15 Tips on How to Increase Your Social Status at School

How To Increase Your Social Status At School

Want to increase your social status at school but find it challenging? Here are tips on how to increase your social status at school or even college.

Being popular at school has its charm. Many students aspire to be popular and increase their social status at school. Many of them are successful in achieving this, but most of them struggle.

What is it that makes someone popular in school?

Is there a specific path to follow?

This post will talk all about how you can improve your popularity and social status at school.

Why Do You Want to be Popular?

First things first, you need to decide why you actually want to be popular. People want to be popular for different reasons. Some of them are searching for acceptance, some students are trying to reinvent themselves and others are looking for attention.

Whatever the reason may be, make sure that it is positive in nature and doesn’t consume you. After all, school is one of the best phases of your life. You cannot just spend all your time at school trying to increase your social status.

While it is completely okay to wish to be popular and try as much as you can, it is not the end of the world, if you don’t become as popular as you had hoped. You will get many more opportunities to be popular and stand out from the crowd. Just don’t give up.

Now that you know your motives, what can you do to become popular?

15 Tips on How to Increase Your Social Status at School Infographics

Tips on How to Increase Your Social Status at School

1. Be True to Yourself

Many students think that they have to change themselves in order to be popular.

But is that really necessary?

You don’t have to completely reinvent yourself or conform to societal norms to become popular. In fact, you just have to be the best version of yourself. You need to be self-aware, which will increase your confidence.

With more self-confidence, you will be able to approach more people. They will be drawn to you and your social anxiety will decrease. You will start becoming more interesting, passionate and adventurous. Thus, discover what you truly believe in and stick to your beliefs. You don’t have to change your personality entirely in a bid to increase your social status and popularity at school.

Make Friends with Popular People

2. Make Friends with Popular People

You must have some popular people at school. One way to climb up the social ladder at school is to become friends with popular people. People will start noticing you when they see you hanging out with popular people.

However, you don’t necessarily have to stick up for them even if they are going against your beliefs. Don’t be fake and only get in the groups that you think truly represent you. Don’t compromise your personal opinions and beliefs in exchange for a high social status at school. You may as well start a new trend that many others will follow.

Make good friends with popular people. Don’t just be there to increase your popularity. Work slowly and climb up the social status ladder.

3. Be Humble

There is nothing wrong in being humble even if you are trying to improve your popularity. Lighten up and don’t brag. Let them compliment you instead of asking for compliments yourself. Laugh at yourself when you make mistakes. Don’t broadcast your accomplishments. Be a little easy on yourself.

It is important to not rub your accomplishments in other people’s faces. It will only put them off and it won’t help you improve your popularity or social status at school.

Expand Your Social Circle to Increase Your Social Status

4. Expand Your Social Circle

You don’t have to just focus on being friends with the popular people. In fact, try to make as many friends as you can. There are so many people in your school that you can be friends with. You also won’t have to work too hard to make friends. Just be nice and they will want to hang out with you.

Your popularity in school will also be determined by how many friends you have. Therefore, be who you are and don’t try to be fake. Moreover, you don’t have to be friends with people in your grade only. Be friends with kids in grades below and above you.

Talk to kids who have different courses or belong to different teams. Don’t just stick to one group of friends. If you befriend other people, you will become a known face in the school. Another benefit of making a lot of friends is that you can figure out which group of friends you truly belong to. As your circle grows, so will your popularity and social status.

5. Work on Your Physical Appearance

Whether you like it or not, your physical appearance says a lot about your popularity. Work on your physical appearance if you want to be popular. However, this doesn’t mean that you start wearing branded clothes; it just means that you look presentable at all times.

Personal hygiene, hairstyle, outfit and your overall appearance matter a lot if you are trying to climb up the social status ladder. You can follow your own style, but make sure you look presentable and clean all the time.

– Don’t Judge or Bully Others

6. Don’t Judge or Bully Others

It is very important to be inclusive if you are trying to be popular in school. And one thing that will help you be inclusive is not judging or bullying anyone. Don’t tear others down in a bid to climb up the popularity ladder. You are going to win more attention if you are considerate.

Don’t judge people and help them when need be. Befriend them and avoid bullying anyone, no matter what. Be compassionate not only to your friends but also to people outside your group. When they see how caring and empathetic you are, they will want to be friends with you on their own terms. This will increase your popularity.

7. Join Clubs

Another way to improve your social status at school is to join clubs. You must know how popular the kids in these clubs are. Everyone knows about them. Choose and join any club that you have an interest in. It can be anything, from sports to dramatics or even the student council.

Clubs offer great experiences. They help you meet new people. More people start recognizing you when they hear your name whenever some event comes up. Don’t get into a club that you are not interested in as it will only make things difficult for you.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t try to get involved in every club that you come across. This will not only take up a lot of your time, but you might also come off as someone who likes to show off. And, you don’t want that.

Get Involved in Sports for a Status Boost

8. Get Involved in Sports

We all know how popular high school athletes are. Everyone knows about them and everyone wants to be in their group. Thus, getting into sports is also a great way to improve your popularity. When your popularity increases, so will your social status.

If you’re a girl and are not interested in sports, you may also consider joining the cheer-leading team. They are also very popular in school. Make sure you befriend as many people as you can while you are involved in these sports activities.

Playing or being involved in sports in any kind helps you make new friends. You also learn teamwork, which can be helpful for you in the coming years of your life. Furthermore, you will also remain physically fit when you play sports.

9. Go to Parties

You will attend some of the best parties when you’re in high school. Try to attend as many parties as you can. Find out who throws these parties and be friends with them. This way, you will be invited to all these parties where you’ll get to meet new people. Have fun and enjoy yourself, and people will automatically be drawn to you.

Drinking and doing drugs just to come off as cool is not going to work. Not only are both these things illegal, but you may also embarrass yourself when intoxicated. Therefore, it is best to remain sober and stay out of trouble. Other than this, you may have all the fun that you can at these parties.

Another thing that might hurt your reputation is trying to have pushed for forceful relations at parties just for the sake of popularity. Consent is also very important. A little mistake can go a long way in sabotaging your reputation and popularity. So, be careful.

10. Try New Things

Trying new things is not only an excellent way to meet more people, but it also develops more self-confidence.

Are your friends trying out a new restaurant? Go along.

Is there a new art class? Join it.

Learn to play an instrument. Hit the gym. Do whatever you find interesting.

Trying out new things will give you an opportunity to delve out of your comfort zone. And if you succeed in the new thing, you will come off as a popular person. Even if you don’t, you will develop a new friendship or discover a new hobby.

Be Genuine and Your Popularity Will Soar Among Your Peers

11. Be Genuine

As mentioned before, you don’t have to give up on your principles to increase your social status at school. In fact, you can achieve popularity even when you stick to your beliefs. Being cruel or mean to others will not make you popular.

Speak to others politely. Smile at them. Be nice to them.

If you are dating someone, make sure you are not doing it just to increase your social status. Don’t dump them trying to look cool. The more genuine you are, the higher the chances of becoming popular.

12. Dress the Right Way

Like we mentioned before, physical appearance does matter a lot. Take a look around and notice what the popular kids are wearing these days. You don’t have to copy them. Instead, put your unique twist to it.

In addition to wearing good clothes, also work on your personal hygiene. Buy a good deodorant and use it when going to school. Shower daily. Brush your teeth and use a mouthwash. Get a good haircut and brush your hair. Wear good shoes.

How to be popular in school entails all these things.

Use Social Media Wisely to Maintain Status

13. Use Social Media Wisely

The way you use your social media also determines how popular you will be at your school. Be witty and interesting on social media. Make your posts exciting. Upload pictures. Engage with others.

Find the right time to post. When do you think most of your contacts are online? This is the right time to post. Also, don’t post too much. If you keep flooding their feed, they will get bored of you and will lose interest. On the other hand, posting once or twice a week will keep them hooked.

Check-in to the places you visit. Take pictures and upload them. Don’t over-post on social media. Keep your selfies spontaneous and try to post a different thing each time. Posting countless pictures in a day can be annoying for your audience. Your pictures should show that you have an interesting life.

It is also important to follow people back. Like their photos and comment on their posts. Don’t come off as someone who only likes to get followers but doesn’t follow anyone.

14. Don’t Try Too Hard

Don’t come off looking too desperate. This is only going to decrease your chances of becoming popular. Instead, try to be as cool and natural as you can. Be a bit aloof. Make jokes. Talk to anyone you like and live on your own principles.

Don’t try too hard to be liked by a certain group of people. Some people are going to dislike you when you start improving your social status. Don’t worry about these people and continue living life like you always do. Don’t obsess over anyone or anything. Play it cool, and you’ll see yourself getting popular.

15. Confidence is the Key

No matter how hard you try, you will not be able to increase your social status at school unless you are confident. If you don’t feel too confident, don’t worry. Many people learn to be confident over time. Until then, learn to fake it.

Know that you are great. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. Don’t listen to bullies. Work your way up to the top and you will soon be one of the most popular kids in school.

These were some simple tips on how to increase your social status at school. Follow these tips and become popular at your school.