Etsy Custom Wood Signs – 7 Ways To Up Your Game When Selling Them

Etsy Custom Wood Signs

Etsy custom wood signs are exotic handmade pieces that dominate a large chunk of the Etsy marketplace.

These unique, high-quality, customized wood signs quickly catch the eye of buyers. It is worth noting that the top reason why they are loved is that they are customizable.

These signs are lovable as they are perfect for homes, offices, or as gifts to friends and family. The trend of wood signs was much more popular in the 1970s and 1980s but they never really lost their significance. Today, wood signs are popular once again.

Etsy provides a platform for handmade goods and supplies, which allows the sellers to use their craft as a hobby or a business and reach out to the customers. Sellers on Etsy offer a wide range of wood signs with different specifications – all relative to how the seller adds their personal touch to it.

If you have an artistic side and know how to make customized wood signs, then you can make a great amount of money while sitting at home. The tools and equipment used for these custom wood signs can be set up at home. Many sellers invest in the equipment and earn great returns.

People love Etsy custom wood signs to hang outside or inside their homes but since that are customizable, they can be used for any purpose. They can be used as signs outside offices, shops, and studios or even as decorative items in rooms.

As a seller, all you need to do is focus on how to make your wood signs unique and charismatic – enough to allure the buyer towards your shop. Here are 7 ways in which you can up your game and make more money selling them.  

1. Do Your Research

When you start selling your custom wood signs on Etsy, do a thorough research of what people are looking for. On Etsy itself, you will find several shops selling wood signs. Before setting your products and prices, learn what the buyers are looking for – and then go the extra mile.

The key to earn more through your Etsy shop is to keep doing your research and find ways to innovate. Since Etsy is a place for buyers looking for artsy creations, they want innovation and unique products. Do what none of the others are doing – and then put a price on your uniqueness. This way you can make money by monopolizing the specific design.

2. Attract More Customers

What is that one main reason why buyers on Etsy will choose your custom wood signs out of the many options available. It is because you introduce them to new styles and designs while allowing them to express their own ideas too.

Whether it is jewelry, a notebook, a mobile phone cover, or a wood sign to hang outside your home, introduce new styles and designs for these wood signs, so buyers feel attracted towards them. At the same time, be open to the ideas that buyers bring to you.

It is a common belief that items for our homes or gifts for friends and family are even better when a personalized touch is added to them. Such gifts convey a strong message from the person giving the gift to the one receiving it. It says a lot about the relationship between the two people, making it even more special and memorable.

Giving your customers the liberty to slay their style on these Etsy custom wood signs will boost your sales and popularity. Your options on customized signs could include adding a favorite color, a favorite quote, name or initials, or any other design that the buyers think represents them.

Psychology of Personalized Items

Why selling personalized items is a great idea? According to a study, when people add a personal touch to their gifts or home items, it allows them to feel more fulfilled as they can fulfill their natural desire to control and limit the information overload.

Personalized items mean that they are getting something unique designed only for them instead of what everyone else is getting. This, in itself, makes them feel more in control of what they are buying and using in their homes.

Personalization is extremely important for consumers today on Etsy

It also gives them a chance to have control over what they want to engage with. The sense of control can sometimes be an illusion but it has a positive impact on lifestyles. It makes them want to be surrounded by the things, the colors, the characters, or the themes that they like.

These aspects contribute to healthier lifestyles in the long run. And basically, just makes them feel more special and, of course, in control.

Handmade products are exclusive and unique on Etsy

3. Be Crafty But Unique

No amount of technology and machines can take away the exclusivity of a handmade product. It is your craftsmanship that truly brings out the creativity, uniqueness, and specialness of the item. And you will still find plenty of customers ready to pay as much as you ask them for those products.

Most of the things today are mass-produced but Etsy allows you to find a market for your handmade products. While there is no harm in using mass-produced goods, handmade items matter because they have a more personal touch to them.

Artists make these handmade items from their hearts and add craftsmanship to it. Handmade wood signs are emotional and special to people. No matter how much they pay for a mass-produced item, it won’t be as special as a handmade item made by you.

Sellers on Etsy use their skills and create handmade items with joy and happiness. The best part is that these items cannot be duplicated. Hence, they are priceless!

4. Work on Reviews/Ratings

Etsy custom wood signs are popular because of their sellers. You get more orders based on customer reviews and ratings. So in order to boost your sales, you need to work on your reviews and ratings.

If you create a personal touch with your customer just as much as your personalized wood sign is, you will be able to make more money on it too.

Always remember to ask for feedback and ratings. Talk to your customer personally and ensure that all their queries are answered. This will help you build up positive reviews and star ratings for your shop; which will eventually pave your way to becoming a power seller on Etsy.

5. Offer a Great Deal of Variety

Since Etsy custom wood signs are a popular item, there are many sellers selling them. This makes the competition tougher. Hence, in order to up your game, offer a great deal of variety to your customers. Offer a diversified range of products so that whatever the customer is looking for, you have it!

Offer your Etsy custom wood signs in all kinds of colors, sizes, shapes, designs, and many other specified features according to the custom needs of buyers. The features that you can make available can be classified according to the following factors.  

Different types of wood are used according to the needs of the customer on Etsy

a. Types of Wood

Etsy custom wood signs can be made using different types of wood. It depends on what kind of wood you are comfortable working with. Natural types of wood available can be used for these signs such as plywood, cedar, redwood, etc. 

Plywood is an affordable option to use and one that is used in modern wood-making. For wood signs, plywood is considered to be a good option as it is easily available with a layer of fiberglass that makes it durable.

Cedar is the type of wood which is used by craftsmen as it is softer and easier to mold in shapes and cut into different sizes. Cedarwood is the best pick for hand carving and engraving. It is also durable, light-weighted and has a natural aroma.

Redwood is comparatively costlier than the other two types of wood but it has a natural color, is durable, and high-quality. It is for those customers who want their home signs to be long-lasting as redwood does not decay or rot and withholds weathering.    

b. Color

The different colors available can make the Etsy custom wood signs more attractive and can boost your sales. The wood can stay in its natural color or you can paint it. You can prepare the wood signs in different colors as per the customers’ requests. Natural wood color could be brown, light brown, dark brown, or black while any other color can also be painted on the wood sign. You can also allow your customers to choose the color for the words.

c. Size and Shape

Sellers on Etsy use different types of wood and technologies through which they give wood signs the customers’ favorite size and shape. While most customers want to keep their signs a plain rectangle, you can offer a wide range of shapes for wood signs including circle and even triangle. The exact measurements of the wood sign must be according to the customers’ requirements.

d. Designs

The design includes the way your customer wants their words to appear on the wood sign. This can be in printing form, engraving or carving by hand.

The most amazing way in which you can attract your customers is by playing with the wood designs. You can offer your customers a number of ways to incorporate a design onto the wood sign. They can also choose which technique they want.

6. Select Durable Materials to Sell

Wood signs were popular in the early times as wood was the most durable material to use outdoors. This remains one of the reasons why wood signs are still popular despite a variety of materials available now.

Wood is long-lasting and durable in all sorts of weather conditions. For outdoor home signs, wood is still the best option. Customers can also gift wood signs as a sign of long-lasting relationships and bonds.

7. Focus on the Aesthetic Touch

In addition to being strong and durable, wood is also a material that adds the classic touch. In early times, wood was one of the most expensive materials. Wealthy people used it in their homes. It still gives a classic touch, which is why wooden signs and frames have become increasingly popular. A classic wood sign can go with any theme in your home.

A wood sign will definitely add an aesthetic touch to any home or room with the beauty of unique craftsmanship. Use this to your advantage and show your customers how they’ll be able to increase the aesthetic appeal of their house by adding Etsy custom wood signs.

Wood signs are very much relevant today and this can be seen in the popularity of Etsy custom wood signs.              

Wood signs are considered to be fine gift choices for loved ones

8. Great for Gifts

Whether we are giving a gift or receiving one – we want it to be perfect!

Etsy custom wood signs are a popular gift item because of their uniqueness and craftsmanship. They can be the perfect gift for those who want to preserve their memories. When giving it as a gift, the wood sign can have a specific date, a quote, a saying, or the person’s name.

The gift will be classy, personal, and durable. Customers love picking unique gifts at Etsy.

Buy elegant custom-made wood signs from Etsy to gift to your loved ones.

Whether a friend has recently moved into a new house or bought a new home, Etsy custom wood signs are the perfect option. By adding a touch of personalization to the Etsy custom wood signs you sell, you can ensure that customers will be flocking to your online store.

9. Offer a Convenient Shopping Experience

In today’s dynamic world, everyone is looking for convenient ways to shop. If you are able to give your customer a good shopping experience, they will not only come back again and again but also recommend you to others; hence increasing your sales.

Etsy gives a unique shopping experience as it brings customers products that are not likely to be available in the market otherwise. Etsy gives you a chance to connect with the ones looking for artistic items for their homes.

The seller and the buyer both benefit from this shopping experience. The products are available at lower prices than high-class branded products since most sellers run businesses primarily as a hobby and for some extra cash.

Finding custom wood signs on Etsy is extremely easy and convenient

Etsy also provides a smooth shopping experience with its easy-to-operate website and responsive sellers. Be responsive, gather reviews and ratings and you can attract more customers while maintaining a good position in the Etsy marketplace.

You can talk to the customer directly which makes it even easier to give them the wood sign just like they want it. You can also negotiate the delivery process with them to enhance their experience.  

Etsy custom wood signs are, thus, popular for a reason. Sellers, with their uniqueness, come up with different variations to these items as competition subtly increases. You can also offer discounts and deals on your items to bring in more customers.