Amazon Affiliate Facebook Ads And Facebook’s Advertising Policy

Amazon Affiliate Facebook Ads

Amazon and Facebook are leading the market in their respective areas, but are Amazon affiliate Facebook ads a useful marketing tool?

Amazon affiliate links and Facebook ads are powerful tools independently. However, can the two be used together for a bigger impact?  

The Amazon affiliate program is one of the most popular and most commonly used affiliate programs. On the other hand, Facebook, being the social media giant that it is, offers benefits to its users in the form of paid Facebook ads.

When we talk about promoting Amazon affiliate links through Facebook ads, Amazon and Facebook have rather strict policies that make the whole process quite complicated.

Facebook advertisements are one of the best ways to generate traffic for your Amazon store. Unfortunately, Facebook does not allow you to promote affiliate links on your Facebook ads, which means that certain workarounds are necessary.

Facebook Ads

Individuals and business owners can run paid ads on Facebook. Since Facebook is the biggest social media platform, it is an ideal place to promote your brand and products. Before you can run ads on Facebook, though, you need to create a Facebook page and understand the social media platform’s policies.

Suspicious landing pages, redirects, and affiliate links can get you suspended and even banned from using the Facebook ad feature. In some cases, you can even be banned from using Facebook as a whole. Any ad that you submit is first reviewed by Facebook management. So, you can’t get away with any content that the Facebook Advertising Policy has prohibited.

Sharing Amazon Affiliate Links on Facebook Profiles

The terms and conditions of Facebook change frequently, which means that you constantly need to stay updated with Facebook’s policies. Facebook allows you to post affiliate links on both your business profiles and personal profiles. The terms of both Facebook and Amazon Associates allow this much. In fact, sharing a post with an Amazon affiliate link from your business profile to a personal Facebook profile is one of the most common ways through which business owners generate traffic.

Facebook requires full disclosure from its users in terms of affiliate marketing. This means that if you’re sharing an affiliate link on your profile, business or personal, you need to clearly mention that the link that you have shared is an affiliate link and if a viewer clicks on it, you will get paid for it.

Sharing Amazon Affiliate Links in Facebook Ads

Facebook allows you to share Amazon affiliate links on your profile, but it does not allow you to promote them through Facebook ads. This means that Facebook will reject any ad requests that contain an affiliate link or a Facebook post containing an affiliate link.

Facebook allows its users to promote a product that’s on their own website or Amazon store (Straight to Amazon Ads) but does not allow users to market a product for a third party (affiliate marketing).

Promoting Affiliate Links on Facebook

When we talk about promoting affiliate links on Facebook, there are two possible approaches; direct and indirect.

Direct Affiliate Marketing Approach

The direct affiliate marketing approach involves the promotion of products or services in Facebook posts. You create a Facebook page, post about the product, and include a link that will take viewers directly to Amazon.

Indirect Affiliate Marketing Approach

The indirect affiliate marketing approach takes your Facebook page visitors to your website or blog instead of Amazon. You create a post on your Facebook page and include a link to your website where you have placed an Amazon affiliate link. If the landing page (your website) is attractive and engaging enough, the visitor will click on the Amazon affiliate link and will be directed to the product on Amazon.

Making Money with Affiliate Marketing on Facebook

Now that you know that Amazon affiliate Facebook ads are not possible, you should look at the other side of the coin. There are other ways to market affiliate products on Facebook; ways that don’t involve placing affiliate links in Facebook ads. Let’s look at some of them.

  • Images

Including eye-catching images in your Facebook posts (not your Facebook ads) is a great way to attract your Facebook audience to your product on Amazon. Add an Amazon affiliate link to these posts and lead your audience straight to Amazon.

  • Video Reviews

The better the content, the more you will stand out, and the more attention you will get. Sharing video reviews of the Amazon product that you’re promoting on your Facebook page will engage more viewers. Since videos are so attractive, it’s likely that Facebook users will stop for a few seconds to watch your video. It’s important to remember here that the opening few seconds of the video need to be very engaging. Otherwise, people will just scroll past it.

Include an Amazon affiliate link in the description so that the viewer can be redirected to the product on Amazon. Another great video idea is to upload tutorials and “how-tos” of the product you’re promoting.

  • Promoting Business Posts on Your Personal Page

Make it a habit to share posts containing Amazon affiliate links from your business page to your personal profile. Family and friends are a great help when it comes to increasing engagement on your posts. You can also ask your friends and family to spread the word, thus getting more people to click on the link.

  • Link Your Blog Content to Your Facebook Page

You can link a Facebook post to a blog on your website that contains an Amazon affiliate link. Your Facebook post with the link to your blog should contain meaningful content so that the viewer will want to read more of it.

  • Create Facebook Groups

A Facebook page for your business is a necessity, but you can create a Facebook group for additional engagement with your audience. Facebook groups make way for discussion and conversations and allow you to promote the affiliate link directly to the members of the group who show interest in it.

Although Facebook does not support Amazon affiliate Facebook Ads, it does provide its users with multiple affiliate marketing options through which they can make money.