People are always told to follow their dreams but is there ever a time when it is better for you to forget about them instead? Experts say NO; dreams are what make life worth living. If you follow the thought process based on dream it – believe it – achieve it, you can achieve some pretty amazing things. Below are 37 tips to help make your dreams come true.

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It Is Never Too Late to Go After Your Dreams

Regardless of your age or what is going on in your life, it is always a good idea to go after what you want. Tips for accomplishing what you set out to do include:

1. Dream it. Make sure that you actually daydream about it and visualize yourself accomplishing your dream in the end. It doesn’t matter how big or difficult that dream is; the truth is that if you can’t dream about it and visualize it in your mind, it likely will never happen for you.

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2. See it. Again, in your mind, visualize yourself doing specific things such as driving an expensive car, taking an around-the-world cruise, or having a billion-dollar private jet. This is a little different than dreaming about it because actually seeing it in your mind requires that you be very specific about the actions going on in your head.

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3. Share it with others. Don’t be shy about sharing your dreams with other people. It may feel a little awkward at first but talking about it with others lends it much more legitimacy. It also helps you to believe it yourself because the more you verbalize your dreams, the more real it becomes to you.

4. Believe that you can accomplish it. Deep in your heart, you must believe that you can fulfill your dream, regardless of how long it will take. Dreaming big is also a good idea. Of course, you also have to be realistic about your dreams but dreaming big is always better than having a small, easy-to-accomplish dream.

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5. Work very hard from day one. Hard work is the only way that you’re going to accomplish your dreams so if you are content to sit on your sofa and watch your favorite TV shows all the time, it likely won’t happen for you. Work hard seven days a week and don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty.

6. Have a realistic plan to make it work. Regardless of what your dream is, you have to have a specific, point-by-point plan if it is ever going to become a reality. Written goals that are specific and that have a deadline work best but the most important point is to have a plan in the first place.

7. Enjoy the fruits of your labor. When you finally achieve your dream, make sure that you enjoy it. After all, you did it mostly on your own so you deserve to enjoy the results. Of course, you should also work hard to be generous and grateful but you have a right to thoroughly enjoy all of your accomplishments in the end.

Dreams Are for Those Who Believe

Truly believing with all your heart that your dreams can come true is always the best way to think. The motto “dream it – believe it – achieve it” didn’t happen by accident and you can accomplish your goals by following a few more simple tips.

8. Change your energy level and even your mindset. Once you determine the dream that you wish to fulfill, you have to change your energy level and your entire mindset so everything can match. In everything you say and do, you have to have your dreams at the center of it. You simply become a different person once you decide to go after your dreams.

9. Make sure that you never stop learning. Your dream is never going to become reality if you don’t learn all you can about it. You can read books, take classes, and even find a mentor if that’s what works best. The important thing is to never stop learning as much as you can about the dream that you are wanting to fulfill. If you do, your chances of success just got a lot slimmer.

10. Don’t be afraid to do something new, especially if it’s something that you’ve been afraid to do up to now. Everybody is afraid to get out of his or her comfort zone but most of the time, this is something that you’re going to have to do eventually if you want to accomplish something big. Just take a deep breath and go for it. You’ll never regret it.

Don't be afraid to do something new if you want to achieve your dream

11. Involve your very soul in the endeavor. Most people believe in a higher power or at least in their own soul so use this to your advantage. Tune in daily to the wisdom that is inside of you. If your “gut” tells you to do something, do it. Trust the inner voice deep inside of you to help you make the right decisions.

12. Keep the important things first and foremost. Never lose sight of what is important and make sure that those things are always front and center in your life. Know what is important and keep those things in the front of your mind all day, every day from now on.

13. Create a pictorial vision board. If you want to earn enough to stop buying store brands, clip out coupons of national brands and tape them to a large board. Cut out enough pictures to represent everything that you are dreaming about accomplishing and make sure that board is always close enough to view it every single day.

14. Check in with yourself regularly. On a regular basis, you should review your written plan and goals to revise or update as needed. Add or delete items and make sure that the plan is always up to date. Regular check-ins also help you stay on track and know where you are in your dream aspirations.

15. Try things that bring you back in alignment with nature because this will help clear your mind of things that may be causing you not to achieve the goals you set for yourself. Get rid of internal “clutter” and enjoy walks by yourself, listening to your favorite music, and reading your favorite books, among other things.

16. Stay focused at all times. Instead of focusing on why you may not be able to accomplish your dreams, concentrate on why making your dreams come true is a distinct possibility. Believe in magic. Believe that you have a purpose in life. Believe that your dream is going to come true one day.

17. Make sure that you love yourself as you love others. You have to think a lot of yourself if you’re going to believe that your dreams are possible. If anything is standing in the way of loving yourself, get rid of it. Work on it until you can let go of negative thoughts and learn to love yourself the way you deserve to.

When Your Dreams Are Extra Large

There is no such thing as dreaming too big and if your dreams are especially bold and aggressive, here are a few more tips to remember for making them come to life:

18. Don’t get discouraged when you don’t meet a goal. Your success plan is going to consist of many steps and if you mess up one of these steps, don’t despair. Just pick yourself up and move forward from there. This is the only way to ensure that your dreams will come true because everyone is going to mess up at some point. The important thing is to not let it discourage you from moving ahead.

19. Seek out solutions and assistance from those who have passion in the field. This can be in the form of a mentor but make sure that it is someone who is passionate about his or her work. You don’t want people who are “just ok” at their jobs. They have to be excited about their jobs as well because excitement is contagious.

20. Look at the big picture. Always keep your main goal in mind even though it is going to require many baby steps to get there. The adage “dream it – believe it – achieve it” is a realistic one but it also requires that you step back daily and look at the entire picture so you know what you’re aiming for at all times.

21. Pay no attention to the status quo. Remember that you are an individual and what works for someone else may not work for you. Know your strengths and weaknesses so you can use your best assets to achieve your goals. Make sure that you use innovation and creativity to devise the plan that will work best for you.

22. Associate with people who had to work hard to achieve their goals. Not everyone’s dream is going to come to him or her easily and with little effort. In fact, most people have to work very hard on their dreams for many years before they happen. Get help from people who are similar to you and you’ll get the best assistance out there.

Different People Have Different Dreams

Not all dreams are alike and neither are any dreams unimportant. Once you’ve found something to dream about, it’s the right thing for you. Achieving your dreams is a lot easier if you:

23. Get rid of your fear. It is amazing how much fear holds back most individuals from achieving their dreams. This is unnecessary. If you’re afraid, that’s all right, but don’t let it stop you from working hard to make your dreams come true. Fear should never be paralyzing.

24. Build a support system. Hang out with people who have dreams similar to yours because this will keep you motivated. Don’t hang around with people who feel that your dreams are dumb or impossible. Only be friends with those who believe that your dreams are possible and who encourage you every day.

Hang out with people who have dreams similar to yours

25. Learn from your mistakes. Mistakes are going to happen and in each one, there’s a valuable lesson to be learned. When you mess up, ask yourself what happened and what the lesson is from it. Afterward, forget about it and move forward from there.

26. Be active in the pursuit of your dreams. Always be involved in specific actions that are likely to bring you closer to your dream. Make everything you say and do about fulfilling those goals. Each step you take will bring you closer to fulfilling your dream and it is always worth it in the end.

27. Make your goals about you and no one else. Just because your dream isn’t as big as some other people’s dreams doesn’t mean that it isn’t important. Think about what’s important to you when developing these dreams and never let people sway you from it.

The Qualities You’ll Need

Of course, if you’re going to shoot for a dream, you should have certain qualities to help you achieve that dream. The following are some of those qualities, which can be developed at any time if you work at them.

28. Make sure that you have a “fire in your belly”. This means that you should have a burning desire to make your dream come true. It should consume you. It should excite you. If you don’t feel a fire in your soul when thinking about your dream, it may not be the dream for you.

29. Get started now. Once you’ve decided that you want a certain dream to come true, don’t wait until later to start working on that dream. Start working now because there’s no time like the present. In fact, from the moment you decide what you want your dream to be, you should be working on it diligently.

30. Have a positive attitude. Always think positively even on your bad days. You’ll be surprised how far a great attitude will go in making your dreams come true. In fact, positive thinking is going to help you in every aspect of your life and it will make fulfilling your dreams a lot easier to do.

Having a positive attitude is important in achieving your dreams

31. Make sacrifices but make time to relax. Sacrifices must be made if you want your dreams to come true but this doesn’t mean that you should be constantly working. You have to take time for yourself occasionally and relax some. Otherwise, you won’t be able to give as much of yourself when it’s time to get back to work.

32. When things get in the way, eliminate them. Don’t let hurdles get in your way and prevent you from making a dream come true. If something stands in your way, get rid of it. This is the only way to focus and keep your dream clearly in front of you.

33. Don’t just enjoy the end result; enjoy the journey itself! After all, one day you’ll have fulfilled your dream and will be able to look back on the ride that got you there. At that point, you’ll want to see that you enjoyed the ride as much as you have the fulfillment of the dream. After all, you deserve this!

Make up Your Mind to Do It

Of course, each tip for making your dreams come true is important and if the “dream it – believe it – achieve it” motto is what you live by, you’re likely already following the next steps mentioned.

34. Don’t play it safe. In other words, be aggressive. Don’t let anything stand in the way of being bold enough to work hard towards fulfilling your dreams. Remember that it is up to you and no one else. Only you can fulfill your dreams so go after them with everything you’ve got.

35. Take care of both your mind and your body. The mind-body connection is a serious one and it will do you a lot of good to nourish both of these areas so that you can work at your full capacity all the time. It’ll be worth it once that dream becomes a reality.

36. Make sure that you are consistent. Every day, work on doing the things you need to do to fulfill your dreams and don’t skip a day. Consistency is the key to fulfilling all of your dreams and you’ll be able to tell if it’s working because your small baby steps will start to become a reality.

37. Don’t be afraid to take risks. The risk is a part of all types of greatness and if you’re going to fulfill your dreams, especially the big ones, you’re going to have to take some risks to do so. Remember, a risk is not a negative thing and sometimes you simply have to take risks to make sure that a dream becomes a reality.

Nothing should keep you from fulfilling your dreams because everyone deserves that. Of course, it takes more than just concentrating on the suggestion “dream it – believe it – achieve it”; it also takes a lot of conscientious effort on your part. However, if you stick with it and concentrate on discipline and hard work, there is no reason why your dreams cannot become a reality.

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