Best Productivity Software for Small Business Needs

Best Productivity Software For Small Business

If you’ve started up a new business, you already know how difficult it is to stay connected to your entire team at once.

Sooner or later, you will feel the need to incorporate the best productivity software for small business needs. If such a situation has already arisen, you’ve come to the right place.

Before launching into our list, it is important to understand what we mean by productivity. To be fair, your team’s productivity may be lacking in many different ways.

Maybe you’re not communicating with each other the way you should, or perhaps you have trouble managing your to-do lists. If not that, maybe your schedules are just not matching up! Whatever problem you’re facing, technology has your back.

This list is a combination of many different types of software that can come in handy when running a business. From project management to note-taking and social media management—these apps and software can make every task ten times easier. Have a peek at our list!

Project Management & Team Collaboration

Team Work

When running a business, you need to collaborate with your team members very closely. With regular apps, there are limited tools for team management and cooperation. Have a look at some of the most impressive apps for productivity on the project managing and team collaboration front.

1. Samepage

Samepage Team Software

With Samepage, you and your team can get the job done faster and more effectively. One of the reasons we consider it one of the best productivity software for small business needs is its many needs. It is an all-in-one office suite that helps the managers put out ideas for different projects, as well as have conversations with others in real-time.

Even if your team is located in different corners of the world, Samepage can offer myriad possibilities for connection.

2. Drag

If communication within the company is the main problem you want to solve, you can use the Drag app. It can be the best way to transform your email into a shared inbox for all team members. Through the Drag app, you can manage tasks and get things done with ease!

On top of that, the app is intuitive and user-friendly, which makes it a great marketing and project management platform for those who are new in the business.

3. Flock

Flock Collaboration Software

Flock is marketed as a flexible and adaptable team productivity software. Using Flock, you can increase your team’s focus and connectivity with immense ease—collaboration has never been so straightforward!

As a user of this software, you will see all kinds of collaborative and communicative tools to bring your team together on one table, even if you’re on separate continents. This real-time chat is a feature to be prized.

4. MeisterTask

MeisterTask manages your projects online, and lets your team collaborate and manage work – all the while giving you the chance to customize things your way. Users can create dashboards that provide a complete overview of all projects and notifications at a given time.

With MeisterTask, teams can collaborate in real-time and create an unlimited number of projects. Depending on what you need for your particular business needs, you can alter the dashboard as per your needs.

5. Trello

Trello Collaboration Software

Do you have an idea in mind that is difficult to communicate with others? Let Trello make things easier for you! Instead of verbally sharing your perspective, Trello’s boards, cards, and lists help you create a shared outlook that several people can contribute towards.

With Trello, you can organize your life in a fun and visually appealing way. Once you and your team get the hang of it, you can customize the software to fit your special requirements and style. Moreover, it can be connected and synced with tools like Google Drive!

6. Zoho Cliq

Zoho offers myriad features that can be used by managers and team members alike. It was a cloud-based communication system that includes team chats, audio conversations, and video calls. The file-sharing option is an essential addition that proves useful for group projects and other collaborative ventures.

With Zoho Cliq, all your teams can stay connected within themselves and with each other. Users can also integrate this software with other third-party platforms or storage apps.

7. TaskFeed

Taskfeed Collaboration Software

If you choose Taskfeed as a productivity tool, you’re in for some treats! For one, the impression Taskfeed gives off is extremely sophisticated and professional. It is not one of those half-baked apps that look like they haven’t been fine-tuned.

On top of bringing your teams, projects, and tasks together, Taskfeed also lets you do customer onboarding. This onboarding tool lets you communicate with the client, so they can directly keep track of their project.

8. Tameday

Working in a team without an app like Tameday in place is a bad idea. In fact, this one app, if incorporated, can save you the trouble of going to several different ones for your business needs. Tameday, on top of helping teams collaborate, also schedules your to-do lists, lets you assign tasks to different team members, and receive updates in real-time.

Instead of waiting ages for email replies, teams can use the Tameday built-in chat for instant communication. Last but not least, there’s an integrated calendar so you can see others’ availability.

Task Management

Although all the apps and software mentioned until now have been dedicated to project management, there are several that focus particularly on the task management aspect of team collaboration. Have a look at these successful productivity software for small business management.

9. Air Table

Air Table Task Software

If you need a remote, cloud-based management software that lets you plan your tasks, Air Table is the way to go. Air Table offers your features such as task scheduling, dashboards for tracking progress, color coding for project priority management, and file sharing.

With the free plan, you can create multiple bases. You can also use the mobile app and the team calendars for free! However, if you need more storage space and a revision history record, the premium version is worth buying.

10. Flowlu

Flowlu is also a cloud-based collaborative software that lets you manage everyday projects and tasks. With features like time tracking and task planning, not to mention collaborative file sharing, Flowlu proves to be extremely useful for small business needs. You can also go beyond task management with options such as invoice management and accounting.

The free version lets only two users create projects and share files, invoices and quotes. If you are a bigger team, you will have to get the paid version for advanced task features.

11. ClickUp

ClickUp Task Software

ClickUp calls itself the one app to replace them all, Lord of the Rings style. In business management terms, the claim is not so farfetched. This cloud-based software offers a task management solution that includes several other options. Whether you want to view the dashboard for all tasks, or you want to reorder and customize it in a personal way- ClickUp has your back! It offers Gantt charts for task planning.

12. Glip

With Glip, you can do all sorts of discussion boards with different team members, video conferencing with employees and clients alike, and an assisted document sharing.

If you have light task-management needs, or if you just want to try it out before spending money on it, the free version is a great option. It lets you create tasks, manage teams and their schedules, and communicate with unlimited people in a chatbox. For data retention and exporting compliance reports, you’d have to invest in the paid version.

13. Pipefy

Pipefy Task Software

Pipefy is a solution for project and workflow management in small businesses. You can get Kanban dashboards for interactive task presentation, workflow mapping, and task management all in one.

The free plan works fine if you want to create pipes and workflows using pre-loaded templates. For more custom systems, the premium features might be needed. You can get the mobile app for free too!

14. Samepage

Samepage has been mentioned before as a project management software. With its superior task management and assigning abilities, it can also do a great job in this department.

Note-Taking Apps

Even in our personal lives, there are a hundred and one notes to make on our devices. When it’s about managing a whole business, the notes quickly become chaotic! How do you increase your productivity and all the notes for a certain project in one place? The following apps can help.

15. Evernote

Evernote Note-Taking Software

Evernote is not only an amazing note-keeping app for personal use, but it is also an industry leader when it comes to business needs. It is not only beautifully-designed; it is also innovative and up-to-date. The Spaces feature, for instance, lets team members collaborate on campaign ideas or other projects.

The software gives you 60 MB of free monthly storage, but it runs out pretty fast if you have heavy images or videos to upload. Businesses can choose to get the premium features for a mere $46.99 annually. A free trial of the paid version can also be downloaded from the website.

16. OneNote

If there’s any app that comes close to Evernote in its design and simplicity, it has to be OneNote. A Microsoft creation, this app has 1TB of storage available, as well as direct access to other Office apps. For small businesses that have Office installed, the interface will be familiar and friendly. Whether you’re on mobile or pc, Windows or Mac, OneNote works just fine.

Fair warning: OneNote asks for OneDrive cloud access for certain features which can feel annoying.

17. Simplenote

Simplenote is really not as fancy as our previous two contenders. Still, it is an amazing collaborative app that saves the edits and versions of previous notes that you would have otherwise lost. A user-friendly slider makes it easy to see past notes and ideas that need clarification—or maybe your team needs a reminder. It is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and on the Web. And it’s mostly free to use!

18. Dropbox Paper

Dropbox Paper Collaborative Software

For those who work online, a Dropbox account is a must for storage. If your business team already has one, it would take one small step to bring in Dropbox Paper. With it, you can chat with your team members in real-time while a document is being edited. You can keep a close check on your team with this easy-to-use app. It’s available on multiple networks, which makes it super useful for all team members.

Schedule Management

Maybe you’ve chosen one of these software for your small business already. But there is one more area that needs discussion: A team of people working together needs to coordinate and manage their schedules too. Here are some of the best schedule management apps for your small business.

19. Asana

Asana Calendar App

Asana is one of the best productivity software for small business management. It lets you handle the scheduling part of the enterprise with immense ease and expertise. More than a shared calendar app, Asana lets you manage your team projects and tasks as well. On the ‘Timeline, you can see every part of every project and how they fit together, while letting you keep track of the changed. It allows up to a hundred integrations and comes in a handy app version!

Bad news: there’s no free plan, so you’ll have to take some monetary damage to the facilities.

20. Google Calendar

If you’re looking for an integrated online calendar that connects your team together, why not go for Google’s Calendar itself? Because it’s made by the giant itself, it can be integrated with a multitude of different G-Suite products. You can use Gmail, Drive, Sites, Hangouts, and Contacts to get the most out of your business calendar.

21. Calendly

Calendly is scheduling software that connects with your calendar to confirm your availability automatically. Without many back and forth emails, Calendly claims to shorten the scheduling time between two parties. You can also use it to reduce buffer time between meetings, and automatic time zone detection for clients in different countries. With its unique abilities, Calendly can quickly become a staple in your office.

22. Outlook

Outlook Calendar App

Many small companies use Microsoft Outlook as their default scheduling app. The familiar layout makes it easy to use for all employees regardless of their place in the company. The calendars are great for planning and collaborating. You can also determine each others’ availability way beforehand. Separate calendars can be set up for specific projects with different co-workers.

23. TeamUp

With TeamUp, you can make color-coded, shared calendars for any group of people to simplify and manage projects. Scheduling, organizing, and communicating all become easier with such creative options. You can also avail yourself of a three-day free trial to see if the app is suitable for you and your team.

24. Teamweek

Teamweek Calendar Software

Teamweek has several interesting options that other calendar apps overlook, such as team timelines, project roadmaps. With Teamweek, you can easily collaborate with your team and work around each others’ schedules. There’s a mobile app so you can use it on the go!

The premium plan costs $39 per month for a maximum of ten people and many interesting features.

Last Words

With these apps, team management and collaboration can become easy as breathing. No more missed appointments and no more excuses!

Running is a business is really no easy feat—and you need all the help you can get. With the different software and apps we have listed in several different categories, we are hoping that we’ve made it a little bit easier for you and your co-workers.