Content Publishing Platforms [11 to Up Your Marketing Game]

Content Publishing Platforms

Blogging has become all the rage these days, but if you want to maximize on all the benefits that it has to offer, it’s essential to use content publishing platforms.

You might update your blog daily, write the best copy, share it on social media, and take similar measures to market your goods and services. Unfortunately, it might still not be enough to win you fame and fortune.

Given the fact that more than 4 million blog posts are published every day, it is quite obvious why you need to put in some extra effort to promote your business in the online world.

In simple words, your blog is just one place where your business might get noticed. Therefore, you must look beyond simply publishing your content on just your own website. And this is where content publishing platforms prove to be of immense help.

Content publishing platforms are specifically designed to help marketers increase their outreach and gain more exposure. They enable businesses to connect with potential buyers, build trust, and establish brand authority and credibility.

If you want to gain any real traction and ensure that your content marketing campaign yields the desired results, promoting your business on content publishing platforms is the perfect way to go about it.

Here are the top sites you can consider to help get your business noticed by more people.

1. Medium

Medium is one of the leading, if not the leading platform for content marketing. What makes it totally different from the rest is that it lets you republish pieces of content that have previously been published on your blog. This way, you can gain more followers to your blog without putting in any extra effort.


  • Effortlessly increase web traffic by reposting your old blogs
  • A really addictive and engaging platform that guarantees high views for the shared content
  • Customized feeds for users increase the success ratio for the call-to-action featured in your posts
  • Read, write, and share ideas on a variety of topics including technology, business, politics, sports, and so on
  • View traffic stats for the posts you share

2. Bloglovin’

Bloglovin’ Content Publishing Platform

Bloglovin’ is an excellent platform for writers and bloggers, as well as for marketers, business owners, and virtually anyone else in the content marketing industry. Here, users can discover new blogs and follow their favorite ones, all from a single dashboard. Download the app and register your blog to get started.


  • Helps you identify the top-performing posts so that you have a better idea of the type of content your audience wants to see
  • Search filter allows readers to find the best blogs that match their interests
  • Can be accessed through desktop computers as well as mobile devices

3. LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse Content Publishing Platform

Did you know you can post full-length articles on LinkedIn via its very own content publishing platform?

Well, now, you do.

Sharing content at LinkedIn Pulse works pretty much the same way as social media marketing, except that it’s a step ahead. LinkedIn filters the content for each user according to their particular interests. This way, users only see the posts that they actually want to see.

This, in turn, means that whatever you share on LinkedIn Pulse has a high chance of returning the desired results, since it is guaranteed to reach the perfect audience in the first go.


  • Share content with over 500 million users from various industries
  • Reach out to the top publishers, journalists, and influencers who can further promote your business
  • Top Posts section helps you attract massive traffic to your posts and thus, your website

4. Viral Content Bee

Viral Content Bee Content Publishing Platform

Viral Content Bee, as the name suggests, is a platform that helps your content go viral. It focuses on creating a buzz on different social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter, in order to drive more traffic to your site.

If you are looking for content publishing platforms to facilitate you in social media marketing, look no further than Viral Content Bee.


  • Puts your business in front of social media influencers who can take your marketing campaign to a whole new level
  • Grow your social media authority
  • Get rewarded for sharing interesting content with other users. The credits you earn can then be used to advertise your own business for free

5. LiveJournal

LiveJournal Content Publishing Platform

LiveJournal, as the name suggests, is a type of online journal where users can read and share content with each other. This includes real-life stories, suggestions, and answers to common everyday problems, especially those related to the corporate world.

Found a great guest posting site to increase your outreach, but it doesn’t let readers comment on the article? Want to write about an unconventional topic but fear it might lead to an adverse reaction on social media?

Posting on LiveJournal helps overcome all such problems because this platform combines the advantages of social media websites and blogs while bridging the gap between the two.


  • A journal-style platform that allows you to share ideas on virtually any topic
  • Simple and straightforward website layout makes it easy to connect with other members
  • Create private or public groups to control who can view your posts
  • Promote your products or services on a website that promotes creativity and freedom of speech

6. BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed Content Publishing Platform

BuzzFeed is an internet media company with a focus on news and entertainment. Its content publishing site aims to educate viewers on the latest happenings in various industries, while also bringing them fun and entertaining content at the same time.

Missing out on this omnipotent content marketing platform means that you miss out on reaching more than 650 million people across the globe!


  • Ideal platforms for publishing content on topics related to business, health, politics, technology, entertainment, and more
  • Advertise your brand on a platform that is visited by millions of readers each month
  • Boost your post’s visibility by linking it to the posts shared by influential BuzzFeed users and other famous bloggers

7. Quora

Quora Content Publishing Platform

Quora is one of the most renowned platforms for gaining and sharing knowledge. Designed in a question-and-answer format, this is a site where you can not only demonstrate your expertise in the given field but also gain ideas for writing the type of content that the potential customers want to learn more about.


  • Establish your brand’s authority by answering common questions asked by different people in your niche
  • Show your knowledge and skills by solving problems faced by others
  • Insert links to relevant pages on your website where readers can find more information
  • Get exposure on a site frequented by around 300 million people on a monthly basis

8. SlideShare

SlideShare Content Publishing Platform

SlideShare is the world’s biggest platform for creating and sharing presentations. From a content marketing point of view, you can leverage this website by summarizing your blog posts in the form of slides. Remember to use the appropriate keywords in both the title as well as the description of your presentation, so that it gets picked up by search engines.


  • Potential to gain new visitors from a leading website
  • The presentations can be embedded into your own website as well as the LinkedIn profile to gain more traction

9. BoredPanda

BoredPanda Content Publishing Platform

BoredPanda caters to content related to a vast variety of topics, including art, animals, tourism, photography, and various other types of entertainment. You can contribute your own posts and include a backlink to your blog at the end to attract more visitors.


  • Ideal for republishing old blogs
  • Helps you generate more traffic without investing too much time and effort

10. LovedThisPic

LovedThisPic Content Publishing Platform

LovedThisPic is a truly unique platform for content marketing. This is because it actually relies on the power of images for advertisement purposes. You can share captivating pictures, inspirational quotes, and other visual media related to different categories (business, fashion, technology, health and fitness, and more).


  • Leverage a content marketing platform that receives more than 6 million visits every month
  • Share the photos on other platforms and social media sites to improve the ranking

11. Zest

Zest Content Publishing Platform

Zest is a simple and easy to use tool for content promotion. It is basically an online platform where anyone can submit authentic content for others interested in reading the same. Zest features a community of active readers who are always on the lookout for great stuff. So, sharing content on this site means that customers eager to buy a product or service are bound to notice it.


  • Get extra exposure in a community of avid readers that include potential customers as well as professionals who could potentially be interested in your business
  • Gain inspiration from top-performing quality content to help boost your own blog posts

End Note

Sharing your posts on these content publishing platforms will not only drive more traffic to your site but also generate more leads, which, in turn, will increase your sales revenue and maximize profits. However, the key to remember is that in order to yield the desired results, the content itself must be unique, engaging, and in line with the target audience’s interests.