39 Things That Demonstrate the Importance of Self-Discipline

Importance Of Self Discipline

Just the word “self discipline” can conjure up negative images in some people’s mind, but no one can underestimate the importance of self-discipline in their lives. Self-discipline greatly improves everyone’s life, and once you learn a few of the reasons why this is so, you can dive right into strengthening your own sense of self-discipline to help make every aspect of your life better.

What Is Self-Discipline, and Why Is it Important?

Self-discipline includes controlling your emotions, doing what is right even when bad temptations are around you, and overcoming your weaknesses so that you can get more done. It is a sense of self-control over a number of things. People need self-discipline in both their personal and their work lives, and it is important for the following reasons.

#1: You accomplish more. Whether it’s household tasks or your next business presentation, you are certain to get more done each and every day when you have more self-discipline in your life. This is perhaps its biggest benefit.

#2: Your work ethic improves. You simply are more honest at work and work harder while you’re there, resulting in much more productiveness. This is crucial not only for developing your self-confidence but also for helping you climb that corporate ladder a little faster.

#3: Your physical health improves. Self-discipline helps you feel better emotionally, which helps improve your physical health as well. Mind and body always work together, and practicing self-discipline is a great way to feel better both physically and psychologically.

#4: Your finances improve. This may sound like it doesn’t relate to self-discipline, but it does. When you’re more self-disciplined, you take better care of everything, including your finances. Self-discipline, therefore, can greatly increase how much money you have in your bank accounts.

#5: Life is plain easier when you’re self-disciplined. You have more control over the things that happen to you, which in turn makes your life a lot easier to deal with. If you want your life to become much easier, simply learn to become more self-disciplined.

#6: It greatly increases your self-confidence. This one isn’t hard to figure out, because you’re naturally going to feel more confident when you feel more control in your life. Self-discipline is always a great confidence booster for people!

#7: Negative emotions and occurrences are easier. When you have a high level of self-discipline, frustrations and even obstacles thrown in your way are much less taxing both physically and emotionally. You can handle even negative things without becoming too stressed.

#8: Even difficult goals become easier for you. Self-discipline makes nearly every aspect of your life much easier. Regardless of the goals you’ve set for yourself, better self-discipline increases the odds that you’re going to reach them.

#9: Success is easier for you. You cannot achieve success without being self-disciplined. Once you master this self-discipline, you’ll find success at every corner much faster and with much less effort on your part.

Self-Discipline Helps in Every Aspect of Your Life

Although many people don’t realize this, growing your self-discipline affects every aspect of your life in a good way. Below are some additional reasons why self-discipline is so important to a well-lived life.

#10: Your relationships with others will be more fulfilling. The importance of self-discipline can be seen in relationships because, quite simply, you can deal with all types of people much better. This means you’ll get along with more people than you did before, and all of your relationships will be much better.

#11: Your vision is clearer. No, not your eyesight, but your vision of the world and what you can contribute to it. You’ll be able to focus on things a lot better, and your ability to figure out what to do next will be strengthened.

Self-Discipline Helps in Every Aspect of Your Life

#12: You are a better human being. Everyone wants to be the best they can be, and in every aspect, self-discipline helps you become a better human being once it’s mastered. Knowing that you’re giving it your all makes you a more pleasant and giving human being every time, and this is exactly what self-discipline does for you.

#13: Your persona changes. Good self-discipline reflects who you are on the inside – your true character and soul. Because of this, you’ll be more grateful and forgiving, and other people will want to be around you much more than they did in the past.

#14: Your aura improves. Everyone has an aura, though most people cannot see it. There are negative and positive auras, and yours will become much more positive when you regularly practice self-discipline. Your entire personality is affected by this change – and always in a good way!

#15: Graciousness and gratitude increase. With better self-discipline, you will naturally become both more gracious and more grateful for everything around you. This is partly because you will be more relaxed and calm most of the time, which will naturally increase your gratitude towards things.

#16: You will believe in yourself more. It’s like a chain reaction. Self-discipline leads to more confidence in yourself, which leads to more productive work and personal life. This naturally results in you having more belief in yourself, which affects every part of your being.

Your Self-Discipline Affects Others

Your self-disciplined life is going to affect others as well. If you need additional reasons why self-discipline is such a fantastic goal, check out the following bits of information.

#17: You will be respected by others. When you’re a self-disciplined person, people will notice. They’ll admire you, look up to you, and even want to be like you. Self-discipline enables you to complete your next project much quicker, and this is something that people will respect you for.

People Will Respect You If You Have Self-Discipline

#18: It will help you stay more active. Again, feeling good physically goes hand-in-hand with feeling good emotionally. Being self-disciplined means, you’ll spend less time procrastinating and will get more done. This means you’ll have time to stay active and vital for many years to come.

#19: Your sense of self-control is much stronger. You’ll be more likely to avoid saying or doing something you’ll regret later. You won’t spend wasteful time getting tangled up in gossip or unhealthy social habits. You’ll be much better at spending your time productively because of this self-control.

#20: You’re going to have more time on your hands. Better self-discipline means you’ll get more things done in a shorter period of time, which will leave you with the time to relax and have some fun. This is something everyone deserves, and it demonstrates the true importance of self-discipline in a person’s life.

#21: You can prioritize better. Self-discipline is a close relative of good prioritization. Being able to prioritize items on your to-do list goes a long way to accomplishing those things. With the right amount of self-discipline, you can more easily prioritize everything you have to do so that nothing important is forgotten or overlooked.

#22: You experience much less guilt. Guilt is something everyone feels at one time or another, but those feelings of guilt can be reduced greatly when you’re a self-disciplined person. Self-disciplined people don’t have to feel guilty, because they know they are giving life their all every minute of every day.

#23: A sense of fulfillment. Not everyone feels fulfilled, but self-disciplined people can feel that way every single day. Fulfillment is just as great as it sounds and possibly better. Only self-disciplined people can feel this sense of fulfillment, and it comes from knowing you’re in control and accomplishing your goals.

#24: You can rely on yourself a lot more. Being self-reliant is a great feeling, and every self-disciplined person can experience it. Being in control and knowing that your life is in your hands and that your happiness doesn’t depend on other people is priceless.

Is Self-Discipline Really That Important?

In one word, yes. Without self-discipline, you will never accomplish your goals, which can make you feel dissatisfaction with almost everything. People get one chance at this thing called life, so you might as well make the most of it. Below are some other reasons for placing a lot of emphasis on self-discipline.

#25: You are the boss of your life. Since your moods and whims don’t control you, you can easily embrace good habits and dump the ones that are harmful. In fact, self-disciplined people even suffer much fewer incidents of addictive behavior, in part because they are the boss of what happens to them.

#26: You have higher standards than others. When you’re self-disciplined, you set high standards for yourself, which is what keeps you motivated. You don’t have low standards as many others do, and you feel good about living up to those high standards.

#27: You make better use of your time. You are a lot more efficient in everything you do when you are self-disciplined. Because you don’t waste time with things that are unimportant, the time you do have is tied up with things that are important in your life. Efficiency is a great by-product of self-discipline!

#28: You have more direction in your life. In short, you always know where you’re going with your life, so you never get the chance to become dissatisfied with it. A sense of direction is what a lot of unhappy people lack, but you’ll always know where you’re headed when you master self-discipline.

#29: You are aware of everything around you. Managing your time well gives you a much better sense of awareness about everything. You’ll notice people, situations, and feelings much easier when you have self-discipline because you never cease smelling the roses and appreciating everything.

#30: Your inner strength becomes stronger. You feel stronger about yourself and the world around you. This keeps you motivated and much less likely to second-guess the decisions you make. You never feel like a victim, but instead, you feel strong on the inside where it counts.

You Feel Stronger About Yourself If You Have Self-Discipline

#31: You have something to show for your life. This is one of the biggest benefits when it comes to the importance of self-discipline in your life because you’ll always be proud of what you’re doing. You never have to say “I don’t know” when someone asks what you’re doing with your life because there is always something there to show off to others.

#32: You become a much better decision maker. This includes everything from which person to hire at your company to where you would like to go for dinner. In both your personal and your professional life, you are able to make all of your decisions quicker and much better.

#33: You know yourself well. Many people do not know themselves very well, which affects their lives in a negative way. With self-discipline, you get to know yourself quite well because of that discipline, and it goes a long way in knowing exactly who you are.

#34: It opens up opportunities for you. People seldom grab an opportunity when they see it, but as a self-disciplined person, you’ll come across many more of these opportunities that you can grab and take advantage of. The opportunities seem to come around regularly when you’re a self-disciplined person.

#35: You’ll have much fewer regrets. Being self-disciplined results in better decisions, which means there will be fewer times when you are filled with regret. Nobody likes to regret their decisions, and even though it isn’t completely avoidable, it will happen to you much less often when you perfect your sense of self-discipline.

Starting Early Is a Great Idea

Teaching young people about self-discipline will greatly benefit them later in life. The sooner you can master the art of self-discipline, the sooner you can start living life to the fullest. Here are a few more of the great benefits of self-discipline:

#36: You have the ability to follow through on everything. Not following through on a goal means they likely won’t be accomplished. Self-disciplined people learn early how to follow through on their plans and, therefore, their goals are almost always met.

#37: You have the ability to see long term. Being self-disciplined means you might have to make some sacrifices, but they are always worth it in the end. When you accomplish your long-term goal, it feels very good, and you’ll know it was your top-notch self-discipline that brought you to that point.

#38: It gets you out of your comfort zone. Comfort zones can be dangerous, and they prevent you from setting goals and doing what you need to do to achieve those goals. Getting out of your comfort zone is a great byproduct of self-discipline, and it greatly increases the odds of accomplishing your goals and being successful in the end.

Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone

#39: It makes you feel younger! Self-discipline keeps you feeling young because you’re continuously accomplishing your goals, which is always an exciting feeling. Few things in life are more exciting than having the discipline to do what you set out to do, and it always keeps you feeling young on the inside!

Can Self-Discipline Be Improved?

Such as anything else in life, you can improve your level of self-discipline in many ways. Knowing the importance of self-discipline is likely to make you want it more, and there are things you can do to become better in this area of your life.

The most important step in learning to be more self-disciplined is knowing what you want. You can’t accomplish vague goals, so make sure your goals are detailed and that you know what it is you’re aiming for. You also have to make a promise to yourself, right there and then, that you are going to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals.

You also have to remember that goals aren’t usually accomplished quickly. They are accomplished with a series of small steps, so there is nothing wrong with starting small. After you reach a milestone, go ahead and reward yourself. It’ll make you feel good about what you’ve done so far, and will help keep you moving forward.

If you mess up a step or miss a deadline, take a small break then start again. When you’re working on those steps, you may also have to adjust your lifestyle to be successful, but it is always worth it in the end. Small changes in lifestyle go a long way in helping you reach your goals, whether it’s physical (for example, exercising more) or emotional (for example, thinking more positively).

In addition, becoming more self-disciplined involves:

  • Remove all temptations that can ruin your chances of success
  • Remember that self-discipline is a learned behavior, so give yourself some time
  • Keep everything simple
  • Create new, better habits along the way
  • Have a backup plan
  • Change your perception about willpower so that you can master it

The most important thing to remember about self-discipline is that it is something you have to concentrate on every day. In other words, each day presents a new opportunity to get one step closer to your goal. Having clear-cut goals and a solid execution plan helps, and the more you stick with it, the quicker self-discipline will become a regular part of your life.