That Parents Should Follow

Personal development for kids is just as necessary as providing them with good formal education. Parents and teachers are responsible to encourage positive personality traits...
Art of effective communication

Master the Art of Effective Communication with These 13 Simple Tips

The Art of effective communication!Communication is undoubtedly an art. It is the core of healthy and happy relationships, both personal and professional. We...
What is a Social Consequence

What is a Social Consequence? Taking a Closer Look at Social Consequences

Finding the answer to what is a social consequence isn’t easy. That’s because the answer is multi-faceted and complex that spreads through different areas of...
Controlled Motivation

Autonomous Versus Controlled Motivation: Everything You Need to Know

Many of the studies highlight the differences between autonomous motivation and controlled motivation.
Questions to Ask a Career Coach

33 Questions to Ask a Career Coach: Things You Need to Know

We highlighted 33 questions to ask a career coach that can help you determine if this person is right for you.
What is Peak Performance?

What Is Peak Performance & How Can You Achieve it?

If you’ve ever asked yourself what is peak performance?, the answer is really quite simple. Peak performance simply means giving a specific task 100% of your effort, energy, and physical strength.
Mental health skill building activities

57 Mental Health Skill Building Activities: They Are Easier Than You Think

Mental health skill building is very much a goal-directed service, and it is usually delivered by psychologists or psychiatrists who are trying to help people.
Personal Development in Adolescence

Understanding the Challenges of Personal Development in Adolescence

Focusing on personal development in adolescence is essential. It helps shape kids into the adults they grow up to be. Most parents often fail to...

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