GoDaddy eCommerce Hosting – A User-Friendly Website Platform

GoDaddy eCommerce Hosting

GoDaddy eCommerce Hosting is gaining popularity at an unprecedented rate.

After all, GoDaddy is one of the biggest web hosting providers, website builders and domain registrars in the United States.

The services of the company also allow online business owners to develop and design their own websites with tools that allow them to grow. This advanced hosting solution ensures that you get high traffic without the need for server management or server administrative skills.

In order to set foot in the online marketplace, you need a website that offers the best customer experience and performs well. GoDaddy will do this job for you.

Web hosting and designing is not an easy job; it requires a lot of time, effort and money. And while GoDaddy isn’t the cheapest option, it does guarantee store set-up, store-running and loads of customers that will boost sales.   

The expectations of customers with online stores are increasing more and more every day. They want the best online shopping experiences. According to a survey, customers wait for 3 seconds for a website to load, and if it takes 4, they may completely abandon it.

You wouldn’t want your customers to feel that way about your website, would you? GoDaddy eCommerce Hosting makes website building much easier for you. Here’s how.  

Why Do You Need An eCommerce Website Host?

For beginners who want to set up their online business websites, choosing the right eCommerce hosting provider is not to be taken lightly. Having a solid eCommerce hosting website will allow your customers to have a comfortable and smooth shopping experience.

Moreover, you will not have to manage the servers and administration once you give the job to professionals.

eCommerce website hosting helps beginners who want to set up their online stores

The point of an eCommerce website host is to not fall prey to the performance slowdowns and disappointed customers. GoDaddy eCommerce hosting allows beginners to overcome the complexities of competing with high-performance websites and build their own name.

eCommerce hosting gives you access to increased functionality and a webspace, which is basically a server to host your website. The server can be an email server or technical support. Paying a website host for your online website is also often the easier route for newbies trying to enter the eCommerce space. It becomes the host’s responsibility to bring you traffic and provide technical support.

Ecommerce hosting also brings together all the features and tools that you may need to establish the business website. Big eCommerce hosting platforms, such as GoDaddy, provide facilities to small businesses as they grow. Thus, having an eCommerce hosting website will make much of your work in the online space easier and less complex until you are ready to take the technical stuff in your own hands.   

Overview of How GoDaddy Works

Every small business owner’s goal is to grow. GoDaddy helps businesses achieve their goal by serving as the best eCommerce website host in the country. Additionally, the hosting website brings together all the necessary tools and techniques that are vital for resource-incentive, high-traffic websites.

GoDaddy is one of America’s top eCommerce hosting platforms

GoDaddy usually provides four different types of hosting, which are shared, VPN, dedicated and WordPress. In addition to these options, GoDaddy also offers some excellent features to improve your sales and boost customer experience. It takes away the hassle of building the website server and administering its performance.

GoDaddy doesn’t just host your website but it also offers website building and domain registration. It is, in fact, the largest platform that builds and registers websites as well as online marketing. So this means you only have to give in your idea and investment for our online business, and GoDaddy will prepare and design everything for you.

The extra services and features that GoDaddy has are difficult to number as it is undoubtedly the all-in-one website host and builder. Basically, it will fulfill all your internet needs.    

GoDaddy ranks amongst the top five web hosting platforms. It’s not the top-most one because the website isn’t always cheap, but it certainly has many features to offer that make it worth it. Nonetheless, beginners enjoy this experience as GoDaddy allows them to manage their domain easily with user-friendly features as well as get all their web hosting needs managed for them.

If you don’t understand the importance of GoDaddy yet, know that website building and hosting is not a piece of cake. Many new business owners will not even attempt it and blindly trust GoDaddy to do their job. It is the fastest way to get your online store started and running.

Key Features

Why choose GoDaddy eCommerce hosting from all the options that are available?

We have the answer for your concerns. These are some of the many key features that make GoDaddy different from the rest.

1. Multi-Purpose

The best part about GoDaddy is that it is multi-purpose. It offers you everything in one place. This means that as a new businessman in the marketplace, you don’t have to run to several different websites and platforms to get your website developed.

eCommerce website hosting, design and registration is not an easy task. All these steps take time and money. Moreover, it needs coordination and collaboration as your website designers must know which audience to attract and your web host must know where your website should be seen.

Hence, having a multi-purpose platform works well for small or new business owners. It ensures that you don’t need to hire multiple website developers to work on your business. They can give one developer the task and be carefree.

This saves a lot of time and builds trust levels. GoDaddy assigns a team to work for each website, which understands the needs of the business owner and works accordingly with them.   

2. Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI)

GoDaddy has introduced their new artificial design intelligence feature. This feature helps in creating a layout, uploading the products, and managing sales much more easily than ever. It uses the ADI system through which the information is fed in the system and the system plans the website designs itself.

ADI makes building an online store and managing your products a lot less complicated as you don’t have to do anything and you don’t have to keep monitoring or checking it. All you have to do is simply answer a few questions and then GoDaddy ADI will do the rest of the job.

Yes, the price of the ADI feature is high and can be difficult to operate at times as it is relatively new. But it is the future. Many other website hosts are also switching to the ADI feature owing to how practical it is.

3. User-Friendly

The ADI feature is the main reason why GoDaddy is so easy to use and understand, especially for beginners. Those who have little or no experience in website design and creation find it much easier to let GoDaddy do all their work by paying them a reasonable price.

With GoDaddy, anyone can start running online stores as it makes it fun and easy. Reviewers say that selling online was never as straight forward as it is with GoDaddy and its ADI feature.

Imagine having an idea for an online business and having someone else do all the designing and hosting tasks, and that too, efficiently; GoDaddy is that savior.

Another great thing about GoDaddy is just how easy it is to get started. Whether it’s the research for the website servers, how to place products, or how to reach your target audience, GoDaddy will tell you just the way to start.

You just have to follow the simple steps from the menu bar and answer the questions they ask you and you will be good to go. Choose the plan that you want, browse and pick the offers that seem the most relevant and promising for your business, and then go for the optional add-ons.

After selecting the package, set up your email, build a website and access the site’s cPanel. The cPanel is where you can file all of the details for your website including file storage and other statistics.

4. Sales Tools

GoDaddy eCommerce hosting is known to have the best range for sales tools that help you build a website efficiently and conveniently. The website builder works with different sales tools and provides additional features related to your sales. All these tools help in giving you a holistic view of your sales and boosting figures.

The dashboard is their best tool as it brings everything together and makes it easier to handle. This includes adding new products, creating marketing campaigns, sending emails and interacting with customers.

Furthermore, it allows you to add unlimited products to your store. You can also add multiple variants to products such as customizable sizes or colors for t-shirts.

You can also keep a tab on your users as GoDaddy offers in-built customer and revenue tracking as well as the management and analysis of your stock. GoDaddy will also allow you to coordinate with marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon and Etsy. You can manage those accounts through GoDaddy and keep your products, sales and inventory synced together.

GoDaddy also has many options for easy payments, transaction fees and shipping. Payments can be done through PayPal or any other payment processor that is affiliated with it. GoDaddy doesn’t charge any transaction fees such as for credit card transactions.  

It is also affiliated with many shipping carriers making it easier to ship products to customers. The sales tools make the whole process much less painful.

5. Help and Support

One of the key features that GoDaddy offers is its help and support system. If you have any problem with your GoDaddy eCommerce hosting experience, there are many official and unofficial ways you can take to resolve it.  

GoDaddy has top-notch 24/7 available customer support team and help center

GoDaddy’s knowledge center is the first place you should go to. You can search your question in their data and if there is an easy fix available for that, you can save time and get it directly from there.

However, if they don’t respond or have a solution to your issue, you can always call on their 24/7 helpline or live chat, which they reply to within 2 minutes. They also have a Twitter account to answer queries and provide support, which is also pretty active.   

The knowledge center and the helping guides tend to be slightly out of date so it’s always better to reach out to the live support or helpline for your issues. They will surely provide you with updated information.

6. Theme and Design

GoDaddy has many options for themes and design templates for up to 1500 different industries. GoDaddy generates a website for you and then it gives you the option to choose from 20 different themes.

GoDaddy offers several themes and design templates making it easy to choose

The themes and designs have hundreds of styles and layouts for websites. You can browse through them and pick the ones you like the most. The ADI system also recommends you suitable designs for your website making it easier for you.

The themes GoDaddy offers are all mobile-friendly so you don’t have to worry about that. There is also a preview option from where you can see how your selected theme looks on the desktop and on mobile.

7. Value for Money  

GoDaddy eCommerce hosting offers its Online Store Plan at $29.99 a month. For this price, you can get all the features mentioned above. Moreover, you can also go for the free trial option where you can try before you buy. With this, it becomes easier to make a decision and you don’t have to put your money where you don’t want to.

Compared to the other eCommerce hosting websites, GoDaddy is still offering a very reasonable price, especially for beginners. The best part is that it gives so many features and extra options. You are simply getting what you are paying for.

Are There Any Downsides?

While there are many key features that make GoDaddy eCommerce hosting the best amongst others, there are still downsides to its operations.

GoDaddy doesn’t offer many customization options, which may not work for many people. They have their own themes that work according to them. This may work for some people while some may want some change in the design. The themes and designs that they offer also can’t be changed once they are finalized. This means if you change your mind, you will have to start all over.

Secondly, GoDaddy doesn’t have collaboration with as many services and websites such as Shopify for example.

Final Verdict

GoDaddy, with its ADI feature, is way ahead of the trends of the industry. It is a great choice for hosting, designing and registering your online store. While some may find the price a little expensive, it is definitely worth all the features that it offers. The easy-to-use interface and customer support options make it one of the best in the United States.