iSpionage vs SEMrush – Choosing the Best Pay-Per-Click Analytics Tool

The Need for PPC Analytics Tools

As a beginner, the first thing you should know is what PPC analytics tools are and why they are needed. To be precise, these tools are spies that collect information on the strategies that worked or failed for your competitors.

Rather than wasting your resources by designing strategies and subjecting them to trial-and-error, you can simply use a PPC analytics tool and see what strategies have already failed for your competitors. This will help you rule out certain options, narrow down the choices you have, and make designing a custom strategy for your business a lot easier.

As the competition continues to get tougher, the need for effective advertising becomes important, too. Most businesses prefer not to experiment with advertising tools and start lagging behind their competitors. Instead, they make use of PPC analytics tools that greatly help them keep an eye on the keywords their competitors are using, as well as how much money they’re spending on their PPC campaigns.

The iSpionage vs SEMrush review below will take you in-depth into the different aspects of both tools. You can then use the tool that’s right for your business model.


iSpionage-Homepage Screen

iSpionage is a PPC analytics tool that uses long tail and customized keywords to bring targeted traffic to your website and increase your online visibility. Using this tool allows you to generate a greater amount of leads from the search engine results pages.

User Interface

The first thing that you will notice when you use iSpionage is that it is a very user-friendly tool. All you have to do is simply type the name of your competitor’s website on the homepage, and iSpionage will provide a report loaded with all the advertising strategies that your competitors are currently using. All the sections that deal with different aspects of your competitors’ advertising strategies are displayed as tabs at the top of your screen, and switching between them is seamless.

The user interface is extremely easy to navigate, and even if you’re using a PPC analytics tool for the first time, you won’t find iSpionage too difficult to get into.

Keyword Search Feature

Ispionage Keyword Search Feature Screen

If you’re looking for a tool that can show you the PPC keywords that your competitors are using, then iSpionage is the tool for you. If you know what keywords are responsible for reeling in traffic to your competitors’ websites, you can use this information to drive traffic to your website as well.

The PPC keyword report that iSpionage generates lists down all the keywords being used by your competitors in their advertisements. The report lists these keywords in order of their effectiveness in descending order. This list is called the Keyword Effectiveness Index – KEI. The KEI is calculated on the basis of two factors: the last time the keyword was seen and how long the keyword has been in use.

The length of time that your competitor has used a particular keyword is fairly important to consider because if a particular keyword is bringing in traffic to your competitor’s website and has been doing so for a long time, then the chances are that this particular keyword is incredibly effective when it comes to bringing in targeted traffic. If you haven’t been using that particular keyword, you can start using it to drive traffic to your website.

Ad Search Feature

iSpionage allows you to search for ads that your competitors are running. By analyzing the performance of these ads, you can incorporate similar strategies to improve your brand visibility and drive traffic to your website. The information that iSpionage lets you see from the top ads of your competitors includes the URL, headline, and description of the ads.

Just like the KEI, these ads are ranked in descending order in terms of their effectiveness. This ranking index is known as the AEI – the Ad Effectiveness Index.

Organic Keywords Report Feature

With the help of the organic keywords report, you can evaluate keywords that are generating the most traffic for your website. The pages of your website are ranked based on the number of keywords they rank for on Google’s search engine. For example, if a page of your website ranks for 80 keywords, it’ll be higher than another page on your website that ranks for fewer keywords.

What sets iSpionage apart from the others is that it lets you see the image of the ranking page. The information displayed includes the title of the page, the URL, as well as the description.

Competitor Comparison Feature

One of the best features of iSpionage is that it allows you to compare your own website with those of your competitors’. Using iSpionage, you can compare your website with 3 other sites. The report that is generated displays a line graph that highlights the PPC budget of these websites on average during the previous year. The line for each website is different in color to make it easy for you to identify the PPC budget of each website.

Apart from the PPC budgets of your competitors, you can also view how many organic keywords they’re using, their average position, etc.

Campaign Watch Feature

Ispionage Campaign Watch Feature Screen

If you want your business strategy to succeed, you need to automate it. The “campaign watch” feature that iSpionage offers is valuable for the same reason. Once you have set up a campaign watch for one of your competitors, iSpionage monitors any changes that occur in the digital marketing strategy of your competitor. With this, you can evaluate how your competitor’s digital strategy changes every week. The information is very clear and extremely easy to evaluate. iSpionage delivers this report to you every week to your inbox.


Ispionage Pricing Screen

iSpionage has four different packages; Starter, Professional, Advanced, and Enterprise. These packages are priced competitively with iSpionage’s competitors.

Starter Plan

The starter plan costs $59/month. It will cost you $49 if you pick a bi-annual plan. With this plan, you can enjoy all the features of competitor research. The starter plan gives you 10,000 data exports every day with 9 alerts about competitor keywords.

Professional Plan

The professional plan costs $99/month and $74/month if you opt for the bi-annual plan. With the professional plan, you get all the features that are listed in the starter plan in addition to 100,000 exports every day and 10 alerts about competitor keywords.

Advanced Plan

The advanced plan is priced at $299/month and costs you $149/month if you opt for a bi-annual plan. Other than the features that come with Starter and Professional plans, the advanced plan comes with unlimited data exports every day and 25 alerts for competitor keywords.

Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan is a customized plan; therefore, the cost is negotiable and variable. With the Enterprise plan, you get to avail all the campaign watch features, competitor research features, and an intelligence dashboard. You can decide which futures you want to keep and which features you don’t want to use. The price that you will have to pay for this plan will be decided according to what features you choose to keep.


SEMrush Homepage Screen

SEMrush is a PPC analytics tool that you can use to design and manage your digital marketing campaigns. It can be used to keep an eye on the traffic that is being driven to a website via multiple channels. With this information, you get insights into the different approaches that your competitors are taking.

SEMrush lets you know what’s generating traffic and keeping the audience engaged. This type of information will help you design your marketing strategy in a manner that enables you to appear higher in the Google search results and gain better SEO rankings.

SEMrush offers a number of tools that allow you to gain considerable leverage over your competitor.

SEMrush Competitor Analysis

SEMrush enables you to look into the SEO tactics your competitors are using. With SEMrush Competitor Analysis, you get to know more about the keywords that your competitors are using to drive traffic to their websites. Once you know what keywords they’re using, you can start incorporating them into your content to steal traffic from them and drive that traffic to your website.

The Competitor Analysis tool offered by SEMrush is more established than other PPC analytics tools that are available today. It not only helps you look up existing competitors but also up-coming ones that may catch you off-guard and throw a spanner in your digital marketing strategies.

It also lets you see what pace you’re growing at and what steps you can take to retain your existing pace of growth. With this tool, you can significantly improve your SEO plans and stay ahead of your competition.

SEMrush Strategic Advertising

With SEMrush Strategic Advertising, you can compare the marketing strategies that your competitors are using and compare them with your own. This will help you evaluate which of your competitors’ techniques are giving them considerable returns.

Expanded Social Media Research

One of the undeniable facts of marketing in the modern age is that a lot of consumers are coming in through social media. This is why it is extremely important for businesses to mark their presence on social media so that they can effectively target a specific market.

You can increase engagement and measure the performance of your business through your social media channels. Just with the help of social media analytics, you can evaluate what is working in favor of your competitors and what isn’t.

Likes, impressions, views, and discussions are what matter on social media. If you can find out what it is that is giving your competitor so many responses on social media, you can turn the tables in your favor. With increased social media engagement, your social media followers may become paying customers.

SEMrush Content Marketing

With the help of SEMrush, you can find out what internet communities are you popular with. With this information, you get to take advantage of any promotional opportunities that occur within any of these communities. This greatly helps you in broadening your reach.

SEMrush Content Marketing

SEMrush Content Marketing tells you what topics are ‘hot’ and generating the interest of your target audience. Once you know which topics are stirring up the most excitement, you will be able to target customers better through a message that is more relatable.

Other SEMrush Features

The list of SEMrush features that does not end with the features listed above. Other features that SEMrush provides its users include the following:

  • Position Ranking
  • Domain-specific ranking of keywords
  • AdSense
  • Crawl Audit Tools
  • Keyword Search
  • Backlinks
  • Organic Competitor Positions
  • Competitor rankings
  • SEMrush line graphs and pie chart
  • In-depth data of ad campaigns
  • Multiple site comparison
  • Advertising research
  • Organic research
  • Keyword metrics tracking


SEMrush Pricing Screen

SEMrush offers four different plans for its users. The plans are: Pro, Guru, Business, and Enterprise.

Pro Plan

The Pro plan is priced at $83/month if you subscribe for one year. This plan is specifically suitable for you if you own a startup or are a freelancer. You get insights into the marketing strategies of your competitors, their traffic sources, social media results, and rankings. In just $83/month, you get 28 advanced tools that are sure to help your business grow.

Guru Plan

The Guru plan costs $166/month on an annual subscription. It comes with pro features that offer you all you need for your small and medium-scale business. The features associated with the Guru plan are extended limits, historical data reports, and branded reports.

Business Plan

The Business plan has all the features of the Pro and Guru plans in addition to White Label reports, sharing options, and API access. This plan is priced at $333/month and is built specifically for companies that have an established e-commerce and online presence.

Enterprise Plan

The three plans discussed above are offered at a fixed rate. The Enterprise plan, which is the fourth plan offered by SEMrush, is a custom, flexible, and negotiable plan. It is most suitable for young companies as it allows you to select the features that you want to be a part of your plan.

Since it is a customized plan, the prices are not fixed and vary with the number and type of features you select. Among many things, some of the features offered in the Enterprise plan include the website crawling without any limits, onsite training, custom keyword databases, and many more.

iSpionage vs SEMrush

Now that you know about all the features of both iSpionage and SEMrush, choosing a winner between the two isn’t that hard. The number of features that SEMrush offers is way more than iSpionage.

SEMrush has much better customer support and a greater percentage of customer satisfaction. While both tools offer plans that can work for every type of business, SEMrush appears to be more advanced and well-equipped. Hence, SEMrush wins the iSpionage vs SEMrush competition.