Google Analytics Training Courses – 12 of the Best to Get You Started

Google Analytics Training Courses

Google Analytics training courses are great for startups and small business owners who may not know how to properly utilize this tool.

Even seasoned website owners may have missed out on some features that could change the way they market their products.

Why should people even bother with using Google Analytics and taking courses to learn how to use it?

Well, the tool is used by 13.2 million websites to collect data and create customized reports. It is designed to help marketers, affiliates, influencers, and bloggers to manage their accounts and keep an eye on their traffic. It is a great solution for companies because it has real-time reports and easy integration.

There are plenty of free and paid Google Analytics training courses that you can take to help you with the tool. These courses will also help you pass the Analytics certification exam if you are aiming to expand your skillset. These courses are suitable for beginners, intermediate students, and experts.

1. Google Analytics Training Courses by Google Academy

Google Academy Courses

Google Academy has a series of programs that individuals can use to learn more about the Google Analytics tool. It is designed for people who want to jumpstart their careers by fully utilizing the analytics system for their business.

This program will go through all the basic features you may need to expand your conversion rates. This includes analyzing basic reports, tracking codes, customizing reports, and setting up goals. There are also advanced classes that go into more sophisticated tools and analysis. This includes configurations, data collection, and processing. You can choose from many different types of topics, based on your needs.


  • No prior experience is needed to take advantage of this program
  • Instructors are experts at Google
  • Learn how to apply the techniques you learn during the classes
  • Improve your performance by making data-driven decisions
  • Learn at your own pace with flexible schedules

You can sign up for the Google Analytics training courses by Google Academy here.

2. Google Analytics Certification

Google Analytics Certification Courses

If you are planning on going for a job in the marketing, analytical, or consultant sector, this is one of the best Google Analytics training courses for you. It can help you pass the Google Analytics certification exam, which looks great on your resume. The course is full of guidance on how to pass the exam and learn the real-life application of the marketing tool.

The lectures include guidelines on the question pattern, marking criteria, practice tests, and more. The classes will teach you everything you may need to top the Google Analytics certification exam.


  • Get certification within days
  • Professional understanding of the application of techniques learned in the courses
  • Makes your CV more attractive
  • No prior experience is needed for the training courses
  • Includes 11 articles, 20 lectures, 2 resources, and 1 practice test

You can sign up for the Udemy Google Analytics training course here.

3. Google Analytics for Beginners

Google Analytics for Beginners Courses

The Google Analytics system is a really great tool, but some people may not even know where to start. If you’re completely new to the tool, there’s no need to worry. There are some Google Analytics training courses that are specifically designed for beginners. They have comprehensive lectures that cover the most basic concepts from scratch. This ensures that you can learn how to apply filters, load demo data, analyze data, and complete the necessary setup. You will also learn how to use real-time behavioral, acquisition and audience reports. This can help you track your marketing campaigns with ease.

The Google Analytics Course for Beginners helps you hit the ground running. They have every essential piece of knowledge to ensure that you can soon compete with the best in the game from the very start.


  • Learn how to complete the required configurations and installations
  • No prior knowledge is needed to take this class
  • Learn how to document data and insights
  • Get hands-on experience with Google Analytics
  • Learn how to track marketing campaigns with tagging tools
  • Includes 27 lectures, 3 articles, full lifetime access, and 1 downloadable resource

You can sign up for the Google Analytics training course for beginners here.

4. Ultimate Google Analytics Training Course

Ultimate Course for Google Analytics

This is one of the best Google Analytics training courses for people who want less definitional learning and more analytics. It teaches you how to properly use the tool and the data gained from it to drive your business to greater heights. The training course does teach you basic topics such as measurement work and metric definition. However, it moves on pretty quickly to more advanced techniques. This includes demographic data, UTM parameters, website traffic, optimization, and internet site search.

Individuals of any skill level can learn from this course and brush up on their skills.


  • Understand the complete application of the tool
  • Explore data reports
  • Gain the ability to understand the data and make the right decisions
  • Learn about complex analytical models
  • Includes 50 practical examples, 21 lectures, full lifetime access, and 3 downloadable resources
  • Comes with 100 quiz questions

You can sign up for this practical Ultimate Google Analytics training course here.

5. Free Google Analytics Training & Tutorials

Free Google Analytics Training & Tutorial Courses

This is one of the most famous Google Analytics training courses online right now. This is because it has an extensive set of lectures that you can choose from. The lectures cover almost every topic that you may need to expand your business. You start with basic information about SEO and other features that you can use to target a larger audience. Then, it moves on to more advanced concepts like site traffic, user behavior, and web analytics.

There are also plenty of tips on SEO and marketing that can help you increase your conversion rates. This will help you bring the right kind of traffic to your website so that you have a thriving marketing model. Out of the 450+ courses in this program, there are some that are more popular than others. This includes visualization, essential training, and the installation of tracking tags.


  • There are course guides on every aspect of the tool
  • The course has detailed explanations that will help you navigate through the user interface
  • Online or downloadable practice exercises
  • You can attend classes offline and on the go
  • Sections are available with chapter quizzes
  • 30-day access

You can sign up for the Free Google Analytics Training & Tutorials here.

6. Google Analytics Training Course for Conversion Rates

Google Analytics Course for Conversion Rates

Conversion rates are an important factor that you have to consider when you start your website. Converting the audience into paying clients is the only way to truly expand your business revenue. This training course teaches you how to attract traffic and then convert them into customers.

The course has guidelines for some of the lesser-known features of the analytics tool. You will be able to decipher the statistics in the reports easily. This will allow you to create a much more productive marketing campaign. This course is the perfect program for people who want insight on how to maximize their productivity on the internet.


  • Gain the ability to analyze marketing performance
  • Maximize marketing campaigns by optimizing ROI
  • Share, manage, and build custom reports for the team
  • Understand traffic and user behavior
  • Learn how to use top exit page reports to reduce bounce rates
  • Includes full lifetime access, 1 article, and 43 lectures

You can sign up for the Google Analytics training course for Conversion Rates here.

7. Google Analytics Training Course for Marketing

Course for Marketing

There are thousands of marketers in the game who are vying for the top ranks on the search engines. It is important to stay on top of your game so that you can be better than them. You will be able to increase your sales by mastering the Google Analytics tool through these courses. This will also help you decrease your marketing costs since this service is free to use.

The course will give you some tips and tricks on paid advertising campaigns as well. The instructors teach their students how advertisements can fit into the bigger picture. The course is relatable, quick, and insightful. It gives you a thorough rundown of how the tool works, and instructors often give personal advice that can come in handy. The lectures are educational but short so that you stay interested in them.


  • Starts with beginner-level lessons to get you up to speed with the user interface
  • Tips on common mistakes to avoid
  • Perform advanced tracking options
  • Uses case studies to teach real-world application
  • Boost sales with advanced tracking tools
  • Includes 26 lectures, 3 articles, 2 downloadable resources, and full lifetime access

You can sign up for the Google Analytics training course for marketing here.

8. Google Analytics Training Course for Certification

Course for Certification

This crash course is designed by Daragh Walsh to give you all the information you will need in under an hour. If you want to clear the Google Analytics certification exam, you will need to gain a professional understanding of the tool. This course is designed to reduce the study time you will need by half. More than 20,000 students have taken this course and have benefited from it.


  • Learn everything you need in under an hour
  • Comes with a practice test
  • Helps you pass the Google Analytics certification exam
  • Great for last-minute revision

You can sign up for this Google Analytics training course for Certification here.

9. The Complete Digital Marketing Course

Complete Digital Marketing Course

This is one of the most comprehensive Google Analytics training courses online. The program covers SEO, social media, analytics, email marketing, Adwords, and a lot more. This program was created by seasoned marketers, Rob Percival and Daragh Walsh. They have taught around 150,000+ students around the world. There are easy instructions on everything you could possibly need to set up a fruitful marketing career. This includes geo reporting, demographic behavior, setting up goals, and other important aspects. You will even learn how to figure out the best time to post something so that it reaches your audience.


  • Courses are available in multiple language subtitles
  • The program is regularly updated so that new upgrades are covered
  • Information from the beginner to the advanced level is available  
  • The amalgamation of 12 courses in 1
  • Includes full lifetime access, 3 articles, 23.5 hours of video lectures, and 4 downloadable resources

You can sign up for The Complete Digital Marketing Course here.

10. Google Tag Manager for Beginners

Google Tag Manager for Beginners Course

Google Analytics has several tools that you can use to expand your business. The Google Tag Manager is the perfect tool for market tracking and increasing your traffic. This course was designed by Julian Juenemann. More than 10,000 professionals have taken advantage of this class and learned the intricacies of this system.


  • You don’t need prior experience of Google Analytics to benefit from this course
  • Google Tag Manager can help you boost your audience tracking
  • The course is just 2 hours long

You can sign up for this course here.

11. Alison for Google Analytics

Alison Course

Google Analytics is essential for any marketer since it is one of the most popular tools for digital marketing. Alison recognizes this and has developed this course to teach you more about the marketing tool. It helps you learn more about the features of Google Analytics. This includes information on email marketing, social media, website SEO ranking, and more!


  • 56,000+ students have benefited from this course
  • Takes you to a more advanced skill level
  • Certification is available at the end of the course
  • Duration is just 1-2 hours

You can sign up for the Google Analytics training course by Alison here.

12. Online Marketing Institute’s Analytics Certification

Online Marketing Institute’s Course

Online Marketing Institute’s program gives you a deeper understanding of the Google Analytics tool. It teaches marketers how data should be approached. This enhances the real-life application of the tool. You will be able to learn how to operate its interface properly so that you can use it on the go.

You will also learn how to track audience and traffic data so that you can check your website’s conversation rates. Along with this, you will learn how to funnel the data so that you have a deeper understanding of how to operate your website.


  • Learn how to optimize your marketing campaigns
  • Get valuable business insights
  • Analyze the right data sets

You can sign up for the Online Marketing Institute’s Analytics Certification course here.

Google Analytics provides businesses with the much-needed intelligence that they need to take the world by storm. It is a free service that has been of immense use to consumers and companies around the world. Choosing any one of these Google Analytics training courses will ensure that you gain in-depth knowledge of the tool. This way, you’ll be able to use it for the benefit of your website!