How to Find Hot Products to Sell on Amazon – Secret Codes Disclosed

How To Find Hot Products To Sell On Amazon

Selling products on Amazon is a great way to make money. However, what’s important is that you sell the right products.

And for that, you need to know how to find hot products to sell on Amazon.

It is a wise step to do your research before you leap into purchasing products to sell. Stocking up on products that people don’t want to buy won’t take you anywhere. This guide on how to find hot products to sell on Amazon is what you should read before taking that first step.

1. Amazon Market Research

Amazon market research involves finding out which products are ‘hot’ on Amazon. Hot products are basically those that are trending and people are purchasing the most. There are numerous ways of going about Amazon market research.

Best Sellers List

The hot products to sell on Amazon will, without a doubt, be the products that are already selling well on the platform. Amazon makes this whole discovery process really easy through its Best Sellers List.

All the products that are available for sale on Amazon are divided into different categories. Each category has a Best Sellers List that anyone can access. The Best Sellers List provides a lot of valuable data that will help you with your objective. This list has the top 100 products listed in each category, which will give you an idea of which products are selling well and will lead to the most sales when you start selling them.

Through the Best Sellers List, you can also find out which products among the best-sellers are gaining popularity and which ones are losing it. There is a small arrow against each product, which is either green or red in color. A green-colored arrow indicates that the popularity of the product is increasing. The red arrow, on the other hand, indicates a loss in popularity.

Once you know what the customer favorites are, you can simply look for a supplier that already manufactures the product. Add your private label on it and put it up for sale on Amazon.

This is the fastest and by far the easiest way to make money by selling on Amazon.

Best Sellers Rank

Just like the Best Sellers List, Amazon rates individual products too. If you are interested in selling a particular product that appears in Amazon’s Best Sellers List, you can check the rank of the product in that category. The higher the rank, the hotter it is.

The hotter a product is, the more demand it has in the market. A product with a high Best Sellers Rank (BSR) is a hot product to sell on Amazon, and it will get you the greatest profit.

Market Research Tools

If you want detailed information about the best selling products on Amazon, you can make use of certain market research tools for Amazon, such as Jungle Scout. These tools make finding hot products to sell on Amazon much easier. They will do the research work for you and provide all the valuable information that you need.

These tools dig beneath the surface to extract information that will help you discover new opportunities. Tools like Jungle Scout not only come up with the top-selling products on Amazon based on the search terms buyers are using, but also provide other useful information like:

  • Estimated sales of the listed products
  • The average sale price of a category
  • The number of reviews that a particular product receives on average
  • Estimated revenue that sellers are earning based on the sales metrics.

Using market research tools will give you a good idea of what you should expect from your selling experience on Amazon.

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2. Hot New Releases

Hot New Releases is yet another feature offered by Amazon that can help you find new hot products. It appears as a tab located to the right of the “Best Sellers” tab. The label on tab is “New Releases.”

Hot New Releases comprises of the products that have just been released for sale on Amazon and are already performing exceptionally well. It also includes future releases that are expected to sell well on Amazon. While the Best Sellers List is limited to current products that are selling well on Amazon, the Hot New Releases List also provides information on upcoming products that you can stock up on. Along with this, it also allows you to spot the sales trends of these products.

Keeping track of the new releases on Amazon is a great way to see which brand new products in your niche are performing well. The main advantage of selling new products on Amazon is that the market for these products isn’t already saturated, which means that you can get in early and make a good amount by selling these products. Being early also means that you can establish yourself as a trusted seller.

3. Movers and Shakers

The Best Sellers List provides information on the best selling products and their popularity trends. However, spotting and analyzing popularity trends is not always easy and intuitive. This is where the Movers and Shakers list on Amazon comes in.

The Movers and Shakers list is a list of all those products that have seen dramatic changes in their popularity ranking over 24 hours. This list is a great way to evaluate the popularity trends of the products in your niche. If a certain product has seen a considerable boost in its ranking, you should capitalize on its popularity and start selling it. When a product grabs your attention, you can monitor it for a few days. This will give you time to decide whether you want to sell it, or leave it because you think it might be a temporary trend.

Since the Movers and Shakers List provides excellent insight into the products that you might want to sell on Amazon, it should be used as a primary research tool when you’re looking for hot products to sell on the site.  

4. Most-Gifted

Knowing how to find hot products to sell on Amazon is one thing, but knowing when to sell them and how to capitalize on a particular occasion or time of year is what separates average sellers from successful ones. The Most-Gifted List on Amazon is an ideal tool for you if you are planning to sell holiday-related, seasonal, or specialty products. The Most-Gifted category is the list of products that are frequently ordered as gifts. This list includes all the products that have been shipped to one address but billed at a different address.

If you are interested in seasonal or specialty products, the Most-Gifted list is what you should survey. Products that appear in the Most-Gifted list sell like hotcakes, and therefore, are the ones you should consider selling on Amazon during particular seasons.

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5. Most-Wished For Products

All of you must have seen the option of ‘Add to Wish List’ on Amazon. These are the products that we either can’t afford, or we wish to purchase later on at some point. Amazon maintains a record of products that are most wished for. The best thing for sellers is that they can access this list!

The Most-Wished For list can be of great use to you as a seller. By looking at the products that are wished for the most, you can plan your sales strategy. There are many reasons why people keep these products in their wish lists rather than buying them outright; the biggest reason is money. If you offer these products at a more affordable price, people will jump at the opportunity to buy them from you.

Moreover, a lot of people add products to their wish list if it is not in-stock with a particular seller. You can take advantage of this information and stock these products. This way, as soon as people know that their desired products are available, they’ll rush to buy them!

Although Amazon makes the task somewhat manageable, finding hot products to sell on Amazon is definitely not easy. It takes a lot of time, effort, and concentration to gather data that you can use to design a plan of action. Moreover, research that you do will form the basis of the investment you make into these products. When you crack the secret of how to find hot products to sell on Amazon, you are basically cracking the code to becoming a successful seller on Amazon! The secret is simple – give the buyers what they want, and you are good to go!